When to Sell Stocks

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When is the right time to sell a stock today i’m going to share with you guys how i know it is the right time to sell a stock and the decision-making process i go through to make that decision i can’t wait to show this with you guys today hello subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today i’m talking about in a very

Important subject for all you people out there who buy stocks and you watch my channel for stock related videos today we’re talking about when is the right time to sell a stock and the way i do it is before i even buy it stock before i even buy a stock i decide what price would i be willing to sell those shares for i make a price in my mind and that’s the price i

Stick to under most scenarios on when the time is right to sell that stock so in my head when i go to buy a stock i’ll have a scenario if that stock goes up in 20 percent in a month do i sell it sometimes it’s the answer is yes sometimes it’s no the question is if the fundamentals change with the company and they go more negative than i thought they were and that

Hopefully is never the scenario because all my due diligence before that i actually buy that stock that should lead me to a right decision on the fundamentals of the company and i doubt those fundamentals would change in a very short period of time that would mean i made a very bad business decision and buying that stock in the first place and hopefully that never

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Happens it generally doesn’t but if i did make that mistake then i will also have a price in my head on what to sell that stock at so that is the key you need to before you even buy that stock you need to have in your mind also the stock at x amount of price or x amount of price it is different for every stock if you think a stock has extreme amount of long-term

Potential then it doesn’t matter how much that stock up in a short-term because you know could be interested in selling it because if you think that stock has a ton of long-term potential you hope you’re gonna be holding out for hundreds of percents of gains if not a thousand percent gain because you don’t you know a thirty percent gain or a twenty percent gain

In a couple months that’s nothing if you think that stock has a lot more you know run way ahead of it in other stocks you’re gonna buy some time you’re only hoping for maybe twenty percent in a year or two and if it runs up really quick and in your mind you know you already made that decision and you sell it and it takes a huge burden off of you when it does come

Time to sell instead of trying to figure all this out in the game you know the stock goes up or down or you know the fundamentals change and you’re trying to figure it out them know you’ve already made those decisions in your head before you even bought that stock and it takes a lot of stress off you off of making those decisions and whatnot so i hope this helped


Guys on when to sell stock there’s no mathematical formula magic you know formula i’m gonna give you today because there’s no such thing it’s all about what you feel the company is worth how undervalued it is and the long-term potential in it or the short-term potential if you’re more of a short-term trader so thanks subscribers as always please feel free to share

This with family or friends if they’re interested in these kind of subjects if not and you’re watching this video and you haven’t subscribed you may want to i talk a ton about the stock market and stocks i talked a massive amount about personal finance and personal finance tips and i talked a little bit about business here and there i thanks for watching guys have a great day

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When to Sell Stocks By Financial Education

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