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So in this video today guys we have some important updates on when people should be expecting to receive their stimulus checks we already talked about what’s gonna happen if you have direct deposit set up but we also got some clarity on when direct deposit payments should start and we also heard about when the paper checks are going to be mailed out based on your

Current income level so we’re gonna cover all of those updates in this quick video here today now we already mentioned this in previous videos about the stimulus check but if you have signed up for direct deposit with the irs for your tax refund you will automatically get your stimulus check sent to you via direct deposit so if you’re in this situation you’re in

The best case scenario and there’s absolutely nothing that you need to do now if you do paper tax filing and you do not have information stored with the irs for direct deposit you’re going to have to either wait for them to mail you a physical check or once they have the online portal set up you will have to go online and supply direct deposit in foam and as of

Making this video that online portal is not yet available the irs said that in the coming weeks they’re going to put together an online web portal where you can supply banking information to expedite your stimulus check payment and as soon as that portal becomes available i will absolutely make a video and show you guys exactly how to access that and how to use

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That now if the bank that you’ve previously received direct deposit from the irs is no longer active or no longer being used they are going to be sending you a paper check after that payment fails and another caveat you may run into here is if you have changed your address since your last tax filing you should fill out form eighty eight twenty two asap which is

The change of address form for the irs and i will link up that form down in the description below so basically if you receive a tax refund that’d be a direct deposit and your banking information has not changed there is nothing that you need do if you do not have banking information on file with the irs you should bookmark the irs website which is irs.gov and

Check back every couple of days to see when that online portal becomes available and if you expect to receive a paper check if your address has not changed there’s nothing that you need to do but if you have moved since your last tax filing you need to fill out the change of address form to make sure your check is sent to the correct place now when you actually

Receive your stimulus check is going to be based on the payment method and direct deposit is going to be the fastest and according to the director of the us national economic council larry kudlow direct deposit payments will start going out this week or early next week so if you have direct deposit with the irs and you are expecting a stimulus payment keep an eye

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On your bank for direct deposit and then social security earners are going to be the next priority in terms of receiving payments and if they have direct deposit on file with you they will be sending that payment automatically through direct deposit if you do not have direct deposit on file there will be an online portal where you can set that up and supply direct

Deposit information and even if you do not do that they will then as a last resort mail you a check for your stimulus payment however do keep in mind to your guys if you’re looking to receive your payment as fast as possible you’re going to want to use direct deposit because the process for mailing the checks is going to be extremely time-consuming and we’ve been

Supplied with some estimates as far as when the checks are being sent out and it could take up to twenty weeks so assuming you do not have direct deposit information on file that is current or you do not update the information with the web portal when it becomes available the irs is going to mail you a check and according to the washington post the date checks are

Being mailed out is going to be based on your income and this is not officially confirmed by the irs but it is supposedly from an irs document that the washington post had excess tomb and this is what this is saying checks will be mailed to taxpayers with income up to $10,000 by april 24th they will be mailed to taxpayers with income up to $20,000 by may 1st and


They will be mailed to taxpayers with income up to $40,000 by may 15th and the dates for checks being mailed out extend as far as september 11th based on your income level for the latest checks being sent out so based on this information which isn’t officially confirmed from the irs but it is from the washington post which is a very reputable source it could take

Up to 20 weeks to get your physical check mailed to you so there you have it guys that is the update on when you should be expecting to receive your stimulus check the fastest method is going to be direct deposit you’re going to want to keep an eye out for that web portal to supply direct deposit information and if you want to be alerted about that guys i will be

Doing a video as soon as that portal goes online so make sure you subscribe and hit that bell to be notified of future uploads but thanks so much for watching guys and i hope to see you in the next video

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