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Welcome back to finance tube ladies and gentlemen today’s topic of discussion is which car to buy now when i say which car i’m not talking about which car company or model we are talking about whether buying a patrol car or an alternate fuel that’s diesel or cng car now having decided that you want to buy a car this discussion or debate goes on forever whether

Petrol or whether other fuels now of course all eight people have started to think about other fuels like diesel and cng because patrol is getting very very expensive however which car is suitable for you is dependent on what kind of usage you have so studies tell us that the lifecycle cost of a car is divided into three parts part one is the ownership cost is what

You pay when you buy the car but two is the running cost which typically is your fuel and part three is your maintenance cost now in an ideal situation these three parts are equal so one-third one-third one-third so whatever money you spend out of your pocket during the entire life of a car is exactly in three equal parts so one-third is the ownership one-third

Is the maintenance and one-third is fuel when we talk of fuel the usage pattern is very very critical these days the car companies are coming up with more and more fuel options and hybrids for heavy users so if we were to throw some quick numbers at you we can say that if your usage is less than 80 kilometers a day then a patrol car is okay for you now you may

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Ask me why simply because there is a difference in the price of a petrol car and a diesel car so what happens is that if we compare the one-third ownership cost of a patrol car with a 1/3 worship cost of a diesel car we realize that diesel cars are expensive to buy and cheaper to run that is true for cng or lpg as well so what happens is that you have to pay more

Upfront if you were to take an alternate fuel car in case of petrol patrol cars are relatively cheaper so if you compare the difference between the cost of a petrol and a diesel car same model what you will realize is that to recover that price differential depends on the amount of kilometers you drive each month so if you are driving let’s say 80 kilometers 8200

Kilometers a day then typically it would take you two and a half years to recover the extra cost that you have put upfront in buying a diesel vehicle so it makes sense that if you’re running is low you go for a patrol vehicle whereby you save money upfront and pay a little extra when every time you fuel up but the moment you cross the threshold of two and a half

Thousand kilometers a month or let’s say 80 kilometers a day that’s the time when you can think of going for alternate fuels so i hope this serves solving to the debate or the dilemma that you have whether should i go for petrol or should i go for diesel or cng one last point if you are considering a diesel car of course nowadays diesel diesel engines are at par

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With petrol engines however you may have to factor a slightly higher maintenance cost at the end of or nearing the end of useful life of a car so whether to buy petrol or to buy diesel and cng the choice is yours but do remember that the three factors which would influence your buying decision would be upfront ownership cost the regular running cost and the eventual

Maintenance also the replacement cost or the the price which you get when you sell a car also is different for different models so go ahead all the best for buying your new car for more information like this subscribe to our channel finance tube why number for which you need to take care is you need to pick your angel wisely why

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Which Car to Buy Diesel / Petrol / CNG? | Vishal Thakkar By Finance Tube

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