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Who am I? Where did I come up with the channel name? How did I learn about all this finance information? Was I always like this? All these questions answered and more in this video.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush today i’m gonna talk about myself now i don’t normally do this and i don’t really like talking about myself all that much but in the comment section a lot of you have asked me certain things about myself and i’ve condensed it to a few questions first of all some of you have asked me where does the name beep the bush

Come from well when you start a brand new channel and you have zero subscribers and no experience at doing anything and no idea what subject it’s even gonna be i started this channel thinking oh i’m gonna make some do-it-yourself channel make some whatever cooking videos i’m just gonna little upload whatever i won now that it’s transformed into a finance channel

I might have done better if i named my channel something finance or something but now this is the name i have stuck with and this is the name that i’ve got my initial thinking would beat the bush was well it was a saying for not getting to the point but i got corrected it’s actually beat around the bush or beat around the bushes where it means you’re not getting

To the point so i accidentally use this incorrectly and it became my channel name be around the bushes means not getting around at a point and beat the bush you can kind of say okay i’m shortening it and it means getting to the point instead now i do understand if you go on urban dictionary and you look up beat the bush it might mean something gross instead it’s

Not that i totally have no intention of that after making the channel i then realized oh yeah it could have a second meaning for something weird like that well this is way too bad for me because this is what i’m stuck with and this is actually a serious finance channel so enough about the name of the channel i’m gonna talk a little bit about my background now i’ve

Made a video where i outlined that my net worth has compounded annual growth rate of 37 percent now this is not much if you’re just talking about one year maybe you got lucky or something or maybe you started off with $10,000 and then you get thirteen thousand and seven hundred dollars and okay that’s 37 percent but the cool part about this is that my net worth

Actually increase 37% on average about that much for the last eight years eight years you would think it’s kind of hard to do because when you consistently go okay 37% there’s this is really hard to do because especially when you get up into like you know $100,000 worth of net worth and then you get another 37 percent on top of that that’s another thirty seven

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Thousand dollars or let’s say if net worth is about a million dollars then another thirty seven percent on top of that is three hundred seventy thousand dollars now i’m not actually saying what my net worth is but i just wanted to kind of prove that whatever i’m doing is working that’s why i’m showing that number rather than my actual net worth number and i came

From a pretty low income family and all the net worth that i’m making right now none of it was given to me so i’ve made every dollar of my net worth because my family was pretty low income when i went off to college i qualified for some scholarships but you know it didn’t really pay for everything i still have to pay some money to get my bachelor’s degree i went

To ucla for my bachelor’s degree in engineering in electrical engineering of course i also got a master’s degree at ucla in digital signal processing so yet another electrical engineering type major now i owed a whole bunch of money from my bachelor’s degree and i work every summer so then i accumulated a bunch of cash and then by the time i went to my master’s

Degree i’m like okay i have you know a little bit of leeway so i’m just gonna pay for roughly half of my master’s degree with cash so then i just kind of paid for it and then the remainder i just kind of took out a loan so then that got added to my full student loan by now i paid it all off already so i no longer have a student loan now in the comment section some

Of you have asked me some you know somewhat personal question it might have nothing to do with finances but it really has to do with who i am you know what my background is it might sound strange to you but i’m gonna share anyway i went to a public high school the second thing is my zodiac sign this is a bit weird if you believe in that kind of stuff i’m not gonna

My birthday but it is virgo okay so you know we are close to my birthday here in september so i’m a virgo that’s who i am i also have a blood type you might want to know my blood type to figure out what my personality is maybe you guys want to you know guess before just based on my videos what type of blood type i am apparently in the japanese culture they like to

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You know classify people oh yeah if you’re displa type then you know your traits are like this or whatnot but what i am is a b – a b – if you look at the population spread of how many people have a b – is very very little across the u.s. is about 0.6% across asian people i believe it’s even less it’s like 0.3% or something don’t quote me on that one but yeah so

Okay i get to feel a little bit special what i can do with this blood type is that i can go donate plasma and it would be pretty universally accepted with other blood types however whenever i go donate my blood the people that can receive my blood is basically only the people that have my blood type which is really rare so to me maybe giving blood in my blood

Type is not the best thing so for the same amount of time i might need to do plasma instead you might be wondering how did i get to be so good at finances how was i able to just create this such a high gain of net worth and consistently over time i would have to say this is basically learned from when i was young when i was very young i was a very very good saver

Whenever i have money i would just save that instead of you know buying random snacks or buying like a coke or something where i was giving in an allowance i would rather not buy those things and then save it up instead and i would save up so much that you know like a kid should not have that much money and then as time progressed i learned about new things learn

About credit cards how to invest all kinds of little things and it’s basically um like a constant research of anything i don’t know if there’s like financial terms i don’t know i did you know these days internet like google it and then i go okay and then i read into it might take me an hour or two to figure out what something is and i’ve done trial and error with

Trading in things like that with options so basically i owe all this financial knowledge to just constant learning and you know anything that you don’t understand you look up you learn you absorb it practice it i have a certain expenditure that i have to spend every single year i look at it like like a little wooden thing where i’m like whittling it away a little

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Bit very slowly and i’m just kind of like molding it and kind of you know taking care of a plant or something you know i’m like every single day i’m like oh yeah you know i should do this you know and by the time you’re done with it it’s like this beautiful bonsai plant or something where you’ve maintained it very well things are pretty automatic and well it just

Kind of runs itself these days and finally this time is probably the first time i’m wearing this green fleece sweatshirt by the way you might be interested to know that i bought this from sears for two dollars and 18 cents today i just got this fleece shirt it’s brand-new it’s today i i feel like it’s very very comfortable like in it it may not be the best color

For you but i kind of really like this color myself i mean now i get to look like a pea pod and i don’t really mind i kind of like this dual tone color and such this goes to show that if you just wait around wait for sales or whatnot you can get really really good deals without going to a thrift shop and spending ten dollars i bet if you go to a thrift shop or you

Know some use clothing store and and if you try to buy a fleece thing like this it might cost you ten dollars not two dollars and 18 cents which is this is brand new i got it for two dollars eighteen cents so enough about me don’t forget to give me a like on this video and comment down below let me know other things that you want to know about me and i’ll jot it

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