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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about myself actually because in the comment section a lot of people are wondering who the heck am i some guy uploading all these videos about finances and you have to watch a lot of them and you just want to know well more about myself i guess i started making videos about three and a half years

Ago and i started making do-it-yourself videos just really random stuff all over the place and some of them happen to be finance videos and eventually this channel morphed into a finance only channel and i separated out a do-it-yourself channel off to the side so i have two channels right now if you’re interested in my other channel i generally do do-it-yourself

Videos product reviews cooking and the like anything that has no ties to finance whatsoever i put all of those into my view of yourself channel and i’ll leave a link over here along the way i’m getting more and more subscribers and sometimes i have the video sponsors such as this my maps map over here these companies that choose to sponsor my video allows me to be

Able to produce more of what i do so sometimes it might be a little bit of a diversion so i’m going to try and keep it really short whenever i introduce a brand new product or a sponsor as a tie-in this map is one of those world maps where you put it on your wall and you scratch off all the places that you’ve been to so i’m going to unbox this really quickly just to

Show you what’s inside and then show you the places i’ve actually been around the world so it comes in this tube logo looks like this and cap looks like this the map itself this is more like an accessory pack there’s a little piece of thing here a piece of felt and then there’s also a bunch of pins over here and also this metal scratcher picks thing that looks like

A guitar pick these two stickers and the square thing it’s held together by the rubber band here’s our my matte black version now i’ve never had one 2d scratch off map before i’ve been to japan but not necessarily the entire country i’ve never been to sapporo nor have i been to all these little tiny island so i wonder where you’re supposed to scratch off anyway

Let me just try to scratch off a little bit and see let’s just say i’ve been there just kind of in that general area so here’s the stuff that comes off it’s just falling off down to the floor right now i’m scratching more of the fan off up top taiwan i’ve been to sydney and melbourne for new zealand i’ve been to the north island south korea i’ve been to shanghai i

Assume i don’t really scratch out all of china just this little region here i also been to hong kong but then it’s such a small dot you can’t even see it here i’ve also been to singapore but it’s also really tiny so you can’t even see it here either i’ve been to hawaii the main island oahu if you guys didn’t know i’m actually in california right here i’m actually

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In the bay area so i’m right over here but i’ve been all over california i’ve been to la i’ve been to nevada oregon i remember going on some sort of mexican cruise but i forgot all the islands as well as the caribbean cruise i forgot all the islands i went there too so i’m not going to do that right now but basically i am not a very well-traveled person i’ve been

To mostly in the asia area various cruises and that’s it i’ve missed out basically all of africa never been to russia never been to europe even and i haven’t really visited that many different states either so there you go i don’t travel all that much and you’ll notice already from my travel credit cards videos if you’re interested in this particular scratch-off map

From my maps don’t forget to check out their product down in the video description below and i’ll have an affiliate link down there to link you to this product if you watch every single one of my videos you would probably catch on and know a little tidbit of information from every single little video i have previously said that my day job is actually an engineer but

I have not said which kind yet i can actually program i can actually fix the electrical thing i can fix mechanical things i can also do 3d cad modeling as well as fix almost anything basically this whole set you see here is being filmed in my living room in my home die on myself i drive a 2001 porsche boxster – i bought for $20,000 about 10 years ago the mileage it

Had on it was about 24,000 miles and right now it has about 155 thousand miles now this goes with my philosophy of where you should really buy a used car and just drive it until it’s dead just drive it as long as you can in order to save the most money i was born in hong kong but i moved states when i was a little kid so my english is basically fluent here because

I’ve stayed here for so long in one of my previous videos i exposed the fact that i actually gained a net worth of 37 percent compounded annual growth rate if you look at my network it’s gaining by that much every single year for the past seven years in a previous video i also stated that i save 100 percent of my job income now this is my daytime job as an engineer i

Save all of that all of that gets put in my bank you can see how big that is because as an engineer i make quite a bit and all of that gets funneled into a bank account because i basically don’t touch any of it all of my external expenses all my expenses is basically covered by my investment games by youtube by doing craigslist ebay resell stuff on a little bit on

The side my expenditure is actually really low in my point of view compared to other engineers and i outline every single thing that i spend money on in that particular video in that one hundred percent safe income video and i’ll leave that over here in a sense i live pretty frugal ii compared to all the other engineers and in my network video i expose the fact that i

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Am increasing my net worth at an alarmingly fast rate i never expose the actual net worth and this is actually by design and i am very very careful to not give data points so that anyone can just sort of triangulate how much i actually have i am not quite ready to share this yet but maybe in the future i might actually share salary information net worth information i

Just have not decided yet and right now to me i’m just not ready to share that right now at one point i received a credit score of 848 out of 850 and i made a video about this and i started making a lot of videos about how people can improve their credit score as well with all my credit card turning these days is hovering about 835 but i don’t really care about my

Credit score i don’t really need to go and go get a car loan or anything i already have a car on the home here i already own this so then i don’t really need to get an additional loan most of my credits go improvement videos is based on where you currently are at with your credit score because depending on what your score currently is you may need to do different

Tactics different strategies and i made different videos based on what situation you’re in so there’s a lot of different videos for that i have given one-on-one coaching for people’s finances people just come to me they’re interested based on my videos and then so i work with them one-on-one and i charge a flat rate hourly fee i also give credit card improvement

Pointers through my patreon depending on which tier you’re at by the way out of all this i am not legally able to give any kind of very specific investment advice for example i cannot tell you oh you should go buy more gold or go buy more a certain fund or something because this is a legal issue thing so i can give you a general idea of what people normally buy

But then i can’t work with one on one to one person and say oh you’re you know you’re buying too much of this you’re investing wrong you should really put your money in this thing most of time when you work with an advisor they would try to sell you fun but on the back end you would not know that they’re actually making a lot of money off of you i don’t have any

Of these funds where i can sell you that i can make money off of so whenever i do recommend something online or in videos or something it’s really just okay anybody can buy these i do not get a fee or anything from selling these funds so most of these things you can pick up basically through all the videos if you watch all four hundred and thirty-some videos you

Would pick up on these things if we were to ever hang out one day you would notice really soon that i am a very strange person a friend once told me that they were just shopping in a gift shop and you know me i don’t really care about gift shop i don’t want to buy any more junk i was just standing outside and staring off into space because i have a whole bunch of

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Different things i need to think about and i just pulled it out of my phone and go yeah i need to think about this topic or that topic okay after i get the topic i put my phone away and i start staring off into space and go hmm you know think you know this is just what i do i might not you know make for brow’s or anything i’ll just kind of like look off into space

And you know just you know do that for like many many minutes at a time anyway that’s all i ever do and these guys over here are my stuffed animal mascots that appear in most of my finance videos these are peas in a pod over here i call this guy t-rex people think it’s gone from tekken this one is i set this is actually an ugly doll there is a plush t-bone steak

Over here this thing is the pod for the peas the ensures i bought on amazon i forget how much they were i think combined they’re like less than a thousand dollars this is a really old table that used to have a really ugly stain on it and i just use white paint painted over this and voila brand-new table this is a free lamp i got one my friend moved away and over

There is a pizza floaty that i used to flow on a river just last weekend this is why i have a slight tan so that’s quite a bit of information about myself financially personally it’s a lot more than i would ever put up in the very beginning i got more and more used to it and over these 400 videos i just kind of like released a little bit at a time and this video

Is just basically a summary of all of this stuff and when i’m ready to share more stuff i certainly will and perhaps i’ll make another one of these videos give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you have any other questions about who the heck i am well i cannot promise to answer every single question but i will keep it in mind and try to

Release more and more as i go if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below or you can get a free audiobook and you won’t like the audiobook or the service you can cancel it and you would not have to overthink you can still keep the audiobook and still help in s at this channel if

You’re interested in getting some personalized attention or improving your credit score you can check out my patreon over here where i offer those kind of perks at various contribution levels and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get new notification whenever i upload a brand new review thanks for watching

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