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Good day subscribers they do so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and i should probably not be too happy for this video we’re talking about why us americans are so broken fat not not the best subject to talk about in the world but i have found that psychologically these two reasons why people are so overweight and why

People are broke are literally almost the same exact reason psychologically guys and i think after at the end of this video you guys will realize that the same reason most people are overweight and most people are broke are actually for the same exact reasons guys now are these even true is it even true that most of us americans are or broken fat well if you live

In america you probably know that it is true i’ll read you up some statistics here so from what i’ve seen around looking at tons of different surveys and whatnot around 66 percent of americans are considered overweight overweight is a nice way of putting fat that doesn’t mean they’re obese but i mean you know overweight and fat they pretty much go together and

I found statistics around fifty percent of americans live paycheck to paycheck i’ve also found statistics as much as 70 percent of americans live paycheck to paycheck you live paycheck to paycheck you pretty much means your broken list somehow you have a ridiculous amount of savings which most people would not fall into that category let’s be completely honest i

Mean the amount of the percentage of people that actually have something meaningful saved away you know like $50,000 $100,000 we know those statistics are extremely low in this country we know that as well so the the fact of the matter is absolutely if you walk around your local grocery store you walk around your local grocery store two out of every three people

You’re gonna see in there are gonna be overweight and at least one out of every two people are gonna be broke they’re gonna be living paycheck to paycheck now for me personally i’m overweight i would consider myself in that 66 percent i’m trying to lose twenty to twenty-five pounds right now it’s hard i’m trying to do it in all those kinds of things but i would

Consider myself in that category and as far as a paycheck to paycheck when i started my businesses in 2016 for the first six to nine months of those businesses i live paycheck to paycheck and that was the only that’s been the only time my adult life i’ve ever lived paycheck to paycheck and it wasn’t absolutely horrible feeling i mean literally every dollar comes

In goes straight out toward bills it is the for me it’s like the worst ice like the most annoying thing ever guys i remember the this first month like i think was around like month seven or eight in 2016 i finally had like $250 leftover and which isn’t much money at all but it just was something and then screw got in my tire or something i had to go get a new tire

Replacement there goes a 250 bucks it was like i just can’t get ahead in so i know what it feels like i had been there guys it’s freaking painful so you know certainly nothing that’s fun so what is going on here well the first thing is you’re gonna have a huge segment of the population that say well it’s not my fault it’s not my fault i’m in this situation it’s not

My fault um fat it’s not my fault you know i’m broke it’s because you know i grew up and i didn’t have any parents that taught me anything about financial education or whatnot or it’s because you know every time i watch tv they show a bunch of advertisements and it makes me hungry and then i have to go buy go out to wendy’s and get a big burger and fries and you

Don’t mcdonald’s commercials and then i have to go get ice creams at mcdonald’s like like there’s gonna be a lot of people that just blame it on stuff and sometimes it’s absolutely legit reasons right right you know i mean uh for me personally both my parents are not considered overweight and both my parents you know fed me pretty well you know growing up in life

So for me it’s probably a lot easier to stay in good shape than someone that was fed fast food every day in was you know 250 pounds by the time they’re in the 8th grade or something like that right guys so there are certainly advantages and disadvantages the same way you know if somebody that grows up as a multi-millionaire and has connections all over the place

So it’d be a lot easier for them to stay rich and never be broke and never live paycheck to paycheck because they start out way ahead of everybody else where someone that you know didn’t have the dad at home and the mom worked all the time and you know they they dropped out of high school only kind of things like it’s gonna be a lot harder for them to never you

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Know be in a paycheck-to-paycheck situation so there’s certainly legit reasons but at the same time just because you have those reasons doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it guys we’ve seen you know how many people have lost and you don’t ridiculous amounts of weight how many people have gone from you know basically no education to building up huge fortune through

Building businesses and things like that guy so just because you’re in a situation yeah you at a deficit but it doesn’t mean absolutely you know that’s the skate going just because you were put in a certain situation like that’s your scapegoat and you can just hide getting that forever absolutely not so a lot of people they do just hide band that they just say

This is the way it was and it’s hard to get out of this so i’m just gonna be like this forever rest of my life and they accept that fact and that’s why a lot of people are just stuck in those situations forever and they’ll never get out of them guys the next one up here so as it gets them as the situation gets worse it gets harder and harder to recover out of

That situation so whether you are overweight you’re fat everybody knows you know the more weight you put on more weight you part and the older you get the harder and harder it is to get that weight off i know for me personally if i want him to drop you know ten percent of my body weight back in the day like i could run five or six sprint’s and like that would be

The work for me now i have to run twelve sprint’s to do the same amount of work that is it’s a whole different ballgame now it’s a lot harder because i’ve gotten more and more weight i’ve gotten older and i have to you know be more disciplined those all those kinds of things guys so it certainly gets harder and harder if you are in a bad situation as far as living

Paycheck-to-paycheck then olson you start taking out debt you start doing a payday loan you start doing this and that then olson you get in a worse and worse and worse situation then it gets harder and harder to climb out of that situation guys and we know generally speaking as you get older generally your bills go up and up and up either your bills are usually your

Youngest when you first move out of your parents house or whoever you were living with before and you start your your adult life as i like to call it that’s usually when your bills are lowest and usually they get more and more expensive as you get later in life up and tell you know around if you get your kids out of the house and whatnot and you’re 50 years old

That say then your bills start coming back down again but up until that time it really just gets harder and harder to get out of situation if you’re in a bad situation so that’s another reason so the fifth part here is people procrastinate changing their situation i’ve noticed this with people trying to lose weight and i noticed this exact same reason with people

Who are broke and living paycheck to paycheck they procrastinate changing their situation they procrastinate go in the gym oh you know what i’m gonna start a gym membership after the new year oh you know how many people have you have you been around like who you’ve heard that from you know it’s new november/december and you know her talking about losing waiting

Then also they’re like well i’ll wait for the new year to start you know or they procrastinate this or hey we put work out tonight and you know at the park or whatever we go do runs and whatnot and then they’re like no well i you know i got a busy work day tomorrow you know no i don’t think i’ll go procrastinate even to other people or in their own mind same thing

With people that live in paycheck to paycheck a lot of times you know they procrastinate about applying for that better job they’re like oh yeah i’ll play for that next month maybe they’ll be hiring better next month or something that don’t procrastinate it’ll say oh you know what i really want to start that side business or we try to that passive income stream but


You know what i’ll wait on that tall you know such and such amount of time the amount of procrastination is an absolute killer with both these situations guys and i know you’ve seen in your own life people procrastinate this stuff and then they just complain and they’re still in the situation and they’re still overweight and they’re still in this situation they’re

Just procrastinating the state they’ll take care of it tomorrow and guess what tomorrow comes and they don’t take care of it tomorrow then the next day comes and they still don’t take care of it guys so that’s a huge reason their self-control is non-existent with a lot of these people a lot of people that are overweight and a lot of people that are living paycheck

To paycheck they just don’t have self-control to end of the day i mean how many people have you seen you don’t order a ridiculous amount of food way more food than they need when they go out to eat i know i’ve been in that situation many times when i’ve ordered like way too much food i’m like dude i got to cut back self-control is huge when you’re trying to lose

Weight you like you can’t just eat i tried you know sometimes i used to try to eat still like i was you know 18 years old and playing football or 19 weren’t running track and things like that i can’t eat that amount anymore i’m almost 28 years old like the games changing for me my metabolism is slowing down i can’t just go to the taco shop and get six tacos if

More i gotta get three tacos now get the half the amount of used to and run off that and those kinds of things guys you’ve gotta have self-control with the money situation which people live in paycheck to paycheck a lot of times they they buy this they buy that they have no self-control they’re just spending spending spending and how many people do you know that

Make really good money and they’re still living paycheck to paycheck the if you look at the percentages of people making 100k plus a year which is a lot of money that’s a good amount of money and are still living paycheck to paycheck it basically have nothing left at the end of the pie that’s ridiculous guys like those people are just way overdoing it they were just

Literally spending way too much money they have no self-control they think that i need this i need the newest phone i need the newest car i need the newest you know tv i need the newest playstation i need the newest everything i need the newest laptop that’s what those people are thinking guys they just don’t have a lot of them just don’t have self-control at the

End of the day and you got to have self-control if you want to control these type of things guys number seven number seven we fraud ourselves we absolutely fraud ourselves a lot of time so what do i mean by fraud ourselves well in the paycheck-to-paycheck situation the broke situation a lot of people fraud themselves in in the ways they’ll you know buy things to

Make it look like they’re doing better than they are how many people do you know that buy a car that they should not really afford they buy you know a watch they shouldn’t really have they buy i don’t know shirts or clothing they shouldn’t really have they buy a house that they really shouldn’t have this way over it’s way over and above what they should be able to

Afford right and why do they do that to fraud other people to think that they are doing better than they really are in life that’s what it comes down to and it tries to help their own self-esteem yeah i live paycheck to paycheck but at least i got that new-car out there that makes me feel good when i get in that car they hide behind that guys they hide behind that

Same a lot of times with weight situations i know i was just at the pool yesterday right i was at a resort pool with my wife and my son and you know i take off my shirt and what was the first thing i do i kind of like suck in my stomach a little bit and try to like flex my stomach like i got a six-pack of seven lord knows i don’t have a six-pack right now but i was

Trying to fraud myself in fraud to other people into thinking that i was in better shape than i was and i just like realized it on my dude who am i kidding like i need to put in the work to get this weight down so that i actually had this stuff i actually have a six-pack i actually am in shape and all those kinds of things instead of let me just suck in my stomach

And tighten it so it looks like i got a six pack or something guys like who am i kidding all i’m trying to do is fool myself at the end of the day and by fooling myself i’m doing no good to myself at the end of the day i’m hurting myself so it’s comes down to the same exact situation or they they see someone else doing worse than that and they make themselves feel

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Better oh look at that person well i’m 275 pounds but look at them they’re 385 pounds wow i’m not too bad oh look at them they live in that type of house you drive that kind of car look at my car look at my house i’m not doing too bad come on man you’re just fraud in yourself at the end of the day and we do that a lot of times and that’s another psychological reason

Why we can’t get out of these situations sometimes guys in the last one is it comes down to we have low expectations sometimes we just have very low expectations well you know it’s easy to have low expectations come sometimes when the majority of people are broke and are fat right so these two situations it’s kind of natural to have low expectations now for me as

Far as at least on the weight side like i probably have way higher expectations for myself than other people would have a lot of people will see my body and say you’re in pretty good shape man me i’m like dude i’m in horrible shape because my expectations are like up here because i ran track and i used to be half of like 4% body fat and all these kinds of things

And a six-pack and just ripped out of my mind and now i look at myself and i’m like dude like i’m not in good shape at all but that’s my expectation level a lot of people don’t have a high expectation level so they fall way down to the wayside guys a lot of times with the paycheck-to-paycheck situation that why are people broke a lot of people don’t have the high

Expectations they’ve never seen anything better maybe they’ve only been in poverty their whole lives and that’s what they see and that’s just what they imagine that’s just what they get at the end of the day and so they’re just looking around and their expectations are so low at the end of the day guys and so if we want to gather this we got to have higher expectations

At the end of the day we got to have higher expectations we got to stop trotting ourselves we got to be real with ourselves if we could only afford such-and-such that’s what we need to have if we can only we don’t need to be sucking in our stomach hit that pool we need to be true with ourselves well how do we really look we don’t need to fool ourselves or by some

Type of clothing how many chicks out there buy clothing to try to make themselves look better than they really look in real life right guys at the end of the day you we need to at the end of the day have more self-control we need to have more self-control when it comes to spending when it comes to eating and when it comes to working out we need to have better

Self-control we need to stop procrastinating we need to stop procrastinating we need to realize that as we get worse and worse in these situations is going to be harder and harder cover so we need to admit in the bud now before it gets out of control in the last one we gotta accept that it is our fault it’s a day we can go blaming it on our parents we can’t go blame

It on this situation we came up with we just gotta we just about accept however we came we however we were brought up and we got to change our situation we got to take control of our lives otherwise we’ll just be a bunch of fat broke people death of the day guys so that’s what it comes down to i hope this video helped you guys immensely today and just understanding

The psychology and how these two situations are literally almost identically related at the end of the day guys if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance in the channel we talked entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i go away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything this was

Very much a personal finance related video today thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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Why AMERICANS are BROKE and FAT By Financial Education

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