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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush i’ve been getting comments asking why i look so radiant or happy or cheerful all the time well of course everybody has their ups and downs yes sometimes i might be a little down but most of time whenever i record videos i actually wait until i’m you know a bit more cheery before i record anything i’d say most of time

Maybe like 95 98 percent of time i am actually what i appear to be like in on camera jack noonan says skin be radiant af again my g says you’re always glowing and so beautiful i don’t know about guys looking beautiful but thanks nora ben’s id says how about making a video about your way to appreciate your life as it is i mean every time i watch a video of yours i

Feel like you have an inner peace as you know it’s about the way we spend our energy and our time sorry for my english hope that is clear enough well thank you guys i really think it’s the lighting here that kind of improves the way my skin looks and i do believe that if you eat healthy and then you exercise right then naturally your skin tone will be a lot better

If you’re interested about my skincare routine i’ve made this before i’ll put it over here this video will be more about the mental health aspect of how i get my inner peace mainly to reduce as much stress as you can and emphasize things that actually make me happy now the first part it’s about reducing stress in your life the first thing is what i call drive-by

Attackers often times you would have people that you don’t even know that just kind of drives by and try to inject all this stress in your life somehow they come by and like scream at you for no apparent reason the way i manage stress from these random people is really just to ignore them i mute them if i can i hang up on them if i can as soon as you realize that you

Are being attacked you have to take steps to get out of that situation as soon as possible another situation is getting out of abusive email sometimes people just want to stay up in the middle of the night and just write like two page long email to you just screaming at you or like trying to give you a lesson or something as soon as you realize that they’re trying

To teach you a lesson or something or something that makes you feel really really bad often times i would just turn it off i might block that email completely delete it i might even not read it i would set a filter and make it so that it’s read already it would dump it right into the trashcan so i never even see it i do not even see that they’re trying to contacting

Me multiple times you have to do this with caution though because it is essentially cutting off that communication and if it’s with a stranger then you can’t essentially do this because they have no right of opening up this channel of communication with you and just kind of sending you arrows through this communication the second thing is scary movies i generally

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Do not enjoy scary movies i know some people like getting scared however i realize that whenever i watch a scary movie afterwards my feeling is not in a good mood sometimes i might physically feel kind of like pain i don’t know if you call it pain but like i don’t feel good after watching a not feel-good movie in other words a scary movie so ever since a long time

Ago i just decided that you know what i don’t want to watch scary movies it’s just not my thing so ever since i did not well i don’t stay up at night you know getting scared i don’t get nightmares and stuff because i just block out these scary movies i don’t watch them purposely the fourth thing is youtube negative comments this is just kind of like the drive-by

Attackers here i get this all the time i get a lot of comments every single day and you bet you i get a lot of really negative comments like things attacking race everything my face or everything that you can imagine that they would attack the way i deal with these negative comments is oftentimes i would delete them completely although i don’t delete all negative

Comments because sometimes they have merit they are not purposely trying to attack me it’s just saying oh yeah you know there’s this in this wrong but you can kind of tell from the tone of the comment i can tell just from like the first two sentence or even the first sentence that it is that kind of comment where is just trying to attack me personally sometimes if

They just come back and keep on attacking me i would block them from their channel the fifth thing is social stress just mainly from social interaction with different people i don’t get these too much because the people i choose to hang out with are not the kind that would actually try to attack me personally and if they are the kind i actually don’t hang out with

Them anymore now let’s get on to the happy things which is the pros i personally draw a lot of self-confidence on this channel ever since it’s gotten bigger and bigger i get really happy because you know it’s doing well and i’m making more videos that help a lot of people the second thing is having enough capital in your bank account to be able to survive in case

Anything bad happens i personally have more than one year of savings in my high-yield savings account just in case anything bad happens i can draw from the savings account and know that i will not be homeless and i have enough reserve to live on this emergency savings of course adds to my comfort level i can sleep well therefore i can have more sleep and in turn

This gives me a really good mood knowing that i can do certain things without worry as much as people that are living paycheck to paycheck the third thing that greatly adds to my inner peace is me being highly deleverage from the stock market i’ve been trying to deleverage myself as much as possible and i try to pay as much debt down as possible i don’t have a

Student loan i don’t have credit card debt and i’m also aggressively paying into my mortgage as well for example even if the stock market drops by 80% i will just be just as happy as today because i am so delivered from the stock market and i have a good reserve of cash in my savings account that i know i can live for quite a while before anything bad will happen

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I have a roof over my head so this adds to my inner peace basically the fourth thing is you need to like who you are with all the flaws and all i am a pretty weird person and when i used to hang out with people i try to kind of suppress my weirdness a little bit i don’t like say some things that i normally would but these days i would just you know just say what’s

On my mind instead and yeah sometimes it might rub people off on the wrong way but at least i am myself and yes some people might be annoyed by my little weird comments or whatnot but really being able to be just yourself all the time weirdness and all and not worrying about what people think of you even if they don’t like it really feels like you’re being released

Could be talking about something lba all look you know i think about this business and every day oh where where did i come from so that’s you know it’s just a sampling of what weirdness i would bring once you take that all away and you really be yourself in front of other people you’re going to find people that are okay with you being yourself once you do this you’ll

Feel released it’s like you’re not being trapped in something and you’re just kind of like you know just spread your arms out and you’re like ah you know it’s it feels great to just move your arms around just be free rather than kind of like being ten screens like this you want to stick your arm out but you can’t kind of like in an airplane seat you know your feet

Are kind of cramped and then as soon as you can stretch your legs you can be like oh my gosh you know i’m free it’s kind of like that so finally i spend significant time on youtube making videos trying to improve the life of other people the point here is that youtube is such an extendable platform once i make a video i can help as many people that are going to

Watch this video videos such as my contact lens removal video where i have people with their contact lens stuck in their eye and in the middle of the night or something they’re searching on youtube trying to figure out how to remove their contact lens and they find my video and then afterwards they are able to take off their contacts in a really short amount of

Time they’re saying oh my gosh i tried it for half an hour one hour or something or the optometrist cannot teach them how to take it off properly but after watching that video they’re able to take it off there for relieving pain so i’m relieving pain with a lot of people so i’m really happy about this and you bet you this is going to increase my satisfaction and

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It’s going to make me like a happy joe and therefore increase my inner peace some things that occurs behind the scenes on my channel is that i do have a lot of credit score improvement videos just kind of free out there anybody that has an internet connection can get to it they can improve their credits who are sometimes they need to improve their credit score in

Order to do their financing in life for example getting a house and i had multiple people say oh yeah after using your videos after subscribing they improve their credit score 100 200 whatever amount of points that they need and they get a much better score and using that they’re able to get a home you know finance whatever whatever they need this is just something

That helps more and more people as they watch more and more video then of course because of this it’s like a positive feedback loop i’m like oh my gosh it’s helping all these people so i better just make more the last one i want to talk about is that my video sometimes help people on a fixed income when you’re on a fixed income you have a set amount of dollars

To spend on something and so you need to be able to reduce your expenses to a certain amount it’s kind of like working towards how to not live paycheck to paycheck and so these tactics help people on a fixed income to reduce their expenses reduce trash bill cable bill reduce their grocery bill or whatnot so that they can use their money to live you know a more

Fulfilling life or something that buys them more value given the same amount of money so thanks for watching i hope you guys are able to use some of these tactics to just kind of suppress down those stressors and bring up the things that do make you happy don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know the things that help you reduce your

Stress or bring up your happiness level if you’re interested in supporting this channel i have an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like this audiobook or the service you can cancel it before the subscription expires and you don’t have to pay a thing and yet you can get this audiobook for free you

Can keep this forever and you can still help it if if this channel i also have a patreon link over here where you can support me directly where i give various perks at various contribution levels and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification whenever i upload up

A new video thanks for watching oh i almost forgot today i use a brand new mic that’s equipped on my shirt over here let me know if you guys like the sound of this quality better or the previous mic that i use

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