WHY DID Tesoro Enterprise (OTC: TSNP) DROP AFTERMARKET? Glitch?

WHY DID Tesoro Enterprise (OTC: TSNP) DROP AFTERMARKET? Glitch? – RICH TV LIVE – DECEMBER 5, 2020 – Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. (OTCMKT: TSNP) announced today that HUMBL, LLC (“HUMBL”) and Bexs Bank (“Bexs”) have agreed to a joint venture to expand their digital customer and merchant services divisions between the United States and Latin America, reducing payment costs and processing speeds for customers across these gateways.

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from richmond live and i’m looking at tesoro enterprise and there’s some discussion about the fact that it’s down after market see if we can see it on trading view there’s some discussion that it’s down after market it’s not showing it on trading view i think they fixed the glitch but there was some concern that tsnp picked

That i brought the world and uh the stock exploded obviously um you know with this pick um a lot of people were concerned saying that it had gone down to two cents after market well i saw that the company actually responded on twitter to some of this concern saying that it was actually a glitch and there was a trade that happened after market that actually took

The market down to 18 and a half cents but of course because it was after market um there was no market to really take the shares so the glitch showed in the market that it went down to 1 8 and that the stock was down like 90 the company has now responded through twitter saying that that was a glitch so we’re gonna see if that’s the case tomorrow sorry on monday

On monday we will see if that was the case see there we go stock stock says it was a glitch so you don’t see it anymore but there was a lot of people asking me about this there’s a lot of concern about is tsnp gonna go to two cents tomorrow i don’t believe it it will it’s actually pretty strong as you can see here and a lot of our community was actually saying

That if it went to two cents that we would just get back in on that opportunity because i mean for this to go back down to two cents after just ran up thousand percent that could be a buying opportunity mind you when something goes down from 20 cents to two cents you gotta think why why is it going down from 20 cents to two cents so the companies obviously come

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Out publicly on twitter and saying it’s a glitch that it’s not gonna be at two cents so we’ll see what happens on monday i’d love to know your guys opinion on this have you guys heard anything further on this do you have an opinion on this have you heard about this but tsnp has been a huge winner we did bring this pick first i believe we were one of the first

To talk about it we could even search it where is it tsnp rich tv live search it on youtube right here here’s the pic right here here’s our video here’s the prediction 100 winner on your very first trade hi guys this is rich from rich tv live and i want to talk to you about this pick this new secret stock pick that i think has a chance to absolutely explode

T s n p tesoro enterprises these guys have just done a deal with humble humble is in the blockchain e-wallet space essentially these guys have the chance to be a paypal and at two cents humble is already a global company that just did a merger with tsnp and this stock has already run from sub penny triple o2 in october to 2 six seven just over two and a half

Cents up 32 i’m putting them on full alert i think these guys have a chance i’m gonna i’m not kidding when i say this i think these guys have a chance to go to a dollar i know it sounds crazy tons of shares out there sounds nuts but humble is a huge global company enormous potential here enormous upside i need you to put them on full alert immediately tsnp they

Are ready up over 25 hundred percent in a month okay this has a chance to be an absolute rocket i think five cents 10 cents easy but who knows maybe even a dollar and we’ve been telling our members for days now is the time to really look at tsnp put on your watches put on your radar if you like this video smash the like button comment down below let me know

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What you think about tsnp do you own it are you buying it look it is going up while we are talking it is now up 33 i’m putting them on a full alert this is a super high growth penny stock this is what i call super high growth penny stock with enormous potential this is your boy rich from yours to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the

Winners and we bring them to you first put tsnp on your watch list put on your radar put it on full alert it’s a big winner you can book it i’m out called it perfectly look at that so that was a 10x that was a quick 10x for the community that’s a quick 10x for the community i like how we call that eh so yeah i mean tsnp has been a dream uh it was showing that

It was trading at like under two cents so obviously that’s very alarming for shareholders a lot of people are asking me about it i mean we’ve had so many winning picks look at this lca oh called this at 12 bucks um now at 23 another one of our winners i mean we’ve got so many it’s been quite a run really um cbif we call this this week look at this run after

I interviewed the ceo did a video on it interview the ceo bam explosion unbelievable some unbelievable winners here’s mtrx take a look at this one guys screamer up another 12 percent from 36 cents look at this from 36 cents october 29th to a dollar 43 right now been a size dollar 49 absolute screamer gdnp call this at 12 cents look at this 12 cents now at 81

Cents it’s just like winner after winner how about very yeah someone was showing i called this at a dollar eight unbelievable doesn’t even fit in the screen here um it goes six months this has just been plant-based foods is hot been saying it over and over and over again so i called it right here dollar eight bam july third and now today we sit at eight eighty

Six unbelievable a seven hundred percent gainer 700 gainer 700 gainer just like that bam bam bam so 700 percent gainer on very good food so why do i like plant-based food uh because it’s hot you know plant-based foods is hot so that’s why i like plant-based foods it’s hot okay and you can clearly see that it started with beyond meat now we see it with very

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We’ve seen it with gdnp right um i have another secret pick that i’m going to be doing a video on i’m going to be i’m talking to my entire community about and it’s plant-based foods and obviously we’ve seen it with baby another 10x winner that i brought to you guys and did their ceo interview first well under a dollar a year ago my first plant-based food story

That’s been a huge winner almost up 2 000 from its lows to its highs just an absolute screamer plant-based foods so these plant-based food stocks early stage stories are huge home runs but not everything we talk about is plant-based foods to sorrow enterprises is like a blockchain wallet essentially trying to be a paypal and using utilizing blockchain and

Cryptocurrency technology which i’m very bullish on so that’s why i brought you this pick and i didn’t know it was going to go up a thousand percent in a week i’m very happy that it did a lot of our members and a lot of people that watch rich tv live made a killing on this pick congratulations now i got a lot of messages yesterday saying rich why are they going

Down why are they going down after hours well it was a glitch apparently so stay tuned i’ll let you guys know if i hear anything else tesoro enterprises apparently had a glitch we’re gonna see on monday stay tuned i’ll keep you guys updated they’ve been a huge winner for a community already up 10x or does it go back down to two cents if it does a lot of our

Members will be ready to buy including myself i’ll let you know what i do is your boy rich remembers to be live i’ll keep you updated i’m out i think it’s just a glitch but we’ll see we’ll find out on monday peace have a great weekend

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