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Ladies and gentlemen this was a good week if you are a tesla shareholder out there this week tesla shares moved up over 12 percent over $32 per share this week finally a good week for tesla stock alright so today i want to talk about as someone that’s a shareholder at tesla what are the three things i’m looking for for tesla for the rest of this year okay what are

The three things that i’m kind of paying attention to in the conference calls i’m going forward with the company that i think are gonna be big things going for the rest of 2018 into 20 to 2019 as you know i bought back into tesla last friday and we’re already doing very good and i think we’re already up and probably $1,000 or so on that position so it’s going very

Good in my goodness like if every stock could go the way tesla’s gone for me both these times i’ve invested in it like i wouldn’t be recording this video i would be on my yacht right now like like it’s just unbelievable so be happy that not every stock is like that for me guys so the first thing i want to talk about here is the first thing i’m looking for for the

Remainder of 2018 is can they get to an 8000 plus production number per week for model 3 we know model threes ramping we know they’ve got it to around a 5,000 number looks like pretty consistently now they should be approaching around a six thousand number consistently here per week alright so what i’m looking for you throughout 2018 coming in here to the end ok the

Fall time going into the you know early winter and december and whatnot can make you start hitting an 8000 plus number per week on production of model 3 that’s gonna be a big thing i want to be paying attention to if they are that’s looking very good okay if they only can stay around this 5,000 maybe 6000 number you know that’s just that limits production in a major

Major way there okay but if they can get it to an 8000 plus number i think that’s a really really bullish thing for tesla the company because it proves that they can really start ramping in a massive massive scale and if they could get to a you know somewhere where they can start doing ten thousand i’m not counting on that but if they could get to a ten thousand

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Number before the 2018 up like that would be ridiculous okay i’m not counting on that i’m looking for an eight thousand plus number they can get to that number it’s gonna it’s gonna you know prove a lot of tesla heat is wrong and it’s gonna obviously be a very bullish thing for the stock overall and it’s gonna get a lot more people putting in orders i get a lot

More orders out there for the $35,000 model and you know some of the lower price model threes out there so i’m definitely looking for that if they can get to that number i will be very very happy okay the second part is no more drama okay i would like the rest of 2018 at least to be no more drama right we saw the stock move up twelve plus percent this week why did

This stock move up twelve plus percent this weaver had no one no earnings were reported nothing was reported the fact is this week there was no drama with tesla all right there was no elan going on a podcast you know you know puffing the magic dragon there was no drama with you know they call him some guy a pedo and this and that there was nothing this week there

Was no going back and forth we’re short sellers there was nothing there was no drama this week in tesla and in so the focus if there’s no drama and there’s no negativity as far as that goes and said oh elon musk is crazy look what eli must did this week all of a sudden then it goes back to look at the how they’re ramping look at the revenue rise they’re gonna have

Look at you know the production numbers are gonna have and also you go to the base fundamentals of the business so if there could be no more drama for at least the rest of 2018 i would be a very happy camper anybody that’s a test the shareholder like this stock would be looking a lot better if we can just stay drama-free no no distractions just laser focus i’m just

Looking for a laser focus out of elon musk fleur remainder 2018 this is a very important back half of this year we’re looking at possibility of profitability in both quarters q3 and q4 we just need laser focus from elon musk no no drama and also they got a lot of big models coming out into 2019 you were talking about model life gonna potentially being showing off

It should be showing off at some point in 2019 that’s gonna be you know probably the biggest catalyst for tesla going forward over the next few years that’s a really big thing okay and they are they’re probably already designing a tesla pickup truck of some kind i’m not sure i’m not confident they’ll show that off in 2019 that might be more of a 2020 thing but we

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Just need a must to say laser focus on tests okay no drama stay out of all that stuff if he can do that and the company can do that stay focused man i think you know we could be looking at a real good situation with tesla stock because then it just goes back to revenue numbers production numbers can they hit profitability if they hit profitability and the production

Numbers are great the back orders are great the revenues rising like crazy like like what are the short sellers going to go off of then okay if there’s no drama if there’s no old i must is crazy look what he did over here and it’s just all about the numbers and the numbers just getting better and better then also in short sellers are leaving by the way short seller

Interest short interest in tesla shares or going down and down right now a lot of shorts have covered over the past few months so that’s something to take into account the new short interest numbers should come out sometime this upcoming week so i’ll be very interesting to see if more short sellers covered from understanding more short sellers have covered and it

Will probably be the lowest short seller number we’ve seen quite a while in tesla stock so no more drama you thought must just stay away from it focus on tesla focus on spacex you know spend your time on that don’t worry about what a short seller says don’t worry about what some guy says online okay just just focus focus focus okay next part is this is a big one

I’m looking for any updates on new factories okay specifically here in the united states and also china all right we know fremont’s maxed out right now okay we know free months pretty much maxed out do are they gonna have a new new production line coming in a new factory coming in the united states i mean where is it gonna be you know how is that getting financed

All that type of stuff any update around that model why could be a massive seller okay when this actually comes out you know they’re supposed to show it off here in early 2019 okay and then all of a sudden the you know they’re supposed to probably start production in late 2019 or maybe early 2020 that’s gonna be probably a massive production line i wouldn’t be


Surprised if that’s doing model 3 type numbers if not more than model 3 type numbers it depends on the price points and things like that the features of that car but what model y comes out like they’re gonna pretty much almost need a whole new factory in my personal opinion just the united states for that production line alone alright so any updates around that

Would be awesome to hear and also the chinese factory like that’s supposed to you know open up in shanghai any updates on that financing funding when’s the construction date going to start you know how many vehicles will they be able to produce that factory anything any concrete details we can get as far as updates around the new shanghai factory when that’s

Coming and when they can actually start producing out of that that’s another very important part you know i would love to hear any updates going throughout 2018 so from my perspective as a tesla shareholders my smallest position i own its my spec stock and that’s someone there’s a test shareholder like those are the three things can they get to at eight thousand

Plus number on model three per week that’s big no more drama you i must just stay out of that drama man trust me it’s better for the stock price you don’t have any drama this week and look what happens to tesla shares it goes up twelve percent okay and also any updates on new factories i would love to hear new updates there so it’s exciting back half of 2018 and

Going into 2019 may even be more exciting because from my understanding in march that is supposed to possibly show off the model y which is just i think that’d be a you know an unbelievable selling suv so very exciting times let me know what your guys opinion is down there and test the stock on elon musk i would love to hear from you guys do you agree with me stay

Out of the drama what type of production numbers are you looking for anything about the new factories i would love to hear from you guys down there in that comment section as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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