Why I Bought ,293 of Tesla Stock Today! Will I Buy More?

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Well ladies and gentlemen i went ahead and did it today i wasn’t in the plans but i went ahead and bought some more tesla stock here today and i want to answer a whole bunch of questions about these tesla shares at his purchase which by the way i did a q&a on my instagram a few days ago like people could just ask me any questions and literally probably over 20%

Of the questions had to do something with tesla so this is just one of those stocks that a lot of people want my opinion on right now okay we’re gonna talk about what price i went ahead and bought these shares at how many did i get why did i go ahead and buy tesla stock today specifically okay why not wait longer or something like that right will i buy more and at

What price will i buy more and how much will i kind of be willing to buy for so i hope you guys enjoy this hit a thumbs up if you do first off it’s a recap i already own some tesla shares alright and one of my accounts i owned about 50 shares of tesla was a little over fourteen thousand dollars worth of tesla shares i’m gonna cost basis on those shares were to

A 283 dollars and 22 cents and then one of my other accounts i own a small amount of tesla shares just six shares in this account $271 in $0.49 cost basis so i had a small position in tesla and today i went ahead and added some more shares okay so i went ahead and bought fifteen shares today at about a two hundred eighty five dollars and ninety two cents and that

Amounted to just under four thousand three hundred dollars in tesla shares which basically makes my tesla position overall at this point now somewhere around roughly $20,000 worth of tesla shares okay so in this account now i have sixty-five shares of tesla at a current value of eighteen thousand six hundred dollars two hundred eighty 3.92 second cost basis there

In that other account just still six chairs so overall now we got about twenty thousand dollars in tesla shares and we own 71 shares in total now and tesla stock okay so why did i go ahead and purchase today well there are many reasons why i went ahead and bought today okay the first reason being if we look at just a chart of tests of stocks and i’m not a big person

As far as technicals actually most of time i don’t even care about technicals if you just look at a test a chart for the past year you’re gonna find a very common thing with tesla stock every time the stock gets around the 280 dollar range or a little below it ends up bouncing back in a pretty quick fashion and so basically you have a very quick amount of time

To get chairs of tesla around $280 you can look all the way back at april last year it actually went below 280 at that particular time you can look at somewhere around the late may and to june months right it have hit right around 280 bounce right back you could also look at an august timeframe a got us down to about 285 or so to 90 and i bounced right back you

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Can look at that in september and hit around 280 again and bounce right back you could look at late october into early november is around that $280 range and then it just made a crazy run up to over $370 then you go ahead and look at just about a month ago it did the same thing then it ran up and now it’s hit back down to that 280 range again to 85 to 84 today so

Basically it seems to have a lot of resistance around 280 it seems like every time it goes down and around that 280 level a buyer step in and next thing you know the stock goes up and up and up ok well that’s just one of the reasons ok a reason number 2 is basically this company is trading at a market cap right now of around 50 billion dollars for the whole company

Ok tesla right you know how much i believe in tesla for the future you know that i believe they’re gonna be probably the number one player the dominant market share in electric vehicles certainly in north america and europe it could be possible as somebody out in china actually beats them in terms of total volume but if i look at the overall market especially in the

Developed world i expect tesla to be the number one player in electric vehicles if they’re gonna be the number one player in electric vehicles plus they have the solar business plus they could have autonomous taxi networks and things like that over the coming years if they’re gonna be the number one player in all those spaces in my personal opinion this company’s

Gonna be worth massively more for than 50 billion dollars or canvas for instance they always talk about the autonomous network and how tesla could be the main player by the way there are massive tesla investor and they believe that tesla shares are going to go to around $4,000 a share over the next 5 years now that’s insanely bullish that’s even way more bullish

Than i am but needless to say they think there’s a ridiculously huge opportunity this is going to be a trillion plus dollar market the autonomous networks of these basically autonomous taxis that drive people around and whatnot people don’t even have to drive the vehicles and they believe that tesla can be one of the big players there if not the biggest player i’m

Pretty confident tessa has got a great chance as being that as well and that’s how you get tessa to a stock that’s in the thousands of dollars rather than the hundreds of dollars so fifty billion dollars like when i’m buying shares around that price like it just seems very easy if everything plays out the way i think it’s gonna play out over the long term okay next

Thing up is basically tesla has now officially settled this long talked about nine hundred and twenty million dollar payment they made it in cash ever since about a year ago when i started covering tesla heavy on the channel it has been talked about for time and time again they’ve been talking about this for a year straight oh my goodness if tesla shares are there


A 360 by that march first i’m gonna have to make nine hundred twenty million it’s been talked about and talked about finally this is behind shareholders of tesla finally it’s done it’s paid okay and now we can move on to bigger and better things because that’s just been an overhang it’s also been something the shorts i’ve talked about it’s also been something the

Lungs have been scared of and now it’s done and that’s a beautiful thing okay also as we talked about on this channel basically now you can get a mullah three with the savings in there the tax credits of whatnot for around twenty seven thousand dollars maybe even lower if you have if you live in california you get a tax credit out in california as well but even

If you take away all the savings you would get from them basically you can get a model three now for thirty five thousand dollar base model three and that’s a big thing and it’s brought back a ton of excitement if i just look at the type of publicity tesla got last week because of this basically a huge price drop in tesla and now having the thirty five thousand

Dollar model and basically after the savings and tax credits we’re talking in the twenty thousand dollar range this has just brought a huge excitement i expect tesla to put up crazy numbers the next few quarters okay lastly ela must comes out with a massive tweet one night ago massive this is an earth-shaking tweet okay if we look at this tweet what does it say

Having toast and jam in the kitchen while playing jamming by bob i’m sorry i took a screenshot of the wrong tweet martha why unveil event coming on march 14th at la design studio this is beating most predictions out there from even a lot of us bulls we were not expecting it in march so this is very exciting model y being an suv is about 10 percent bigger then

The model 3 so we’ll cost about 10% more and have slightly less range for the same battery that is really big guys because i was not expecting only about a 10% price increase for basically a model wide that’s comparable as far as battery goes to a model 3 i was thinking it would be somewhere around maybe a 30 to 40 percent increase so if you can get something from

Maybe around 10 or let’s say even 15 percent increase for a mall of y in my opinion that’s definitely worth it i’ll probably be likely be a first generation model y buyer out there there’s a lot of people like myself that actually need suvs need more space and like a model 3 or something but i’m looking for like a more affordable price point aren’t looking to buy a

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Model x which is like a hundred thousand plus dollars so that is going to be a huge event on march 14th and we’ll have to see what that does for the stock price maybe it doesn’t have any effect but we have seen some positive moves for tesla stock in the past when they have a launch some of these products and whatnot and that’s going to bring a whole bunch of more

Publicity around tests and a whole bunch more excitement ok so in terms of what price am i looking to buy more tesla if i am yes i am looking to buy some more tesla stock here’s what i’m looking at ok if it drops under 270 dollars i will likely buy about another five thousand dollars more under 270 would be nice ok if it drops to near its 52-week low which would

Be under two hundred and fifty five dollars then i would be looking at doing something around another $10,000 by which would basically at 270 and then the 255 with another ten thousand there would basically allow me to pretty much double up my position in tesla stock and you guys know how much i believe in tesla for the long term and kind of that wouldn’t basically

Make it into a position that i would have somewhere around 130 to 150 shares or something like that in tests of stock if that did happen who knows if that will happen is if the stock will will drop down those ranges because like we’ve talked about we’ve seen a lot of resistance right around 280 i’ll hit them around that 280 range and bounce right back so if we’re

Looking at it so am i willing to buy more absolutely but the shares do have to go under 270 dollars at this point in time for me to buy i want them to go under that cost basis on that other account where i bought the six shares at 271 if that happens yeah i’m gonna buy some more and i’ll be a bigger tesla shareholder than are over diem which i’m perfectly fine

With it’s my most speculative company i probably hold but still i you know when i look at the type of numbers and this company’s got to put up over the next two years this is gonna be really exciting you’re gonna have some crazy model three numbers coming in the back half of this year because of the price drop and then you get model y coming in 2020 that is just

Gonna be crazy guys i can’t wait to see the production numbers and the type of numbers tesla’s gonna end up putting up for the back half of this year and into 2020 so anyways let me know if you guys are buying any tesla shares out there if you make it any move as i’m regards to tesla stock or any stocks in general i would love to hear from you guys in that comment

Section as always thank you for watching have a great day

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