why i dont talk about how much money i make anymore

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So today i just want to do a little video it’s been on my mind for a long time now and i haven’t discussed it yet and it has to do with why i don’t even talk about how much money i make nowadays back in the day i used to talk about this a lot back and when i was on my come-up of my entrepreneurial journey of like i’m having my real estate marketing company and then

Starting the youtube channel and different things like that i used to always i cover like how much money i was making at a particular time or how i made so much money and eventually over time there was too much negativity around those videos and i’m not sure why there was so much negativity around those videos i mean there was a lot of positive things there a lot

Of positive support but there was a lot of negativity it came from a few different places i think it came from some people looking at it as oh my gosh this guy dresses up in a hoodie every other day makes so much money it makes more money than the president united states like how’s that even fair this and that or maybe it came from a place where you know because i’m

A partial educator out there i have a lot of videos that are educational that are teaching things maybe people are like oh he makes so much money from just educating people like it’s not fair a teacher makes only so much money and he makes so much money i’m not sure where it came from or he sells courses and that’s like a new thing that’s out there and people are

Like oh that’s not fair to sell courses and make a lot of money from that i don’t know where it came from or maybe it’s just the way i come across like maybe when i talk about how much money i make maybe it comes across as cocky i don’t know what it is okay but whatever it was there was too much negativity and i’ve seen other youtubers that will talk about how much

Money they make from various different things and and they don’t get as much negativity and i felt like i just got a lot of negativity whenever i would talk about how much money i make okay and for that reason i just thought it was not worth even discussing like the amounts of money i make anymore because if i’m just gonna get you know enough people that are just

Negative on and just don’t want to see that it’s like why am i even covering this because i like i’m not benefiting from that all i’m getting is a bunch of hate from a lot of different people like i said a lot of people were supportive of those videos a lot of people got inspired by those videos a lot of people learned a lot from those videos that would explain

How i make this much from this thing i make this much from this thing you know i haven’t talked about how much money i’m making a long long time like graham got me to talk about it on a video of his like a like quite a while ago but other than that like i’m the channel i haven’t talked about what how much money i make for a long long time i don’t know what it was

About like the way those videos would come across because like i said i’ve seen a lot of people do a lot of videos that they talk about how much money they make and yet i would i just felt like i got way more hate and the thing is for me i have no problem like discussing that stuff like most people out there they don’t ever want to discuss like how much money they

Make they feel like that should be kept private and they don’t want to disclose that and they don’t want anybody know how much money they make i literally don’t care if anybody feels like how much money i make from my whatever things like i’m proud of what i’ve been able to build at this stage in the game and i hope to build all heck of a lot more down the road but

Like i’m proud of everything i’ve been able to accomplish and the people around me have supported me that have been able to accomplish things and so personally like i literally don’t care like if everybody in the world knows like how much money i make it’s down to the penny like it makes no difference to me other people like really care about that and maybe that’s

Another part of why some people like it like hate those type of videos maybe some people are like you should keep that private you shouldn’t tell anybody how much money you make like i don’t see what is the issue with disclosing like how much money you make from this or that like like it’s good for her to be out there and information to be out there and whatnot

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And then i think like a lot of other people thought like back in the day when i would make some of those videos i think some people thought i was maybe lying about that first off like if i was lying about my income like i make from youtube like that’s just stupid okay there’s no a financial incentive for me to lie about what amount of money i make from youtube or

Something like that zero a financial incentive for me to do something like that is really dumb to i will show actual literal screenshots of like oh i make this much money from this thing three people are like oh you can’t make that much money from youtube alone i have a few different big income sources one of them being youtube that’s generally depending on the

Month that sometimes is my biggest income source a lot of people like oh you can’t make that much from a youtube channel you only get maybe 20,000 views per video or 30,000 or 40,000 and you make all this money from youtube well you got to understand my niche is for with the people that watch my channel it’s just worth so much more for advertisers then then other

People’s channels out there other people make it to bucks per a thousand views or four bucks per thousand views when i can get anywhere from 10 $10 to $20 per thousand views so there’s just a massive massive difference and also i got like a thousand videos on the channel so i’m not sure why anybody ever thought like oh you must be lying yeah make that much money

From youtube or something like that like there’s no in financial incentive and like i show screenshots like like what else do you need to see out there then i always think it’s interesting and some people think like they should dictate like how much another person makes like oh it’s unfair that that person makes this much and this person over here makes this much

Or something it’s like who the hell is someone else to tell like somebody like how much money they can make or kit make like like at least in united states of america most of us most of us some of us you know some of them do believe in socialism and whatnot but for the most part like this is a capitalist channel and like i’m all for you you want to make ten billion

Dollars like if jeff bezos net worth can go up a billion dollars a day or or a hundred million dollars a day good for him like i’m not like all me and jeff bezos you shouldn’t be able to make all that money whatever good for him as long as he’s you know biding by the laws and things like that like if he wants to be able to make 100 million dollars a day like go

Ahead and do that that’s your thing it’s not affecting me negatively by jeff bezos net worth being worth more or warren buffett doesn’t mean my net worth is less okay mine can still go up plenty and there’s can still to go up funny it’s all it’s all relative in the end of this game just because someone else makes a lot of money doesn’t mean oh i make less money

It may make me feel like i make less money because i’m like wow i thought i’ve made a lot of money in this guy justin isn’t that worth increased you know ten million dollars per day last year well i don’t make anything or something that maybe it could make you feel like less when the name of the game at the end of the day if somebody got really rich it doesn’t mean

Like i felt a little wayside or i fell off or something like that i think it’s really big to like understand and like know how much ad money other people make doing different things out there i look back in my life and like learning about old this person makes this much from this or this person makes it so much from that sometimes just your mind can get opened up

By hearing about they make that money from doing that i can probably do that as well or if they make this much money from doing this over here imagine what i can make doing this okay it just kind of opens up your mind i feel like the less information you have in life the less information you have in life the more it just makes you kind of like stagnate or go down

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In life okay and i don’t care what you’re talking about across the board but especially in the money game the more knowledge you have oh you understand oh this person makes as much money doing this over here oh this person makes money from doing this over here the more you understand about that i think the more can help because not everybody wants to make money

The same way like i look back at my life and i remember like my early my early years of being an adult like i thought like i knew of ways to make like 40,000 like sixty thousand dollars a year and that was basically all i knew and anything above six figures like i had no clue how to make anything that and then i started watching some different videos or started

Hearing about different people’s stories about they make this much money from doing this or that and just kind of like a like expands your mind into understanding different sectors or different things people are doing out there to make money and it kind of can take you out that realm where all you understand because maybe maybe everybody around you makes forty to

Sixty ka and everybody around you makes that much money and so you can’t ever expand your mind because you just hear about their stories and what they do for work and what they do in their life and they make that much money and so you just think like everybody makes 40 to 60 k per year because that’s all you hear about all the time when all along like if you kind

Of like in an expand a bit and hear about all this this person making this much money over here doing this is please punch part you know this person over here making this much money from that sometimes you can be like if they’re making that much money from that imagine how much money i can make from that or if they’re making that much from that i got this other

Big idea over here that can make way more money than what they do it just expands your mind it’s like if you’re an athlete right if you’re an athlete and you surround yourself with a bunch of poor athletes right a bunch of people that are very unathletic are very weak are not very fast like like it’s gonna be hard to expand and get better and better and better

But if you surround yourself with a bunch of people that are super strong and super fast and super athletic guess what when you’re going to train each and every day you’re gonna take it up to another level on another level because you’re surrounding yourself with greatness each and every day okay it’s a big difference in the mindset shift of a human’s out there i

Mean i’ve heard something like we don’t even use 1% of our brain or something like that and and i feel like most people probably don’t even use close to that because they’re they’re surrounded by a certain amount of people that do certain things and if you’d never hear the stories from other people that are actually doing it and actually reaching higher and higher

Levels like how can you be inspired one too how can you get the knowledge to do something else 3 how can you get the belief that you can go out there and do it sometimes it’s the best thing possible to see someone else doing something and you get to see them you’re like they make that much money doing this oh my gosh i have this idea over here that’s so much bigger

Than what they have that’s so much better and i can work way higher harder than them imagine what i can make sometimes if you just hear that you like i’ve heard a lot of stories before on youtube in a lot of different places of people doing different things out there and i would watch those videos and i’m like my goodness if they do that much imagine how much i

Can do okay that’s kind of how you should view it an end i mean i remember when i was like first starting to like research in the stock market investing and whatnot right when i first started looking in the stock market investing i remember like watching you know i’ve you know eventually got on to warren buffett videos and i watch warren buffett and whatnot and

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The way he spoke it was like an actual normal human that could i could understand and whatnot and that was really big for me mentally because i just understood i’m like if warren buffett can build up this type of wealth maybe maybe i can’t build up that type of wealth maybe i’m not gonna be 90 years old someday with 90 billion dollars of the bank and i’ve already

Given away tens of billions to charity maybe i won’t be at that level but i’m gonna tell you i’m gonna for sure i’m gonna for sure as hell get way up the ranks okay i’m gonna first sure get way up the ranks maybe i won’t reach that level maybe i’ll get even above that level but i will tell you if he can do it he can get to that type of level what can i do out there

And and i think that’s just a big thing you understand like different people from different mindsets that might talk different ways can do something like this it’s so big for you people wonder how the rich get richer it’s not just from the mere fact that you might have more money you might have more access to people and things like that that’s definitely one big

Part of it but the other big part of it is if you’re surrounded by people and you’re surrounded by stories of success and taking things to the next level and next level all of a sudden you you kind of feel like dang i can do that too if my dad did this or that uncle over there did that imagine what i can do maybe i won’t reach their levels but damn i’m going to

For sure be way higher than the average person out there something like that so i think the mere fact that so many people are negative on these subjects so many people are negative on hearing how much money another person makes or something like that i think those people unfortunately ruin it for the masses out there which the masses are the ones that really want

To take things the next level that don’t have that jealousy in their heart or or you know anything like that and they just want to hear stories they want to hear things they get inspired they want to get knowledge on how did somebody actually built this up how much money someone else makes they want to do that but unfortunately i think there’s enough of the

Population that’s just so negative on these type of subjects to hear about how much money another person makes that it makes it to a situation where whoever’s actually disclosing the information just feels like my gosh i feel bad for making money out there’s something i feel bad if i make these such and such amount of money maybe idea to just make $5,000 a month

And that would be good because then no one will be mad at me or something like that when all of a sudden you know somebody else that’s making $1,000 a month’s gonna look at that person making 5,000 be like oh they make 5,000 they work way less hard than me they don’t do nearly as much as me i only make $1000 a month they make 5,000 that’s not fair unfortunately

There’s some people with that mindset teachers though they unfortunately just ruin it for all the people out there this has been on my mind for a while i didn’t want to talk about this for six to nine months probably and i’m like today is just the day i finally get this off my chest and just talk about this because it’s been something you know i used to love to

Talk about but i just got it so i just got so many hate comments from enough people that i was just like it’s not even worth it people all he makes this much money oh you know he’s so cocky or oh yeah you know rub it in her face or whatever it was you know people would comment out there and it was just it was too much negativity that was like screw it i won’t even

Don’t even talk about how much money i make i feel like it’s a big loss for everybody else i feel like this is a loss for me because i had no problem sharing that stuff but if everybody is so negative like what’s even the point so anyways i’m happy i got this off my chest i’m just like i feel a lot better now anyways thanks for watching guys and have a great day

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