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There is a drastic difference between what i think and what analysts think apple is going to report for their q4 numbers here in a couple weeks i’m going to share with you guys today what i believe apple will report for numbers versus what analysts expect and versus what apple did last year i cannot wait to share this with you guys today good day subscribers thank

You so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel in today we are talking apple and we’re talking q4 numbers i thought this would be a great video to do today because apple was featured on my three stocks i’m buying now video for the month of october and there’s a dramatic difference between what i believe apple is going to report

For numbers versus what the analysts believe apple is going to report for numbers in this quarter it’s a huge difference and i’m going to share with you guys why i believe these differences are and what not so let’s go ahead and get right into this guy’s i’m really going to enjoy sharing this with you guys today so on your screen now you are going to see a little

Spreadsheet there on apple q4 earnings what i have in the in the all the way left column i have the the figures are not the figures the i guess you say line items there eps revenue iphone units ipad units and services next over i have last year which is the last year what they did for numbers in this quarter i have what analysts have in what they’re thinking the

Company will do for this past quarter and i have what jeremy thinks which is me what i think apple is going to do for numbers so dramatic dramatic differences here first off eps last year they did a dollar 96 and eps analysts believe they’re going to only do a dollar sixty-five in eps this course they believe this quarter is going to go down quite substantially in

Eps i actually believe that eps is going to go up versus last year i believe they’re going to earn between two dollars and two dollars and ten cents now i’m going to give you the specifics on why i feel all this at the end i just want to go through the numbers first revenue revenue last year they earned 50 1.5 billion in revenue analyst believe they’re going to

Earn 46.8 for this this quarter i feel they’re going to do fifty four billion once again a dramatic difference between what analysts think and what i think we’re talking 7.2 billion dollars in difference there huge difference iphone units apple last year did 48 million iphone units analyst 11 are at least i can’t find numbers from the analyst for any of this stuff

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I believe they’re going to do 51 million iphone units ipad units last year they did 9.8 million ipad units i believe they’re going to do 10.5 which is finally getting back to growth for the ipad services last year they did five billion this year i feel like they’re going to do six billion so starting at the bottom with services services has been growing growing

Growing last quarter year-over-year services grew in nineteen percent so i’m basically saying service is going to stay a little bit right around there maybe just grow a tad bit more maybe grow twenty percent and that’s how i come up with the six billion dollar number ever leave they’ll doing services ipad units you notice i have those finally growing one of the

Reasons being is last year in that quarter they did not ship the ipad pro that i’ve had probe did not ship until november so this this quarter they’ve had ipad pro you know sell through the entire quarter and i think that will be a big factor not just the butte ipad but they had the ipad pro which is now the smaller the regular size ipad i guess you could say the

9.7 inch that’s full sell through for the entire corner so i believe ipad will finally get back to growth their iphone units the analysts i would say are expecting iphone units to be get down quite substantially and i’m expecting them to be up even versus last year not only not down not even break even i’m respecting them to be up this is for a few reasons one its

The main product cycle every time apple comes out with a ev i guess you could say okay iphone 4 that was a that was a hot seller iphone 4 that was a little slower iphone 5 huge sales iphone 5s mmm just did okay iphone 6 huge growth iphone 6s not so much i believe this is going to stay that way iphone 7 i believe is going to be a hot seller a lot of people put it

Down and i think it has a lot of great innovation in it i think it’s a great product i think a lot of people are going to be buying it i think a lot of people already have bought it i can tell you i know more people that have bought the iphone 7 personally in my life i know more people than but i have bought any generation before that within the first month now

I’m just one person i know maybe what 20 30 people and my family and friends and whatnot so take it for take it for what it is but i really think it’s gonna outsell any previous iphone this iphone in the quarter was nine more days so sell-through was nine more days extra versus last year this year the iphone became available on sep tember 16th the previous year

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Was september 25th so there was hardly any new iphone sales in last year’s quarter versus this year you got two full weeks in their little over two full weeks of iphone sales in this one so and then and then the icing on the cake is samsung with the whole fire issue the note 7 was supposed to be the greatest smartphone ever i’ve seen so many tech people say notes

Having great a smartphone ever blah blah blah samsung just comes out with a great hit evan has this fire problem the recall and samsung’s brand in my opinion has been damaged irreversibly for a long long time to come this is like a huge like eek you know if if a restaurant had a huge e.coli situation or something and tons of people died from it this is like their

Situation in my opinion it is going to damage their brand for a long long time guys in my opinion i don’t i don’t see how they recover for this i think people are just gonna make fun of samsung now you know the phone that catches on fire and things like that i think it’s going to scare a lot of people even by the phones so they have heard their brand tremendously

In who benefit from that the most apple does now some people might just be devote to android so maybe they get the google pixel phone or something like that but i think apple will steal a lot of those customers away that samsung had i think they’re gonna steal a lot of them away and then they get in that apple ecosystem and boom boom boom and then generally people

Stay in an apple ecosystem once they come in so that is why i see iphone units being great more sell-through i it’s the main product cycle of the iphone you had in nine more days in the previous iphone as far as the quarter goes and with samsung and their their problems i think apples the beneficiary or this whole situation so that is that is where we have the

Iphone units now as far as revenue you notice i have revenue up in one of the reasons is because iphones units are going to be up ipad units are going to be up a little bit mac sales could be a little down so that could hurt revenue a bit which is why revenues not up probably as much as you might think it might be with these other units service is going to be up

That’s going to be a great thing in my opinion and revenue will also be helped by something that i didn’t have listed here which is apple to excuse me apple watch too that was long sale for two weeks during this quarter whereas last year there was no new apple watch there was no new apple watch last year this year there’s a new apple watch and it got two weeks of

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Cell through now apple watched it is not like a huge seller it’s not an iphone seller it’s not even maybe an ipad sell it but it will add up to hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue if not a billion or so so that is going to help the company tremendously all is being told i believe revenue will be up i believe eps will be up year-over-year in eps will be up

Not just because they sold more in revenue but also because the company’s bought it back a lot of shares since last year everybody knows apples buying back stock left and right so between revenue being up a bit between buyback of shares i believe eps will come in better than last year in way above what analysts expect and if my numbers are true imagine what this is

Going to do to apple stock even if my numbers are anyway our clothes because analysts have just beaten down apple as far as not expecting anything from them and this is apple’s real chance to just blow everybody away and just blow everybody away and like holy smokes apples back type thing this is their chance if this happens this will be huge for apple’s stock

In my opinion we’ll see what happens as time goes on but there you go guys you have it you have what my apple numbers are what i expect the company to do we’ll see what happens in a couple weeks maybe i’ll look like a fool and i’ll be nowhere close maybe i will i can tell you a lot of times most of the time i would say eighty-five ninety percent of time i’m very

Close to being accurate on the earnings i’m generally right there around where i expect revenue and eps if it’s a company i follow good i’m usually never super far off but this is kind of scary because i’m so far off of where analysts are that maybe this is a time i can make a fool of myself i don’t know we’ll just have to see we’re going to wait two or three weeks

Until they report their numbers and then we all know thank you for watching guys subscribe if you haven’t i talked a ton about personal finance i talk a lot of a lot about the stock market do videos like we did today i will talk about business entrepreneurship thank you for watching and have a great day you you

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