Why I’m Not a True Mustachian [Mr. Money Mustache Review]

Many of you have mentioned other finance blogs or channels and have wondered what I thought about them. I do take a look at other finance people so here is my thoughts on Mr. Money Mustache. Nothing too controversial, but not having money pouring in must really conflict with frugal spending. Namely, one does not need to be frugal anymore when such high success is obtained.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna cover why i am not truly a mustache ian why should my perception of being a mustache in matter at all is because the way i take personal finance it’s a little bit not as harsh as mister money mustache now who is this mister money mustache anyway if you go look on the web there is a website called mister

Money mustache there’s this guy who retired very very early at the age of 30 basically in summary what he does is become super duper frugal doesn’t even have a car or anything and save up a huge amount of his income and based on the 4% rule he does not have to work at all for the rest of his life now right off top if you look at this block is basically a financial

Independence retire early type of blog between all the videos i make on this channel there are a lot of similarities probably about 80 90 % of it do overlap but then there are a few things that i want to point out the first major difference is that i don’t always ride a bicycle i don’t even have a main bicycle that i can always ride from one place to another and the

Main deal with this is is that you need to live in a city that is more densely packed so that you can get from one place to another i personally own a car animo ped so it’s not exactly living bare minimum bare bones having a car is important if you live in places where things are a bit more spread apart if your grocery store several miles away it might become a very

Big deal to go get groceries if you need to ride your bicycle over there and then you need to haul back i don’t know 20 pounds worth of stuff then having got car is sort of like a luxury and it saves you time also the argument with having a bicycle is of course it’s a lot cheaper you don’t have to pay for the car itself there’s no depreciation costs no gasoline

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Costs no insurance cost so if you take all that away you’re gonna save thousands of dollars however riding the bicycle is not all without fault because when you ride a bicycle from one place to another it does take you more time to get there and depending on which city that you ride in you might endanger yourself more often than if you’re encased in a car in the

Metal shell i remember when i was working people that ride their bikes to work usually have about one axe or so every single year so if you think about this there is a real health risk with riding a bicycle in a city that is not meant for bicycling his whole retirement scheme basically depends on the 4% rule maybe he might be dependent on you know something a

Little less maybe 3% but i’m not too sure about that in my case i am not fully retired basically i am not in the same position as he is i rely on youtube for some of my income so basically i shifted myself into a semi-retired state i’m not fully retired i have some income coming from investments and stuff but i also need a little bit from youtube so in a way it

Takes a lot of stress away because my burn rate is very low and my requirements from youtube is also very low so his vlog is basically it doesn’t have to work at all but i feel like whenever you’re in a situation like that whenever you’re fully retired you really really want to test things out to make sure that you are sort of like prove to yourself that yeah you

Know you can just do nothing for months on end just to you know test things out and see if your net worth is gonna you know stay flat or go up a little bit a very big difference from what i see in his position versus mine is that i believe he is a lot more successful than i am especially with his blog a lot of people know about his blog much more than this channel i

Feel so based on this and just looking at how much traffic he actually gets on this mister money mustache website it’s almost as if i feel like he transitioned himself into such a high income earner that he no longer needs to become frugal anymore what got him there is being frugal and being superduper frugal about it and kind of making to retirement before anyone

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Else at the age of 30 and then you know he’s like publicizing it and talking about it it becomes very popular the website is super duper popular and then because the website became so popular he earns a lot of money from it so now there’s all this money coming in and there’s this conundrum of well there’s so much money coming in you can relax a little bit and not

Be so extremely frugal you can sort of bring in more luxury in your life let me tell you guys being frugal yeah most the time you can just kind of argue to yourself going yeah you know what it’s not so bad you know that’s just kind of like what you want to tell yourself but being frugal sometimes it kind of sucks it’s all about restraining yourself but i want to

Say that being frugal is something that you do want to do because i think that it’s a faster way to get yourself to retirement and then when you’re retired we can spend your time doing things that makes more money and then you can start to relax a little bit in terms of your frugality if you’re bringing in much more income right then you can go hey you know what i

Can you know increase my standard of living a little bit feel a little bit more better about yourself maybe i’m gonna upgrade a little bit i’m going to get a faster internet speed i’m gonna get a better phone i’m gonna get a better car but all these things you see how its structured here you are frugal in the beginning you’d get yourself to a retirement first and

Then you have all this time to earn more money because then you have your freedom already when you have the freedom and you actually apply yourself in the endeavors that you enjoy then you make more and more money and then you can go back and sort of expand your quality of life increase it a little bit at a time all at the same time as trying to still spend less

Than what you make so this is kind of like what i think it’s the fast track so in the end being frugal and being cheap it’s not like something that is addicting you do it and you go halt you know what i like this i like being frugal no it’s not i don’t like being frugal i want to you know be rich and spend a lot of money but then for most people if you do this

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You’re just gonna spend yourself to the poorhouse so it’s the order at which you do things you want to spend money if you truly are rich so in order to get there you know maybe one day i’m gonna make a lot more money then you might start seeing me having a little bit more luxuries here and there and this is by design so going into this financial independence retire

Early thing you know i wouldn’t think of it as like a permanent frugality thing you’re not suppressing yourself forever my mentality is that’s only the first step and then you actually retire and then maybe you make more money and then dude this thing called fat fire it’s sort of like a progression type of thing thanks for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it

Don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of being frugal first get yourself into the fire position and then you can try to earn more and more money if you’re interested in supporting this channel check out my t-shirt sale down in the video description below i have two kinds of t-shirts one with a honey badger that

Says infinite vacation it looks like this guy why do you want to be like a honey badgers because when you are saving you gotta be tough people are always trying to make you spend money be a peers family or relative but if you want to save a lot and you need to have the mentality of a honey badger basically you don’t care what people think having this seizure may

Serve as a reminder every time you see it infinite vacation you kind of remind yourself what you’re striving for and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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