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So i’ve been on youtube since 2016 and this is the toughest video i’ve ever had to make okay now before you make any decisions um hear me out there’s seven core points i’m gonna make in this video here today and you need to hear each and every one of these this is paramount before you make any sort of decision okay it’s an extremely important video obviously and

Um you know i don’t really have much to say i just want to get into this okay so we’ll get into these seven points the first one is listen i’m timing the market let’s talk about timing the market right and i know i’ve spoke down on timing the market a lot over the years i’ve been on on youtube right and trying to time out the market and get in and out of the market

Right so i think you know selling everything makes the most sense and you know when it comes to timing the market think about it right who are the ones that made up the thing that you know oh timing the market’s bad well billionaires made up that right guys like buffett uh guys like dalio like people like that right and think about it who’s trying to keep us down

The billionaires right they’re always trying to push us down and keep us down and so who who are we to listen to those folks uh on what their opinion is right also think about it these guys got rich a long time ago they got rich during the 60s in the 70s the 80s what do they know about getting rich nowadays think about it for a moment right these guys are been

Rich for a long long time i’m somebody that got rich in the 2010s okay during the 2010s i got rich and so i obviously know a lot more than they know about getting rich nowadays versus you know back in the day when they got rich right so when it comes to timing the market you know i just don’t think they know much to be honest and i think those are the guys that

They’re probably just trying to set us up so we they we make bad financial decisions right so that’s the first thing i want to want to say okay the next the second point of these seven points i want to bring up is you know signs sometimes you get signs from the universe so you got to make certain decisions right so here i am yesterday i record a tesla video on which

A gentleman uh mr johnson is talking down on tesla stock and talking negatively about the stock and here i was trying to stick up a little bit for tesla stock and meanwhile while i’m recording that video bubbles literally bubbles start flying past my window as i’m recording this video and it keeps distracting me and i keep looking up i recorded that video in my

House and all these bubbles keep going bubbles left and right and i’m like this is the weirdest thing like where are all these bubbles coming from like literally just massive amounts of more bubbles are coming and you know so last night i sat around and i thought about it i said why why would the universe just send me massive amounts of bubbles while i’m recording

About tesla right and i started thinking and i’m like tesla bubble tesla bubble stock market bubble and i’m like it’s all making sense what are the chances of that the chances i’m gonna record a video and there’s just gonna be bubbles all going by my window that doesn’t just happen okay that’s the universe sending you a sign that you were in a bubble okay bubble

Bubble bubble and you know one of the people i respect the most on the platform in the world okay this this gentleman one time bloomberg gave him a message and he said this is a message that i need to make a move and i thought this is my message i don’t have the bloomberg terminal like like that gentleman does but you know what i do have a flipping flapjack and

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Window and when i see all those bubbles coming out of nowhere you put these things together and it’s like hmm tesla bubble stock market bubble okay that you know we can get into the metrics and all those sorts of things but at the end of the day sometimes the universe is going to send you a signal okay number three let’s be honest and i think you guys have seen

It the pressure youtube’s too much i’m already rich filthy rich why the flip am i even doing this anymore whatever money i make from youtube is a very very small amount of money it’s not gonna make it’s not gonna change my life anymore i’m already rich why do i need to come out and talk about stock just so i can get hate oh guys i’m buying this stock for the next

You know because i want to hold it for the next five years and then it goes down the next five weeks in the next five months i just get a bunch of hate for it for what what am i even doing this for anymore this is stupid like literally just stupid like what am i doing anymore and so i was thinking about this and i’m like why even come out why even make videos about

Stocks on buying and things like that if they go down i’m just gonna get hate and if they go up they’re just gonna say i got lucky so it’s like okay i can i can they can go down i can get massive amounts of hate for that right or they go up and then we’re in this situation where yeah they went up but then they just say i’m lucky oh you just got lucky with that stock

Oh you’re just lucky but if it goes down i get hey so it’s like there’s no winning for me and so i’m like why even do this anymore many many years ago it was like cool i made a good amount of money from this right now if you already got so much it’s like who cares anymore and so for me it’s just like why why even invest in socks anymore it just doesn’t it doesn’t

Make sense anymore for me okay number four i got a deal um with ftx one of the biggest crypto exchanges and the best crypto exchange in the whole world and uh this video is sponsored by ftx go ahead and watch this well it is official folks ftx the best crypto change in the whole world is now the official partner of jeremy lafave and i know you probably have heard of

Ftx before they partnered with folks like tom brady steph curry and now me oh my gosh how big is that and i’m gonna tell you about a lot of features down the road like no fixed fees and all the advantages of being with ftx but what i want to tell you here today is that just because i have this big deal with ftx now it i’m not going to change i’m gonna still dress

The same i’m gonna still act the same nothing’s gonna change with me you don’t have to worry about that oh something’s gonna change with me you don’t have to worry about that at all it’s an emergency will you please call the maids and tell them they’re fired they don’t even properly dust my plaques do you know how many people have four silver play buttons not

Very many okay they aren’t dust in the seven bigger plaques properly it’s unbelievable oh my gosh this is so bad oh my head hurts will you please tell the butler three strawberries in my rose he put two again i told him this twice now after a long day recording youtube videos i don’t want two strawberries ridiculous it wasn’t so cheap maybe you have a

Landscaper palm tree crap out of here oh my gosh and that’s what i told her i said bro i’m drinking rose with three strawberries in it he can play with me like that dude that’s how i made seven he thought that i made 70 you think it was nothing i flipped that baby into doge flipped the doge over into some nfts play with me like that yes yeah and it’s like bro

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You know who you’re talking to you know you don’t make bitcoin i have i’m what they call a date coin millionaire nothing’s gonna change with me you don’t have to worry about that at all so thank you ftx for sponsoring today’s video and uh looking forward to being a long-term partner with ftx and so i’ve been thinking about you know my stock position and i’m

Like why do i want to invest in a bunch of risky stocks when i could just put my money safe in somewhere like bitcoin and i can make a great return and a safe asset like a bitcoin and so i thought you know what bitcoin yeah that’s what i thought okay number five out of these seven points no this is personal i owe the irs a lot of money i mean a lot of money okay

And it’s a lot okay i don’t even want to say the specific numbers because it’s the type of numbers that when you hear these sorts of numbers you’re going to think to yourself like how does he even owe the irs that much money and so i thought okay i could just sell some of my stocks to pay off the irs or i could just cash out of everything right and so that’s what

Led me to just kind of like make that sort of decision because you got to understand the irs like you know a few of them massive amounts of money boy you can be in a lot of trouble and i mean a lot of deep trouble okay and so when i looked at this i said i can either sell out of stocks pay off the irs or put myself in a really really bad position where the next

Thing you know look it up okay look look what happened to wesley snipes look what happened a lot of other people that owed the irs a lot of money look what happened to jd jermaine dupree okay you know these folks man did they get heart and heart massively and so when i look at it from my perspective you know uh that’s a decision you have to make okay number six

This is also personal so being a stock market investor and doing this on a high level you have to put in a lot of time right and i you know to read the 10k so listen all these conference calls watch all these investor presentations of all these different companies it takes a lot of time and remember i got 15 20 stocks at a different time right and so i’m putting

In all this time and i’ll be just to be honest with you guys you know my passion i’ve always wanted to just lift full-time and just like focus on my body full time and so i can’t really do that because i have to spend so much time always listen to conference calls green 10ks different things like that and i know you might say well you know just go to the gym and

Then you know listen to you know a conference call in your ears while you’re working out dude when you’re benching 300 400 pounds you can’t just like oh i’m gonna like bench this and listen to a conference call at the same time that’s not the way it works okay and so i’m having to make a decision let it’s either i focus on what i’m passionate about which is lift

Lifting full time which is i wanna i won’t always want to get huge i mean like massive like you see me going down the street and you’re like dude that guy looks like a block of cheddar cheese holy smokers he ain’t no jokers you know i want people to see me and and be scared because they’re like he is a monster massive i’m talking six three i’m talking 255. i’m

Talking five percent body fat muscles coming out of my muscles just huge and i i can’t do any of that guys i can’t do any of that if i’m focused on the stock market so should i put stock should i put money everybody rich what should i put money ahead of what i’ve always wanted to do which is get huge i’m not getting any younger i’m 32. so you know if you think

I’m gonna get massive when i’m like you know 70 that’s not gonna happen and so it’s either i keep going down this money route give me money or i go down the route of getting huge and you know i’d rather get huge because let’s be honest you pull up in a tesla people say cool you pull up and you’re the biggest dude there that’s respect people look at you with

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Respect if i got a tesla i’m just another dude with a tesla if i got a nice watch i’m just another dude with a nice watch how many dudes look like a block of cheddar cheese think about that for a moment you’re the biggest dude in the gym and all the other dudes are looking at you thinking wow i could never look like him that’s that’s what you call getting real

Respect that’s what you call wow okay so that that’s what i’m looking for i’m looking for that sort of respect because there’s a lot of people that are rich all these people are rich in this neighborhood they’re all rich i got way too much money how many of them look like boom i don’t know one i don’t know one that looks like that in this neighborhood okay so

That’s personal the last point i want to make here okay i think we need to all be honest about this the stock market is high it’s really high and i mean really really high look at the dow look at the nasdaq look at the s p 500 look at the russell have you ever seen them this high they’re pretty darn up there right and if you look back to where the stock market

Was 20 years ago 50 years ago what you’re going to find is a stock market was a lot lower than it is today right and so if i think about it here we are on april 1st right april fool’s day and you’re seeing the stock market up super high like like think about it for a moment think about it the stock market is so flipping high you can’t see the dang thing if dude

If that was a chart you think about it if you were an aunt and you were trying to climb up a stock market chart you couldn’t do it it’s too hot it’d be like climbing mount everest think about this for a moment these are the sorts of things that people don’t even think about when it comes to stock markets you have to consider this i don’t care who you are i don’t

Care if you’re a traitor an investor the stock market is high and think about it if you climb a mountain what do you have to do you have to come down and if you don’t come down you die so you have to come down the mountain which means think about this just think about it for a moment you climb the mountain the stock market chart get ready to come down and when

You come down you can either come down slow or you can come down fast but we know you got to come down right and so here we are on april 1st on april fool’s day right and i’m talking about selling it all and i’m thinking to myself that might be you know what we have to do because we’re high and we need to come down and so if anybody thinks out there here on april

1st on april fool’s day that it’s a great idea to be a buyer of stocks i say to myself i say why why on april fool’s day do i have to make a dang video like this oh my goodness guys i i don’t know how i just kept it together yes this is an april fool’s joke every year i don’t know how i cut the straight face to the whole video that was that was that was that was

Maybe the best acting i’ve ever done right there i think i’m gonna be uh next president of the united states with that sort of acting anyways guys thanks for joining me please don’t hate me and if you do hate me that’s fine as well okay respect to all first love i had to do it i had to do it have a great day foreign

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