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Will Amazon conquer the world? From banking to data, food delivery to healthcare, the FT’s Lex looks at which sectors should fear the tech giant the most. Read more at

When amazon moves into a new line of business its rivals tend to panic one by one changing books toys clothing and sports goods have disappeared as amazon’s everything store offers cheaper online alternatives amazon can cost companies billions of dollars in lost market value last year inspectors spoke more about jeff bees with his company than any other during

Calls with their investors since amazon was founded in 1994 is transformed for a money-losing internet bookstore to a profitable mega conglomerate with revenues of 233 billion dollars last year profits arising to last year amazon’s ebit doll margin was a record 12% the company is still expanding in the past three years and has purchased online pharmacy full pack

Supermarket whole foods and a home security maker blink how much bigger could it become the fda’s lex team examined five fears surrounding amazon and asks when they are prescient or paranoid fear first amazon will conquer the world amazon is expanding into new businesses and ramping up plans to sell more products under its own brand in the u.s. it accounts for 49

Percent of online sales but elsewhere amazon faces fierce competition international revenue makes up only one quarter of the total earlier this year amazon announced that it was closing its local e-commerce business in china across asia the 10-cent softbank industrial complex is winning probability racing two out of ten fear the second amazon will replace banks

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Between 2011 and 2017 amazon says that it loaned more than three billion dollars to its own vendors but the business remains secretive and has not been offered more broadly to consumers amazon relies heavily on its own data and lacks credit history information that would help it take on banks suggesting it will remain a mission alone facility for ability rating

Of 3 out of 10 feared third amazon will deliver your customers lunch alison’s acquisition of whole foods was its biggest to date and it is investing heavily in logistics but it has a mixed record in delivering fresh products grocery service amazon fresh failed revolutionize food distribution and it recently shut its restaurant delivery service in the u.s. online

Grocery market sales account for just 5 percent of the 700 billion dollar market to take on a retailer like walmart amazon will need many more physical stores probability rating out of 10 steer the 4th amazon or fogg data amazon web services dominates the cloud services market and is the company’s most profitable business amazon has helped companies store and

Process data far more efficiently by moving it to aws servers but rivals like google and microsoft are trying to expand their own offers of internet connected public cloud services the cloud wars are just getting started probability racing won six out of ten favorite lee amazon will play doctors the us healthcare system is right to worry about amazon’s interest

In the 450 billion dollars that americans spend on prescription drugs each year last year amazon bought online pharmacy pill pack and is also working at berkshire hathaway and jp morgan on a joint healthcare venture the setzer is notoriously complex and highly regulated but amazon is better placed to offer online distribution than any pharmacy chain probability

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Rating 8 out of 10 amazon is already one of the world’s biggest companies it accounts for 50 cents in every daily spent online in the us and it hit a one trillion dollar market capitalization more quickly than apple world domination will be stymied by tech giants from asia but alison’s wide-ranging interests and fondness for experimentation mean the next trillion

Dollars is likely to come for healthcare advertising ai is online shopping

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