Why it is Vital to America that Tesla Succeeds!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about tesla and why tesla absolutely unequivocally has to succeed for the united states of america i’m gonna give you guys three reasons why tesla absolutely has to be succeed because it is so important in why every american should

Absolutely support tesla now for full disclosure i own zero shares in tesla stock i know no one that owns tesla shares i don’t know in a tesla car i know no one that works for tesla so i’m no ties to tesla whatsoever however last week i was looking into tesla stock on this channel because i breakdown in stocks every single week and you guys suggest the tesla i broke

Down tesla stock and i looked into the company and remember in that video i actually said i would not buy tesla stock but i was looking into the company and when i saw all the incredible things they’re doing as an american it made me very proud and it made me realize as an american how vital it is for tesla to succeed and i actually had a whole different video i

Was gonna plan on doing tonight and whatnot and i got an argument with some friends on why tesla absolutely is so important for them to succeed for america’s sake and now i want to share those reasons with you guys so i hope you enjoy this a lot hit the thumbs up button if you guys enjoy this video today so reason number one six million people a year get into car

Accidents there’s a six million plus accidents per year in the united states of america those auto accidents caused people to pay much higher insurance rates they caused everybody in general to pay higher insurance rates they take away time from everybody they require more police officers and everybody needing to be there and whatnot because over three million people

A year actually get injured in car accidents over three million per year get injured in those car accidents which means you need more medical staff and all those kinds of things when someone gets injured in a car accident that distracts from whatever they’re doing in their life at that point time so you’re talking about a huge economic burden by basically having

Auto accidents now do i believe these auto auto pilot type cars that tesla has and whatnot could eliminate a hundred percent accidents no i don’t but i can totally see a future 10 20 30 years out where 90 plus percent of the car accidents are cut down which would be a tremendous thing for people spending power because then they have to pay much lower insurance

Rates and taking away time from doing this or doing that i didn’t get in a car accident but i did hit something in the road this was a few months ago and i made a judgment call that i thought i could make it over this i think was a hard hat in the road or something it was some type of thing in the highway when i was driving and i saw it all of a sudden i’m like

I think i can make it over and sure enough that whatever it was it was tall enough that it hit the tubes that go underneath my car guess what i ended up having to go in to get that car checked down what not sure enough the tubes were messed up the insurance had to pay out two thousand dollars those tubes i had a payout $500 deductible now my insurance is even

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Higher if i had an autopilot car i probably would have avoided that because it probably would have seen it way before i saw it and it probably would have made a judgment call like okay we can’t clear that we do switch lanes over here and it would have made all these maneuvers so that would have never even happened that’s the future i imagine and think about all

The accidents are and for or almost 40,000 people a year dying in car accidents think about that almost 40,000 people die and we just kind of like okay with that number you know in america it’s like oh yeah you know that’s just the way things go imagine if 40,000 people died any other way we would be making such a big deal about it imagine if police officers when

Killed 40,000 people next month imagine if 40,000 soldiers died in iraq or afghanistan next month you know we would be making a huge deal about it imagine if a terrorist killed 40,000 americans they’d be on the news for a year straight and we would have a memorial for that day forever world trade center less than 3,000 people died and we still talk about it every

Single year multiple times per year but no 40,000 americans i die in car accidents it’s just a way it goes it’s just the way it goes it’s the price of doing business unbelievable it’s unbelievable to me so the this is the main reason why every american should push for tesla to succeed absolutely or any car that’s trying to be electronic electric car manufacturer

With the autopilot systems and what not because we need to cut down on this substantially it would be a tremendous thing because one year have a lot more people living – you’re gonna take a big economic burden off people and make it a lot better out there so that’s reason number one reason number two is it’s clear that electric vehicles autopilot cars self-driving

Cars whatever you want to call them that’s the future that is the future so america can sit back and say you know okay whatever happens happens in china could win this or europe removing this well america do we want that tax revenue i would think so just the way imagine if apple didn’t succeed imagine if instead of us all buy iphones and ipads we were buying some

Chinese company imagine how much less in taxes we’d be getting in from apple each year apple makes about 50 billion dollars per year or what not and they have tens of thousands of employees all over the united states if not hundreds of thousands when you count in the retail employees and what not so a huge huge deal and then by the way all a lot of those apple

Employee especially at the corporate office all make it 100k plus and tons of them are making million plus a year so and they’re all paying their 30 40 percent tax rate a year to the government so it’s very vital that tesla succeeds and in tesla succeeding then there’ll be a lot of in i guess you say in direct suppliers and things and sell things into tesla that

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Are hopefully also american companies and then those companies get bigger and bigger and hire more employees how to actually have a decent paying job so for the economic reason is very very important america wins this game the same way america won the smartphone game same way america won the computer game because if america loses this game we’re gonna lose out on

A ton of tax revenue and we’re gonna lose out on a tough ride honestly – on top of it you know it’s pretty cool when you say old my country did this that we’re proud of this it’s a really cool thing so that is that was reason number two why america needs to succeed in this game reason number three reason number three is because electric cars and autopilot systems

Would cut down on traffic a great deal a great deal think about it this way a regular human we have to pretty much give the car in front of us at least three four car lengths to feel comfortable if you’re driving on the highway maybe a little less on side streets and things like that but if you’re driving on highway you need at least three to four car links to

Feel comfortable on the highway right well an autopilot car is self-driving car those cars could be this far apart literally this far apart and everything copacetic because that this car is talking to that car and that car has to do something this car knows it so they adjust instantly instantly which would cut down on the amount of traffic substantially think

About it when you’re driving on the highway and some car needs to get over from the far left lane to the far right lane what happens that person has to start slowing down then they put on their directional and this person doesn’t let him go and they go fast and this person slows way down to let him go and that clogs up that whole lane and then we got this car and

Then they’re like oh shoot should i go and then they start slowly moving over oh yeah another in this lane and now this lane this guy he’s not letting him go so he goes ahead and then this guy’s not letting them so he goes ahead and now this lanes all still clogged way up at this point and then then finally someone lets him in you know he moves over then this lanes

Way slowed up now because it’s just boom boom boom boom and it causes traffic jams and this happens on almost every single highway in every single city major city in the entire united states and then on top of that that’s a lot of the reason a lot of accidents happening if it’s an autopilot system where all the cars are talking to each other there’s cars in the far

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Left lane in all the hundred cars around it all know that that core needs to get over so they can just barely budge out of the way and you’re right in that lane right off the highway it would be that freaking simple that’s simple instead these huge traffic jams it is estimated that each year over a hundred and twenty five billion dollars is cost to the us economy

Basically so in fuel costs which is like a direct contributor you know if you’re stuck in traffic you’re burning gas which again cost money that gas cost few money and then indirect things are things like meetings missed because of traffic and things like that say i’m stuck in traffic i miss a meeting with a customer they decided they’re gonna leave because they

Don’t want to wait around for me all day and guess what that mean doesn’t get made and then somehow the deal was to get made they don’t spend that money with me and so i can’t go spend that money somewhere else because then they’re mad at me these type of situations happen all across america every single city in america every single day that’s why it costs them

America so much money being in traffic so to me when i when i kind of step back and i look at this i say to myself it’s it’s so vital for tesla to succeed it’s like a no-brainer if they fail it’s a huge bad thing for everybody because they’re so far out in front of everybody in the technology game right now push an innovation pushing this whole thing forward i

Didn’t think i would see the kind of technology like the autopilot 2.0 until i was probably in my 40s that type of stuff i didn’t think i would see it until i was well on my 40s i’m seeing it over a decade earlier in that that is freaking phenomenal it’s all happening way faster than then anyone really expected so i look at this and i say you know americans if

You’re an american you absolutely have that back tesla and even if you’re or any company that’s similar to tesla and even if you’re not an american i still think it’s vital to support you know this type of technology because you know i guarantee you in europe there’s a ton of traffic deaths in china and india and all these other places so the fact that tesla’s

Moving the ball so fast and sutton rapid pace that’s gonna help out the rest of the world cut down on all these issues thank you so much for watching us today guys i hope you really enjoyed this if you do not already have a subscription to this channel you may want to because i talked about personal finance talk about entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneur i talk

A lot about the stock market in every once in a while i do a random video like we did today that’s kind of somewhat business-related i guess you could say thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Why it is Vital to America that Tesla Succeeds! By Financial Education

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