Why L&D Leaders advocate Finance Learning? Finance for Non-Finance

Finance Guru Vishal Thakkar is having a discussion on Digital Strategy in Finance, with Mr. Jagmohan S. Rishi, the Associate Vice President of Global L&D and Digital Strategy, Wockhardt.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube your friend and finance guru vishal thakur is back again with another interesting topic of discussion but hold on yes yes i know what you are thinking i gave you a commitment that i am going to invite an expert in my upcoming episodes to enhance and enrich your knowledge of finance and more so friends

This time we have with us mr. jagmohan rishi who is a leadership coach and an international speaker and of course he’s spoken around the world including countries like dubai singapore malaysia sri lanka indonesia and many more and a digital strategist now the value that he brings to table today will be more discussed by him so i am pretty excited to welcome him

So welcome mr. rishi it’s such a delight to have you here on our channel and my viewers are very very excited to hear from you so tell us something about yourself as howard said thank you very much for inviting me on this 4 channel a great channel you’re caught and it’s my privilege to be here something about which you talked about this particular aspect i have

Dekat this journey of leadership coach as well as the digitization i started as a learning and development person but movement didn’t start until recently and as a result i have found that if india has to grow it is the one wave it is to digitization and as we were discussing earlier also that the case india has to become a developed country it is only if they

Become self-sufficient through financial knowledge so you are doing a great job for educating indians for their financial knowledge and i wanted to understand from you before i introduce myself further that how are you taking this knowledge of finance so that many indians benefit of the vendor i wanted to ask you on that ok so thank you very much sir for the

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Question so it goes like this the mission of my life is to educate people financially if there is one problem that i can solve for the people of this country is the knowledge of making finance as a very simple subject to do that sir we don’t understand too much of digital strategy that’s why we’ve got you here but what i have done so far is i have authored a

Few books i have done this youtube channel and i write at a few places this is what i have done so far and of course today i am going to pick your brains on understanding that how my audience can benefit by digital strategy what are the other sources how they can enhance their financial knowledge and how is it that they can enrich themselves as we say that you

Know learn more – on how to make it possible my father says that education is different than learning learning can be lifelong and education is something which you get in degrees or you know certificates so that same thing which in today’s world when geography has becoming history in the same era the likes of flora or coursera or many other platform which are

Available people can go to those this is also and learn but my take is still that this education is available on google plenty of it people need experts like you who can make and break this finance or any other subject into small piece meal pieces so that they can digest it and they can understand it and they can use it on a day-to-day basis what do you think so

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I i second your thought but i have a question you have had an illustrious career with companies like pfizer for card you were focused particularly on the learning domain so can you tell us that you know when you engage people like us for finance training programs like ifrs or india’s or our flagship program finance for non finance so what has been your strategy

For your employees or for your team members in these large corporates and how do you go about doing it in fact in my recent to talk at i am they also asked me the same question that how we can take this knowledge of digitization and finance to every part of india because they also believe in overall development they don’t believe in the warfare development of me

So that’s exactly what they asked me and i’m surprised you asked the same question primarily you know digital media can be a great route to financial and financial selling aspects because there are various means in which you can use digital strategy to take the knowledge of finance into every nook and corner country for example if you will be using social media

Strategy or through facebook campaigns through linkedin campaigns through youtube or through twitter or instagram you have various ways you can do a blogging on that you can write some specialized articles but i have covered these are drawer to bases but you can was specific into it for example you’re doing a youtube channel here now in youtube you can create

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Many other aspects like you can create the challenging videos of small one one to two minutes or you can create informational videos of 20 minutes also wherein you can explain the concepts of finance you can also create the small small modules the bytes of information so there these are ways in which you know people can get attracted to your you know channel and

They can spend more time on your channel and more important is that if one is there get blue to it and they will also educate their families or later that’s the time when you think you your real job will be done by effect okay so here was mr. jeff moore and rishi and his ideas about how you can learn finance better what are the other mediums what are the other

Digital mediums that you discussed about so i want i want to hear from you guys let me let me know in the comment section that what do you think do you think a five-minute video is sufficient do you think i should do more 30 minute videos what should be the duration what is the kind of content you want me to cover who do you think i should invite more on this

Channel so on and so forth i want to hear from you your views as to how we can take this entire finance transformation journey of yours to the next level right we continue to interact with mr. rishi in our upcoming episodes so stay tuned and watch this space and if you haven’t subscribed subscribe to our channel now finest you

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Why L&D Leaders advocate Finance Learning? Finance for Non-Finance By Finance Tube

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