Why Learning Heads Want Business Teams to Learn Finance?

Finance Guru Vishal Thakkar is involved in a highly interactive chat with Mr. Jagmohan S. Rishi on his 30+ years of experience in the learning and development department and knowing the challenges that he faces in large companies where all departments have become digital.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube our journey with mr. rashik continues on this episode and today i am going to pick his brain on the lnd side of his career so sir you have been learning in development professional for a very long period i understand three decades plus of learning experience so so what are the trends that you are

Seeing which what are the topics which are coming to the forefront in 2019 and how you are tackling the challenges that you face income large companies like pfizer and brokered that that you be working for we shall i will say this way that the general trend particularly in the market is that most of the learning and development professionals they they do a deep

Mock job and but there are some specific people who really think integrative lee and they think that how i can give an roi for that further for the organization’s investment in training and development and i really salute those learning and development professionals i give you example here last year we were thinking of conducting one particular development program

We we wanted to create business leaders now they are the target audience were sales managers or general managers of general category but they cannot become business leaders unless and until they have knowledge of finance because ultimately it is the marketing budget the margins and what is the cost of goods till the time they do not have understanding of this

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They cannot become a business leader so in my view knowledge of finance is very very very essential for any business leader to become an effective person so that is something which i strongly recommend to all the learning development professionals all the ceos or the business owners that they should definitely make it a part of their curriculum of the financial

Management and financial knowledge thank you thank you so much for that answer and thank you so much for gracing us with your presence across our episodes and we would love to continue interaction with you and my audience is already hooked on to you in fact a few of the comments that have come in there says that you know where is your youtube channel you know

So you should start a youtube channel so that you know you are able to give this more wonderful digital strategy knowledge to our audience who are corporate professionals business owners students they are all very excited because because they say that 2019 is is the year of digital so so thank you so much for being in the europe whiskey with us i just wanted

To add here is all that my youtube channel is there it is jump on russia and there’s a specific series called dino bytes which is one of my book are you didn’t dinosaur so you can subscribe to it if you like it but i’m sure you will subscribe to it i am already already i already subscribe to the channel while we were talking so so friends here we have i have

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A fellow youtuber with me now and i’m so happy about it so please subscribe to his channel it’s called jacques mohan russia and don’t miss out to press the bell icon because then every week you will continue to get his dino bites thank you very much for tuning in to this episode and let us continue to learn more we continue to interact with mr. rishi in our

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Why Learning Heads Want Business Teams to Learn Finance? By Finance Tube

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