Why Life has Lost Meaning

Automation has reduced workload and increased leisure time dramatically.

How’s it going everybody this is pj bush today i’m going to talk about how in the modern world a lot of people have lost meaning in life i think a lot of people might be in the same situation that’s why i think this video is utterly important to talk about this video is brought to you by moomoo free shares of stock valued up to 3 500 each some of you have asked

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Stock if you guys are interested in supporting this channel check out my referral link down in the video description below in my last video i talked briefly about this book victor franco’s man search for meaning this topic is big enough and important enough that it should be talked about over and over until each and every single one of you subscribers out there

Also has a deep meaning in life why do i think this is so important it’s because this is like the essence this is what drives you moving forward if you have some drive like this then the money just falls into place what is my meaning of life if you ask me this directly i might just kind of go well stumble uh i don’t know uh maybe i want to make youtube videos

That would help people although i have to admit this is probably kind of like a mediocre lukewarm type of meaning for me and personally right now i’m still searching for my own really really strong meaning of life i think today in the comment section will be utterly interesting if everyone is able to share what their meaning of life is if you have something that

Is like a beacon of your life and you are striving towards it everyone’s meaning of life is very very different but if you have something please share it down below because i would like to know everyone else can also read this and just kind of at least see as an example what your meaning of life is i already went over three of these things on this book where it

Talks about how you find your meaning of life first one creating a work or doing a deed second one experiencing something or encouraging someone third one by the attitude we take towards unavoidable suffering like you know maybe you lost two legs and your attitude towards losing your leg you might go okay well i am useless now you can just you know lay in bed and

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Not do anything or you can just fight it out some people fight it out and they become like athletes or something and they have this new mission in life that is their goal if they didn’t lose their legs they wouldn’t be able to do this brand new life’s purpose their own meaning based on their own situation here’s another quote from the book i wish to stress that

The true meaning of life is to be discovered in the world rather than within man or his own psyche as though it were a closed system i personally retired early and then i started thinking about meaning of life and my conclusion is you can’t just sit around by yourself to figure out the meaning of life because i did not figure this out after like a year or a year

And a half of doing this so this quote is very very important and it might save you a lot of time if you go in the same situation and you just start thinking about life in general and just sitting around don’t do this go travel or something go meet new people and then maybe you can come upon some new ideas they have some life story to tell you and then you can glean

Something from that and maybe you’re gonna find your meaning that way another quote that relates to this it denotes the fact that being human always points and is directed to something or someone other than oneself be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter the meaning of life is not found within yourself but in the act of helping others now you

Might wonder why do so many people don’t know what their meaning of life is why are so many people lost the first half of this book is basically a recount of what happened in the concentration camp what gets really really interesting is the first 10 pages of the second part of this book you might wonder why do people have such feelings why are people now having all

This lost feeling of trying to find meaning of life is because there is so much automation going on long time ago people don’t have so much leisure time they spent all of their time hunting for food all of their time working in order to make money to get food or working almost all of their time and providing for themselves but this day and age a lot of the middle

Class people i guess you might be able to situate yourself in such a way where if you are a low level consumer if you don’t consume too much and yet you earn a lot which is the whole purpose of fire you want to be financially independent retire early therefore you can do whatever that you want but sometimes when you actually go about doing whatever you want you’ll

Be like i actually don’t know what i really really want to do so automation is probably to blame here because no longer do we have to make our own food no longer do we even have to cut our own fruits we can just buy at the supermarket there’s basically a service for everything automation is allowing people to have a lot of leisure time and way more than anyone

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Could imagine so when i went into this retirement mode i suddenly got all the time in the world no work at all and other than sleeping eight hours a day i basically had 16 hours every single day seven days a week except for like making these videos right but way too much free time and then when you have so much free time just sit around and you go what do i do

Should i go paint the house which is something i did you can see that it’s like nice and widely painted you can do all kinds of stuff and then you kind of wonder why am i doing this why do i even want to do any of this i don’t really want to paint the house sometimes people get caught in doing other things that is not what they really want they chase after things

Such as gaining power money or pleasure power you know maybe in politics you know they just try to get as much power as they want money you know you can just spend your whole life trying to earn more and more and more money there’s always more money to be earned so if you earn more you spend more and then you can just spend your entire life doing this and is this

Actually meaningful i don’t know but you can spend a lot of time doing it you can spend your whole life doing it and then some people might chase after pleasure maybe you want to go to all of the michelin star restaurants maybe you want to take drugs or something and chase after all the pleasure maybe sexual pleasure even and you can see this in some of the maybe

Movie stars or something they have a lot of money maybe they take drugs they do pleasurable stuff until their demise i guess so too much free time what do we do with all this free time you really have to go out and search for it go look for what your true meaning of life is this is something i personally have to do go out there do more varied things some people

Have talked about on the comment section that hey maybe you just need to have a kid once you have a child that is your meaning bringing up the child is your meaning of life yes i agree this might be the meaning for some people but until that happens it’s just kind of in limbo for me personally and i think not everyone’s meaning of life is actually to bring up

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A child it might be other things such as making humanity better maybe sending everybody to mars or something or maybe you could be trying to solve the covid issue or maybe you’re trying to solve global warming i just want to bring up when i talk about this those things seems kind of grandiose i probably don’t have such a grandiose scheme where i want to save the

Earth right in terms of my meaning of life i might have to step down a little bit and like shoot for a goal that is not as grandiose i guess within this book he quotes he who has a why to live for can bear almost any how so if you actually find your meaning of in life this is a very very strong thing to have within you once you find it it’s like inside it makes

You stronger you can use it to bear any kind of suffering there is including the concentration camps and all so that’s why i think it’s so important for this video for everybody to find their personal meaning in life the next page what man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather uh striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal a freely chosen task

I talked to my uncle one time i don’t know if he’s watching this video but we talked about having low stress when you are retired very very low stress but he emphasized that yes you would like low stress but you want a little bit of stress if you have no stress at all it just basically kills you you need a little bit to just kind of get you up in the morning to

Push you a little bit so if you are completely tensionless it just turns you into goo you nothing is exercising you so then you yeah you’re just gonna melt away basically so if you actively cut away every single kind of stress that you conceivably can have you might be doing yourself a disservice and just kind of plunging yourself into depression so to summarize

Automation has caused people to have too much leisurely time once you have leisurely time you can put yourself in the wrong path by trying to gain power money or pleasure if you go down this route you might find you wasting your entire life chasing these things how do you find a worthwhile goal is by going out there interacting with the world or someone in order

To find out your true meaning of life using this true meaning of life you are gonna be like superman once you have this you can bear any kind of suffering because you have something to strive for if you already found your meaning of life leave a comment down below check out my mubu referral if you’re interested in supporting this channel and don’t forget to give

Me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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