Why office cleaners from Latin America and Spain face low pay and poor treatment in London

The FT joins a Latin American contract cleaner setting off at 4am for her shift, as social policy correspondent Robert Wright reports on the underpayment, long hours and mistreatment of largely female foreign cleaners working for contract agencies in London, and looks at the call by the labour enforcement regulator for tighter protections. Read more at

It’s a task that barely crosses most londoners mind but it’s crucial to the functioning of this and every other big city in the industrialized world well before five o’clock each morning guadeloupean uruk’s and thousands of other cleaners most of them immigrants get up and make their way to the capital’s offices shops and hotels to make them ready for the new day

The question is why working life for guadeloupe and others undertaking this vital task it’s so precarious nacional de su de un número nosotros vivimos solo para trabajar no somos turtlecom consider as the only college team more so much although uk workers theoretically have strong protections many of the 700,000 people employed as cleaners describe a culture of

Long hours low pay and the constant fear of arbitrary dismissal the problem is particularly acute for those like guadeloupe who have worked for outsourced cleaning contractors guadeloupe is originally from ecuador but now a spanish citizen said she lives in fear of losing her job no no podemos da de lujan the carnahan cousin famous se que cela poem aloha but the

No tenemos joey visto compañeros infernos are a strand of piernas that our handle por que no tenemos el derecho de oaxaca reporting formula this existing guadeloupe his frustrations include the short hairs per day she worst each job semadar lula mucho munoz melua mucho ottawa han toda la noche he get a naked man lugar for dora’s keeper daddy una hora de regreso

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De de la de regreso entonces on quattro a hug look at all of them una una mother god vasila granada of the latin american women’s rights service a group that works with the women since there are too many violations of the employment rights of cleaners ranging from underpayment to harassment and even violence the problems extend to similar roles in hospitality and

Catering there’s too many violations of employment rights in these sectors and have the most common one is lack of payment so around the payment of wages so we have a lot of women who are who come to us saying we didn’t get paid and then i was dismissed and they owe me two three weeks or add my job this is an ongoing issue we i’m not paid for say extra hours or

I you know they’re always adapt a few hours every week dahlia quinonez guerrero originally from peru but now an italian citizen tells a typical story of working for the company that supplied housekeepers to hotels she says she was paid a fixed rate per room she would have had to clean three rooms and r2n a national minimum wage but to proved the maximum possible

Messantia lucio nada por que había dado tanto en el trabajo y que todo todo media de trabajo las prácticamente ld entero era prácticamente sora una casa para mi yeah no tenia vedas say ah no podía respirar no podía ver la luz del destino dentro de la veta co me senti muy solutio nada en este momento pero animo tiempo pen se que yo estoy un ser ma no tengo

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Derecho afferent a la situación y tengo oh contra romano although cleaning contractors mostly insist they try hard to be fair quite a lupus and dahlias experience is a common one among the thousands of foreign women working in the sector that reflects their very vulnerable positions according to the man who set strategy for labor enforcement in the uk there

Are a lot of cleaners that are supplied by agencies some of course will work in lots of different workplaces the workplaces are themselves often times small not always but often times small and many of the cleaners probably including the ones that you’ve spoken to are immigrants and potentially vulnerable they won’t know their rights and they probably don’t know

How to complain part of the answer according to lucilla grenada is for the workers who benefit from cleaners work to be aware of their predicament i think that the people that are working in these very nice buildings in the you know in the city and in these spaces that are really you look at them and they’re immaculate the have really good hr processes and great

Benefits they don’t realize that often in that those things places there there’s a different parallel workforce that is being exploited the outsource workers who will not benefit from those policies and there have been exploited i think that people don’t know that this is that common because it happens overnight or because it happens when they’re not around

So david sees it as vital that enforcement is taken more seriously in the uk’s labor market which is far more flexible than in continental european rivals you can only make sure that the flexible labor market works properly if you do enforce the minimum standards i mean flexible labor market may mean the vulnerable workers getting very badly treated well they

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Shouldn’t be and we’ve got to make sure that those people are properly protected and we have the resources the penalties the compliance to ensure that they get that they’re just rewards for the moment however most people involved believe labor inspectors have far too few resources to tackle the problem effectively that leaves the women themselves are some of

The most powerful voices for change an increasing number are organizing and protesting they hope that might finally mean london office workers can sit at their desks knowing that those who clean them did so enragement alamos que cambian la forma de del trabajo tenemos muy poco pora’s continuous donde north-north namita less traveled la vamos in el trabajo unit

Reporta que mas que ramos que hemos tratado como personas que tenemos una baja desilu por que somos hermanos

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Why office cleaners from Latin America and Spain face low pay and poor treatment in London By Financial Times

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