Why People Are Afraid of Failure

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Why are most people so scared of failure that is what we’re talking about today why are so so many people they’re so afraid to do anything like anything big-time try to achieve anything there’s some free to do anything outside of the norm why because they’re scared of failure but why are they really scared of that failure well you know what it comes down to a lot of

People care more about what other people think about them than what they care about themselves that that’s a huge if you guys and that is why most people are so paranoid of failure and don’t want to try anything because simply they care more about what their friends might think about them if they fail they care more about what their family members might think hear

More about what some person on the internet might say about them or how they might feel about them rather than how they feel about themselves and just if you just you guys if i look at if there’s one trait there’s one trait about myself that i wish i could think about you not caring about being judged by other people that’s like a huge guy it goes all the way back

To my practice when i always join the track team gcc and i would get last place in sprint’s i would get freaking dusted and i happen for most of the first year and i worked my ass off i worked my ass off i got better i got better and also i started dusting people and then also you know what happened everybody started respecting me everybody that wasn’t messing

With me before halls and they were like so cool with me guys that is how the world works when i started working a quick trip right i dropped out of college we’re going to convenience store get a convenient store most people would have never done that in a million years i would have said oh my gosh you like people are going to think i’m such a loser i’m going to

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Drop out of college to go work at a convenience store like you know if you work at a convenience store you’re supposedly to lose or whatever i went to work for a company named kwik trip qt started an overnight manager making $40,000 a year starting at age 20 guys so why it would have been labeled careful the numbers at benefit i’m making way more money than the

Majority people are there and then with my left quick turn my wife and i we were making well over six figures combined we were doing great in our careers at age 24 i mean most people could only dream of making six figures combined with their their significant other at that age like we were killing it and we left all that behind so i could go start a business so i

Could start a real estate business out here in las vegas guys most people would have said you’re an idiot you’re crazy for doing that i don’t give a whether people think i really don’t when i started my youtube channel and no one was watching and i release a video and it would get i don’t know twelve views in the first week i could have cared about well people

Are probably judging me people probably think i’m such a loser my friends my family members they probably think i’m such a loser for for you know trying to record videos i only get 12 views in the first week i didn’t care about that i kept grinding guys i release a video every single month called for stocks i’m buying now but knowing that those four stocks could

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Go down in the short term and people could be saying all kinds of nasty stuff to me oh you’re such you’re an idiot you bought such-and-such talking and went down ten percent this month twenty percent whatever i know that i don’t really give a i really just don’t care guys if there’s one trait i wish i could give every single person ever watched my channel don’t

Give a what other people think at the end of the day do what’s going to make you happy do what’s going to make you proud and try to go out in there and achieve it and the worst thing that can happen literally the worst is you fail help what matters that you tried in the end try to succeed you failed big deal you can succeed and be happier than you’ve ever been

Before still let more confidence and you’ve ever even dreamed to build them up build up more money than you ever dreamed up you don’t have any people are scared to start this building at it and people judging just insane while you’re such a loser prevalent at this no many people want to do this or do that there’s people are going to judge them and guess what a lot

Of your friend they don’t really want you to succeed deep down guys a lot of your so-called friends they don’t want you to succeed they really want to see you fail and that’s why you can kind of tell you know there’s a lot of fake love out there it’s like that drake song i got people showing me fake love to my face truth guys that is the god’s honest truth there’s

Going to be a lot of people showing you fake love for your boy or your girls you know you think they’re so cool with you and they want to see you succeed a lot of them just don’t you know why they don’t want to see you succeed because if you succeed then you know what happens they feel like a loser they’re the back of the pack they’re the ones that have no money

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To do this or do that with you they feel like they’re the bottom of the totem pole now so as long as as long as you’re just you know even with them or somewhere around even everything’s cool everything’s copacetic but if you go out there and you start killing it then everything’s not that cool anymore because nelson now you’re the one with all the money you’re the

One with this and with that and they often feel like they’re lower in their own lives because they’re still working out whatever job and you went out there and started a business and succeeded guys so just be aware of that and like i said i just wish i wish everybody could just feed off my energy and feed off of me not giving a what other people think and that’s

Why i’m wearing that’s just one of the reasons why i’m where i’m at and where i’m going where i’m going guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this today don’t don’t care what other people think care about what you think at the end of the day you want to go out and achieve something you want to go out in there and try give it your all and try your best guys that’s what i got to say

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Why People Are Afraid of Failure By Financial Education

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