Why QMALL token gave 40X, and interest in the exchange continues to grow fast? QMALL reviews

Why QMALL token gave 40X, and interest in the exchange continues to grow fast? QMALL reviews – RICH TV LIVE – February 23, 2022 – #qmall #review #richtvlive #metaverse #crypto #exchange #bitcoin #btc #trade

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your host rich from rich tv live at richpixdaily.com where you can go join the club and learn how to trade stocks streaming man and crypto currencies like bitcoin 24 hours

A day seven days a week and we brought you q mall first and could you believe the q mall token has taken off to the moon it’s true it’s been one of the top coins on coin market cap i’m about to show you the explosion of the q ball token q m a l l and the first crypto exchange going to be launched on q mall later this year let’s take a look so since

Opening trading on february 15th the qmol token has risen a lot they are the first metaphors exchange transparent reliable own the qmal exchange will launch it will launch its own metaverse before the end of this year and metaverse is one of the hottest fastest growing terms in the world so get to know qmol.io who happens to be ahead of the game check this

Out kumal’s token made it into the top five cryptocurrencies of the world in terms of price increase the most popular cryptocurrency price monitoring website coin market cap ranked qmol fifth in momentum placing it firmly into the gainer category 170 growth take a look at this there it is cumul was up 170 and at 26 cents but when we look at the price now we

Can actually see it’s even higher than that qmol is trading right around 60 cents guys it’s done extraordinarily well this is coin market cap and you can see they’ve been as high as a dollar 35 and if you’ve watched our previous videos we talked about qmol we told you guys they were going to be launching they’re trading and the qmal token has done extremely

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Well an absolute screamer and it is like i said the first cryptocurrency exchange in the metaverse focused on metaverse exclusively and trading over here you can see how they have their launch pad and their qmol token round two and the humanoid token you can see here on their website how you can sign up and verify if you’re having trouble registering or

Going through kyc we’ve prepared for you a video instruction on how to do it in five minutes all you have to do is watch the video and heed the advice in it the q mall is ready to become not just a meta exchange but also the number one launch pad meta the exchange has been and had three successful rounds of token sales including an ido under the blue zilla

Partnership and if you want to take a look at some of those token sales i mean it’s been unbelievable this is their twitter page i am following them 17 000 followers on twitter scroll down and you can see the official smart contracts and other influencers that are talking about qmol and making videos and they’re becoming more and more popular you can see here

That the first token sale round ended in just two minutes so you can view them on telegram i am part of their telegram and you can see that they sold out in the second round in 12 seconds the first one sold out in unbelievable two minutes and that was 20 million tokens second round in 12 seconds 5.3 million tokens were sold unbelievable you can see qmol

Uah right here and the q mall uah since the beginning of trading the token reached 35 uah was its highest currently right now you can see it’s trading at 1686. and this is their link it in so you can feel free to visit them on linkedin where they have 5 000 followers on linkedin so you can learn more about qmall love to know what you guys think if you like

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Button share it everywhere you can see here the security of the q mall 98 of customer funds are stored offline we use automatic ddos protection create daily backups and enable 2fa for all users utilizing modern trading tools whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out qmall offers advanced charting features to enable traders to visualize orders

Positions and price alerts and like i said i’ve been talking about crypto for years and i’ve brought on many different exchanges like binance like coinbase wonderfuy now this is just another platform but the cool thing is they’re going to be focused on the metaverse which is a new sector and new growing sectors excuse me especially with cryptocurrencies have

Done extremely well qmo launchpad platform for launching cryptocurrency projects also growing its launch pad and the token will be used in the metaverse nft marketplace nfts are just growing so fast so an nft marketplace a place for you to buy and sell and trade nfts is going to be massive to participate in launch pads which will give you even more opportunities

To earn rewards and earn more returns on your investment the token is also used to pay for exchange fees and various activities the meta universe will launch by the end of 2022 and there will also be a launch of its own decks and its own blockchain wow so these guys are going to be really busy guys unbelievable qmo launchpad platform for lunch and cryptocurrency

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Projects buy the digital assets of a project first and get the benefits of investing early qbox the process of storing funds in an exchange wallet on hold or supporting a blockchain network to receive a reward earn money without sacrificing your time just provide funds to support the network i send generate a unique identifier and send your coins to any user

Safely instantly no commission no confirmation so some really unique cool features that they are offering on qmall dot io you can download the application stay tuned with the latest charts and markets using our android and ios application can get it on google play or you could download it on the app store so you can find qmol everywhere and that’s what we

Like to do we like to identify projects that are early stages maybe undervalued unappreciated underexposed congratulations to anyone who got involved in qmall early when we did our first videos and you can see it’s done extremely well uh the coin has done extremely well and is still doing well for early investors congratulations to everybody and once again you

Can see that they made the top five cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of price increase on coin market cap and this is on coin market cap you can see the price how it’s gone up and if you go to one month you can see it’s done extremely well so brand new brand new project we brought it to you guys first if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching

We bring in the winners bring them to you first q mall another early stage project we brought you first that has done extremely well love to know what you guys think this is rich from merch to be live and i’m out you

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Why QMALL token gave 40X, and interest in the exchange continues to grow fast? QMALL reviews By RICH TV LIVE

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