Because this ain’t no dang jokers i hope everybody’s ready for a wild week in the market in this video here today we’re gonna go through exactly what’s going on in the market this week and uh everything we have going on and uh yeah i just want everybody to be prepared for what will be likely a pretty crazy week in the market so first things first we obviously

Have the russia situation to deal with right you’re seeing this as the main headline pretty much on all mainstream media out there about the russia situation right now this week’s really important because this is supposed to be this is supposed to be the week that if russia makes a move they’re suppose they’re supposed to make this move this week okay so uh if

The move doesn’t happen then i think the market will have some relief in that now the important thing to remember if russia does make a move in this scenario they don’t have to make it this week like it doesn’t have to they don’t have to do it this week they could they could drag this thing out for another week and another week and another week meanwhile energy

Prices could go up during that time they might not mind that necessarily and so when you what you got to understand is yes this is the big week this is the week that it’s supposed to go down if they do make a move but do keep in mind they could drag this out you know they could drag this out for weeks more maybe even another month or two um you know who’s to

Say they they don’t essentially right and so yeah this is this is supposed to be the big week though so we’ll see we’ll see you know i don’t have a prediction on if russia is going to make a move or not uh you know i think there’s a lot of reasons why they might not make a move but nonetheless uh you know we’re just gonna have to see about that okay but that’s a

Big deal for the market that’s that’s everywhere right now no we still have big earnings going on most of the mega caps have already reported but i can tell you there’s a lot of stocks reporting this week that these are market movers from the psych the the psychological side of the market essentially right a lot of these companies aren’t like you know a trillion

Dollar market caps like amazon and uh you know microsoft and apple and a lot of those big dogs that report the mega caps i call them but these companies are very important for the psychological side of the market and these can really dictate if the market’s um you know feeling bullish or really really bearish at a particular time because a lot of these companies are

What i call super high growth companies okay by the way make sure to subscribe the channel if you’re not already and we also have the massive v-day sale going on for the private stock group financial fortress right now that’s ending i think within like 24 hours or so so if you want to access that before it ends check out pin comment down there so when we start out

Here monday not nothing crazy going on monday it’s really tuesday through thursday where we got the the real drama in the market okay marriott i think it’s important to hear what they have to say about guidance for you know basically their hotels and how things are looking there as far as after the bell you have roblox reporting so roblox not a stock i personally

Own but i can tell you that’s a stock that a lot of um you know folks are in that are you know more growth investors let’s call them that okay and so when you have something like roblox reporting earnings that’s one of those stocks i’m talking about that is a big stock for the the psychology of the market and if this market’s going to move up or feeling you know

Bullish or not really essentially okay airbnb is important because this is obviously the ultimate travel play and you know we hear about mass mandates going away a lot of places we’re probably going to get all mass mandates to go away over the next couple months obviously very recently right verona numbers have dropped off a cliff so anything that they can give us

In regards to guidance very important you know who else is super important winning resorts winning resorts a very very important one there so when it comes to win i’m hearing a lot of rumors and things that china is going to potentially open up more and more over the next few months what happens with macau so macau if you didn’t know basically macau’s been almost

Closed for two years now essentially okay technically it’s been open but you know when you start looking into how difficult it is to try to even get into macau if you can get into macau and then trying to leave macau oh my gosh okay it’s a disaster so basically my cow’s kind of been closed for like two years and there’s uh you know a lot of talk that those uh all

These restrictions are moving away now and essentially macau can open back up for full there would be a boom for wins business if that happens and i mean a massive massive boom i’ve seen what’s played out in vegas when we open back up and i can see you know the activity in vegas and i can tell you macau will see something very similar to that and i would expect

That over the next 12 to 18 months the business just to ramp up massively in macau so very important what wynn has to say there and as far as the uh obviously they deal with vips they deal with uh high net worth individuals they deal with a lot of folks that have you know uh net worths of anywhere between hundreds of thousand dollars or millions of dollars or

Even billionaires and so whatever they have to say is going to be important at the end of the day okay then uh basically before the bell on wednesday shopify shopify if you want to talk about the ultimate stock and that is one of those growth stocks right that everybody looks at and says uh you know what’s the feeling of the market well shopify is right near a 52

Week low right now which explains the market psychology right now which is uh you know risk off don’t take any risk in any stocks and shopify is a higher growth company that’s the way everybody looks at it trade deaths same exact thing ttd a lot of folks view that one as another high growth company and so these are sorts of stocks that it’s not just important to


Kind of watch whatever the earnings are but i’m really really intrigued this earnings period to watch what happens with the stock prices and do we finally get some folks finally you know want to take some risk out there because we all know shopify is a beast we know this business model is amazing uh we know that shopify has growth for you know long into the future

Right but with that being said this is sort of market recently we’ve been in where the market says i don’t care about your future growth i don’t care that you’re going to be this and this and this i don’t care that someday you could be a trillion dollar company which shopify has a realistic possibility of being a trillion dollar company within the next decade the

Market doesn’t care about any of that right now and so i think just as important to watch the numbers is actually watch the stock price and what the reactions are to those two particular stocks but you know specifically shopify then after the bell you got big dog nvidia which is now you know a massive company right and so when it comes to nvidia this is another one

Of those very high growth companies that you’re going to want to hear numbers now obviously when i want to hear what’s going on with gpu cpus we’re going to want to hear what’s going on with the supply and demand out there we know demand is high but what’s going on with the supply of these chips or is it easing up a little bit because everybody’s looking at this

And essentially thinking about like you know all the chips that go into everything nvidia is a big player in the chip space we know that a massive player and even if you think about something like corsair gaming they’ve been kind of held back over the past year or so because the supply supply has been constrained so bad it’s hurt companies like corsair gaming in

A massive massive way and they’ve called this out so what do we hear from nvidia hopefully it’s getting a little better at least and hopefully it’s not getting worse okay metaport another one of those companies that a lot of folks uh you know like to play that are into higher growth plays applied materials a material company i think you know their their numbers

Should be strong you know based upon everything i see in the overall economy uh quantum escape another one of those uh you know higher risk plays a lot of people are playing fastly same exact thing okay so when you’re looking at a lot of these stocks these are the stocks that really make or break the market in terms of the larger cap stocks that are seen as the

Higher growth companies you want to talk about another one of those perfect stocks in that category look no further than palantir yes good old pltr so when it comes to palantir this is uh uh you know a stock has been heavily beaten down i think recently he’s trading for 12 13 dollars a share palantir has got a beautiful future in front of it at the cross section of

Artificial intelligence and data and if you’re a company especially a big company i think you have to consider using palantir’s products and they’re probably going to make you a lot more money than uh you know you spend on the palantir product at the end of the day and so when it comes to palantir it’s got an exciting opportunity but nonetheless companies people

Don’t care about right now now the good news is is with palantir they should be profitable but you know guess what same thing with shopify shopify should be very very profitable this year but the problem is with these companies is they’re lower profit companies and so even lower profit companies have been cast to the side this year right where people are like ah

I don’t even care even if they are profit you know a lot of there’s been like a a false uh narrative put out there in the market that the only way your stock price has gone down recently is if you’re an unprofitable company uh that’s cap okay big big lie there no uh you look at a lot of these companies that are profitable companies they’ve been destroyed as well

Okay and so that’s the situation with something like a palantir they’re expected to be profitable this year but you know no one wants that stock right now and does that turn around so i think there’s another one that’s very important to watch not just the numbers but also the stock price and the reaction there you have walmart reporting thursday walmart’s just a

Big big beast not big growth when it comes to walmart i think it’s actually important to to listen to the walmart call or pay attention those walmart numbers mainly from the standpoint of hearing what they have to say about inflation and you know if you’re talking about a company that sells everything uh outside of amazon it’s walmart and so if inflation’s out of

Control which we know it is uh walmart is going to have certain comments to make about that or there are certain i can almost guarantee you analysts are going to ask questions about their certain segments they’re seeing more inflation um how are those those cost increases being passed along to consumers it being well received or is it the kind of pushback and so i

Think it’s going to be very important to list those walmart walmart earnings and hear what they have to say and if you’re talking about a company that deals with you know everybody out there that’s walmart fiverr another one of these high growth companies that everybody looks at you know like hmm i don’t know if i want to own fiverr right now right uh other than

That not really too much before the bell thursday after the belt roku would definitely fit this category dropbox stock i personally own i love d-box dbx dropbox is a growth company but they’re not this type of growth company they’re not they’re not like an nvidia they’re not like a trade desk they’re not like a shopify dropbox is a solid growth company that’s a


Profit machine a cash flow machine i’m expecting good strong earnings out of dropbox they’re more of a needs-based service and uh so yeah i’m expecting nothing but good numbers there you have shake shack reporting not too interesting to me and then friday you have another one of those stocks that a lot of folks like to take risk in uh draftkings so draftking’s going

To be an important one to see what the reaction is there and then john deere i think john deere is always one of those companies just watching and hear what they have to say about their business not as important as caterpillar because caterpillar is uh you know huge in the construction segment john deere is getting big in the construction segment and they made a

Big move a few years ago for a company that’s big in that space but you’re going to be able to get some gauges on on what’s going on the overall economy from that company but much more so from from caterpillar okay so nonetheless this is a very big week for earnings and specifically with a lot of these companies that um you know you can really get a gauge of where

The market’s at and how much risk the market wants to take or not take it in the market at a particular time so yeah it’s going to be a big one for earnings and there’s more companies than that reporting that’s just kind of the big ones there okay fear and greed index so fear and greed index recently has been uh obviously you know on the fearful side we’re not in

Extreme fear right now but i can tell you the vibes of the market are giving extreme fear the the market indicator by you know cnn business says only fear but i can tell you the vibes i’ve been feeling out there is is extreme fear i’ve seen nothing but people saying you know i’m going all the cash recently over the past few weeks um i’m short in the market i’m

Buying puts things like that i’ve seen so much of that activity out there right now i’ve seen people that are on the sidelines saying i don’t want to buy yet because of done there’s this going on then let’s be honest there’s a lot going on right now you got inflation you got uh you know inflation’s been going crazy you obviously had the fed and you know wall street

Every other day is coming out with all those seven rate hikes eight you know nine ten they keep they keep raising the numbers as far as that goes so you have that fear you have the russia situation so many different things to be fearful of in this market right now and when stock prices are going down it adds to this fear some of this fear could usually be brushed

Off if the market’s doing well but the fear gets extra fear when the market’s going down at the same exact time right and so i’ll be keeping track of the fear and greed index this week and kind of seeing what happens there okay now when it comes to few stocks these are this is big to watch a few stocks this week first one is meta platform so does meta bottom this

Week this stock’s been in basically free fall for the last couple weeks here and if you’re talking about a company that really really matters to the market it’s meta i mean this is a even after this massive drop the stock fell off a cliff right this stock’s still almost a 600 billion market cap and so if this stock continues to be in free fall it’s going to cause

More scare in the market more panic in the market because folks have looked at meta right meta is seen as one of the safest stocks in the market right that is the view of meta one of the safest you know you can make an argument that apple’s safer and microsoft safer and google safer but of the stocks in the stock market there’s a top ten like what people would usually

View as you know one of the safest stocks in the market right but when it comes to meta the stock’s falling off a cliff so that’s made a lot of people uneasy like wow if meta fell like that who’s to say you know next couldn’t be apple if they reported some troubling numbers apple and microsoft made it through because their numbers were amazing and specifically

Apples the numbers were incredible so you couldn’t push that stock down but a lot of folks look at this one they’re like man if that happened to meta who’s to say it can’t happen in my stock next so i think this is very important just kind of keep an eye on this one and see is this a week that meta finally bottoms if it is that that’s that’s good that’s a good

Sign in the market let’s just put it that way okay if it doesn’t i mean this baby just keeps smashing through 52 week low oh i mean you know it’s just going to cause more fear and more panic in this sort of market right paypal another one of those stocks to watch this week is this a week paypal bottoms this one’s been in complete freefall and this one’s trading now

You know to ranges it was trading at several years ago i mean you know you can go back to 2019 and find it trading in these sorts of ranges and we’re in 2022 now so and you think about all the progress paypal’s made on the revenue side of their business and the net income side of their business expansion of their business and this is one of those stocks it’s the

Biggest of the big fintech companies right it doesn’t get any bigger than paypal and so when it comes to paypal there’s not going to be any comfort in any of the fintech space intel paypal bottoms when there’s baby bottoms then people will feel comfortable with taking some risks but until this one bottoms people are going to say no i don’t want anything to do with

Fintech right now because look at paypal new 52-week low after new 52-week low new multi-year low after new multi-year low that’s more important than the 52-week low the fact is paypal is hitting new multi-year low after multi-year low and that’s incredible because this company has done nothing but put up amazing numbers for the past several years and here they

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Are trading at a multi-year low so obviously this is one i’m buying right now and i’m going to continue to buy this talk if it continues to go down i think it’s uh you know if you’re looking for a large cap stock um you know yeah i don’t think there’s there’s uh many that you’re gonna find more interesting than this one so yeah does paypal bottom this week big big

Question shopify same exact thing this stock has been a complete free fall they have earnings this week now if i had a guess i would think shopify will go up on the earnings rather than down but if this one continues to go down and bust through a new 52-week low this one next thing you know this stock could be trading at a multi-year low as well right it already

Is kind of basically trading at the lowest it’s traded since 2020 but i mean could this one go down to 2019 ranges that would be just silly when you think about all the progress that’s happened in shopify’s business over the past few years that would just be ridiculous okay and you think about how much of a game-changing company this is it’d be absolutely silly

For this company to trade anywhere is down to 500 400 something like that but you know never put it past the sort of market you know when you have everybody just ultra fearful and people not want to take any risk they start to look at this and they’re like why do i have to own shopify you know it’s it’s uh you know it’s it’s uh the p looks low but then you look

At the four p and it looks high and then you look at the price of sales ratio looks high and so people are like why do i have to own this stock look at the one-year price target analysts have there’s like a million analysts that cover the stock and the average consensus for the one year price target for the stock is over two thousand dollars a share the stock’s

854 dollars here which basically analysts are saying this stock is going to more than double up over the next 12 months right doesn’t mean it’s going to happen but that’s just quite interesting and especially when you have a stock like this that’s this popular that’s a 100 plus billion dollar market cap and analysts are basically selling saying this one’s going

To well over double up over the next 12 months now the problem with shopify is a lot of these analysts are kind of looking like fools in the short term because the stock’s been going down right and so next thing you know all of a sudden you could end up in a situation where those one-year price targets start dropping and dropping and use shopify kind of gets in

This downgrade cycle from a price perspective and then wall street continues to put selling pressure on it you know i think it gets a little bit silly but uh you know don’t put it past this sort of market if they can drop fake if they can drop meta the way they drop meta you know who’s to say they can’t drop uh you know shop to a new 52 week low or something

Like that so big week for if shopify actually finally bottoms here okay now next thing and to watch this week this is one i was watching obviously last week so if you didn’t notice the russell outperformed the indexes pretty much every single day this past week meaning if the markets were up the russell was outperforming to the upside if the market was down the

Russell was going down less than a lot of the other indexes specifically the nasdaq okay and you look at friday perfect example of this the russell was down one point zero two percent meanwhile nasdaq was down almost three percent dow was down one point four percent s p 500 was down one point nine percent so can we get two weeks in a row where the russell contin

You know just almost every single day outperforms these other indexes i can tell you if that happens two weeks in a row that’s not by accident that would be a situation where you know the market’s in sort of a bottoming out process because what happens essentially is that you know when you get the downside momentum in the market the russell’s going to lead you

There and it’s going to you know do way worse in the market and it’s not going to go up nearly as much as the market goes up if we’re in a downtrend cycle right if we’re in a bottoming out process the russell starts to outperform the other indexes it starts to uh you know on down days it goes down less than the other indexes and on updates it goes up more than the

Other indexes so i think that you know kind of watching what’s going on with the russell this week if we get two weeks of the same exact pricing action um you know i don’t want to say you know small caps are out of the woods necessarily or it’s all clear from here but that would be a very very good sign because like i said if it happens two weeks in a row it’s not

By accident there’s there’s changes in the market happening uh on the underlying fundamentals that are going on where where you know folks are saying you know what now’s the time to start getting in russell’s and we know you know small caps s p 600 small caps have been trading the cheapest they have at a sustained time for basically over a decade now that’s not

Sustainable right so the flip has to end up happening okay so i hope you guys enjoyed this as always get ready for a crazy week in the market once again that massive deal we have going on for v-day for the for the financial fortress and the private stock group that’s ending here soon so if you want to take advantage of that before it ends take advantage also make

Sure to subscribe the channel if you want some free stocks from moomoo uh you can get some free stocks out of that as a pin comment as well down there they’re doing a deal right now with a link i have in the description i also have as a pin comment get five free stocks value of 3 500 each so pretty cool deal why they still got it much love and have a great day

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