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Yep tesla stock is going to 3 000 a share it is midnight right now and i was just working out some numbers and all i could think is i’ve got to record a video about this tesla stock is going to be 3 000 plus dollars i want to break down all the numbers for you guys here that i have been working on okay and i’m going to share some unbelievable numbers with you and

Then i’m going to get into a part that is really scary about this really really scary about after we get through these numbers guys it’s unbelievable okay so first off this is just looking at us vehicle sales in total okay new vehicle sales per year in the us is around 16 17 million new vehicle sales per year all right now that number has peaked it peaked in 2016

And it’s likely to continue to go down why is this we got more people working at home so we have less people needing multiple vehicles we also have uber lyft a lot of drive sharing services things like that that have changed the way people commute around so the importance of a car or a vehicle in general is going to slightly go down over time and i expect this

To continue to go down for probably the next decade until we get to a level number all right so right now the way i see it is in five years we’ll be at somewhere around 15 million vehicles sold per year around 15 million vehicles sold per year all right um and that’s assuming we’re not in some massive recession five years from now just in a decent economy we

Should be doing around 15 million vehicles a year all right so the way i see this is i see tesla having around a million vehicle sales in five years from now out of that 15 million why is this model 3 will continue to ramp they may also have a future a car of some kind maybe a 25 000 or 30 000 electric car something even smaller that maybe can fit people that

Really are looking for super budget something super small they’re going to likely have model y in full scale which is in my opinion probably going to be their top selling suv out there they’re going to likely have a pickup truck out there so in my opinion in five years a million sales per year in the united states of america is going to be pretty easy for tesla

The way they have branded why is this why is this tesla has no competition literally tesla has no competition like i like like it is amazed me how they have no competition out there who can you say is a real threat to tesla name one company ford give me a break what are they doing they haven’t done anything general motors are you kidding me what have they done

Their vehicle sales are awful compare them to what tesla’s doing and it’s not even on the same level of playing field okay you want to compare them to the uh let’s say the german the german auto manufacturers out there bmw mercedes audi oh they’re coming they’re coming all these big guys are coming right that’s what we keep hearing right where are they where are

They with their electric vehicles and then some people say well they don’t want to come out with them yet just because they don’t make money for them yet right well that’s an invalid argument because here’s what we know we know model 3 is outselling any of the german manufacturers out there by a large margin and it’s not even remotely close look at their sales

Versus bmw in august look at their sales versus mercedes in august porsche it doesn’t matter who you want to compete them against they are absolutely dominating them okay not just an electric versus electric because most of those guys don’t even have electric vehicles we’re talking electric versus ice vehicles right now electric vehicles versus ice vehicles in

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Tesla is is on a whole other playing field so when i look at this and then i look at the startup space what’s going on with electric car companies in the startup space i see no threats at all as of right now there’s there’s they’re non-existent and i look out here and i say the big guys are joke the big guys are a joke i don’t care who you want to point at they’re

All a joke there they have no chance that tesla has a massive lead over these guys and the lead is getting bigger and bigger and bigger by each week that goes by each month that goes by each year that goes by tesla lead gets bigger and bigger and compounded if you understand the way compounding works you can understand that when somebody gets a big lead and they

Keep that lead it keeps expanding at a faster and faster rate until the snowball keeps going going it’s no different than why amazon is so far out in front of everybody right now okay the the level of expansion with the company is unbelievable so a million vehicle sales in the us i think is going to be pretty easy for them to pull off in five years from now all

Right so a million vehicle sales in the united states i think the average selling price of their vehicles will be around fifty thousand why because some will be obviously a lower end you know model threes or maybe some type of model two or something like that that comes down the road that’s maybe a twenty five or thirty thousand dollar car but then you’re gonna

Also have the people that have the hundred thousand plus dollar suvs you’re gonna have people that have the roadsters uh pickup trucks that maybe go into 50 60 70 000 range so in my opinion somewhere around 50 000 will be the average selling price times that out by a million sales per year in the us we’re looking at 50 billion dollars in revenue from the united

States of america within five years all right 50 billion dollars in sales just from the united states of america all right that’s five years from now now in 10 years the way i see it is i see us having around 10 million new vehicle sales per year all right for the the reasons already mentioned and i think this will kind of be the number we bought them out at and i

Think that’s kind of where we’ll stay long-term there’s probably be that that number of people out there that feel like they need to get a new vehicle each year and that’s just kind of where we’ll be at okay in 10 years so the way i think about this is i think tesla within 10 years is going to have a 50 market share of total vehicle sales in the united states of

America i think their market share is going to be comparable to apple out there all right i think the though the rest of everybody else whoever is startups coming down the road and whatever old dogs are left and haven’t already been gone bankrupt and by the way a lot of the old dogs will be bought out by each other so what you’ll start to see over the next five

To ten years in the in the automobile space you’ll see a lot of big companies buying other smaller auto manufacturers and kind of bulking them together and trying to do whatever they can to you know fund resources together to try to battle off tesla right and it’s pretty much everybody in the auto industry against tesla right now because they’re the ones that are

Going to be taking all the market share so the way i see it is i see a tesla doing around the half the market share so that’s around 5 million vehicles per year within 10 years in the united states of america i think average selling prices by that time will be at around 70 000 why because everything gets more expensive as we go through time i remember being a kid

And a new if you want to get a new cheap car you know a cheap car you know uh entry-level automobile let’s put it that way you could get something for around eight maybe nine thousand dollars now honestly a cheap car is anything under twenty thousand dollars all right and it’s not even like i’m that old okay my 29th birthday’s coming up here soon all right so i

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Have seen nothing but inflation inflation inflation and the dollar becomes less and less over time vehicles you know pricing goes up and up especially as new features come on seventy thousands of where i figured it would be five million sales per year that’s 350 billion dollars in revenue per year just from united states automobile sales now this is not even the

Scariest part of the valuation of tesla and why this will be a three thousand plus dollar stock okay now i want to get into why why this is just the the start of where things are going okay let’s get into part two already guys if that was not enough to give a massive bullish case for tesla and why tesla’s gonna be three thousand plus dollars per share let’s look

At some more factors okay so as we spoke about i expect them to be able to do 350 billion dollars in vehicle sales 10 years from now just for the united states all right keep that in mind but here’s the thing what about china what about europe what about latin america what about india we know they have a massive growing economy and 1.2 billion people there right

We know china is all about electric vehicles going forward we know tesla is going to be opening a factory there in shanghai within the next few years what about all these markets if they can get 350 billion dollars just from a market that has a little over 300 million people imagine what they can get from china europe latin america and india and some of those

Massive markets combined over the next 10 years you gotta run numbers here and assume they can if they can do 350 billion in the us alone they should at least be able to do 350 billion from all those other massive amount of countries okay so if we look at this this puts tesla in a situation where this could be a company bringing in 700 billion dollars plus in

Revenue in 10 years from now and these numbers start to get ridiculous and you just start to figure out how unbelievably uh you know uh massive this company will really be in the future all right now also this doesn’t take into effect anything that they’re doing on the solar side electric storage any of that that’s another massive part of tesla’s business in the

Future right now it’s totally thrown off to the side why because tesla has a lot bigger things to focus on model three is ramping this is their first vehicle that they’ve had a really launch in a massive way their their full focus is around that right now okay and then their next focus is around model y and their shanghai factory and getting that open hopefully

Within next few years and built and whatnot that’s where their focus is all right now and that’s where the focus should be but over the over time they’re going to have in a way and you know plenty of resources around they’re going to have plenty of money around to throw into their solar business and their electric storage business which has massive potential going

Forward okay solar roofs the ability to have energy in your garage and not have to get it from the grid and things like that maybe even sell back to electric companies all that type of stuff is a massive opportunity when you look out over the next decade how much that is worth i don’t even want to quantify the numbers because that’s two that’s too distant as of

Right now but a lot of people feel like this could be a 100 billion plus dollar revenue type business in 10 years from now okay i don’t want to throw any numbers around there just imagine what it can be then also do you think they’re going to stop at doing this do you think they’re just going to come out with some some vehicles they’re going to come out with model

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They’ve come out with model 3 they come out with model y they come out with the pickup truck the roadster they’ve already announced and whatnot a semi truck and do you think that’s that’s going to be it for them they’re just going to have some solar roofs in those products no as with all big companies they find the next product to go into and the next service

To disrupt all those type of things you know the thing about apple think about apple 10 years ago it was a lo it was a much different company than the apple today right iphones were just starting out it was really seen as still as a computer company back then the ipad hadn’t even been invented yet or at least not shown off or anything like that they didn’t have

Anything like an apple watch or they weren’t in the headphone business they didn’t have this massive services business like like apple 10 years ago was a massively different business than apple in 2018 okay they’re not even on the same level so the way i see this if you think tesla is just going to be content with coming out with some vehicles and doing that and

Some some storage products for electricity and whatnot no this this company is going to continue to push for new products services in in you know adjacent industries and things you never even thought possible before so when i look at tesla i see a company that is going to be unbelievably big in the future unbelievably big one of the biggest companies literally

In the entire world if not the biggest company in the entire world in terms of revenue in the future i think when i look out really at revenue in the future we’ll have you know a profitability is another segment we could talk about you know because google will be there facebook will be there apple will be there in profitability but if we’re talking about revenue

Numbers in in the long term it could honestly be a game between tesla and amazon in terms of overall revenue numbers so when i look at tesla this will easily be a 3000 plus dollar stock as long as they can get through the short term stuff they’re going through and make it out to the other side there’s nothing but upside for this company because they honestly have

Virtually no competition like like name one competitor that you think is a serious competitor against them no one okay no one’s doing numbers no one’s doing numbers on the electric side like tesla’s doing or anything remotely close no one’s proven any great products out there that have tons of people excited no one has anything like that okay and uh the worst

Part is the these these other auto manufacturers they’re getting further and further behind each day each week each month and each year and tesla’s advantage is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger so when i look at this it’s a it’s a fun fun company when you look out into the future and what this company can be so i want to know your guys

Opinion on tesla down there in the comments section do you think i’m a crazy man and tesla is never going to be a 3 000 plus dollar stock do you think i’m crazy about these numbers do you think i’m right on do you think maybe some of my estimates are low i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section i’m sure there are a lot of opinions out there i

Love to read them guys anyways if you love keeping up with stock market news make sure you follow me on instagram thank you for watching and have a great day

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