Why Tesla Stock Is Up Big After Hours! Elon Musk SHOCKS SHORTS!

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Well great days subscribers hope you guys having a great day out there as always oh my goodness tufts of stock is going beast mode after hours i want to get into exactly why the stock is up huge after hours all right let’s address the elephant the room what is with the hat i took it from a tesla short-sellers mom okay let’s start getting into those guys so tesla

Stock after hours is up about seven and a half percent okay up nearly $17 per share after hours so just making a big big move after hours now keep in mind the past month has treated tesla stock very well okay if you go back a month ago today the stock was you know $179 hundred eighty dollars a share and as of after-hours trading is trading over two hundred and forty

Dollars a share so it’s essentially a $60 per share difference in a matter of a month okay so neither say like things have turned very very positive in relation to tesla now i had you guys know i’ve been buying a lot of tesla shares recently some people are saying i’m a genius for doing that some people are saying i was an idiot for doing that though opinions seem

To be very strong on each side when it comes to tesla okay but i did what i had to do okay now why is a stock up huge after hours well tesla q to 2019 vehicle production and deliveries just came out on the tesla website the company said in the second quarter we achieved record production of 87,000 48 vehicles and record deliveries of approximately 95 thousand two

Hundred vehicles in addition we made significant progress streamlining our global logistics and delivery operations at higher volumes enabling cost efficiencies and improvements to our working capital position so now just reading that small little paragraph guys there are three pieces of huge very bullish news okay the first was obviously the production numbers

Of 87,000 the delivery numbers of 95,000 that is great news off the bat okay that’s the first piece of phenomenal news okay the second piece of phenomenal news if you are a test so long as they talk about enabling cost efficiencies this is very very important for tesla to achieve profitability not only in the short term but on a longer-term basis the company just

Has to get more fish in relation of building vehicles delivering vehicles everything across the board okay tesla’s starting to do big massive revenue numbers okay they’re starting to crazy revenue numbers but the companies eventually has to get to a place where they’re actually making money on the bottom line so they don’t have to just like keep raising capital

All the time okay and if we look at you know something like enabling cost efficiencies that’s phenomenal news and the third thing is they talk about improvements to our working capital position that’s phenomenal news from a balance sheet perspective so many of the bears that said all my gosh tesla’s gonna go bankrupt blah blah blah they can’t ever make a profit

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Over the company and not only that look at their balance sheet they took out more debt and they only have so much cash on the balance sheet and things like that okay so so much negativity in relation to the balance sheet and when you hear something like they’re fixing their working capital position that is a phenomenal know so three great pieces of news for tesla

Long’s all in a very small paragraph okay if we look at the numbers more into depth here we’re gonna see model s and maul axles with our higher priced vehicles right the car and suv production came in around fourteen thousand five hundred and seventeen for those in deliveries for those came in at around seventeen thousand six hundred and fifty and if i look at the

Model three the car that’s really driving the business okay no pun intended production for that came in a seventy two thousand five hundred and thirty one units in deliveries came in a 77550 so some absolutely huge numbers from the model three and end by the way mullis and molex they’re still holding up very well those are still two of the best selling electric

Vehicles in all of the world and keep in mind those are very expensive vehicles the model s and model x okay now so total numbers eighty-seven thousand forty eight as far as production in ninety five thousand two hundred in terms of deliveries for the quarter so now they’re getting to a place where they’re getting close to like a hundred thousand plus vehicles

Delivered and a quarter okay so these numbers are starting to get really really big not just for tesla but for any auto manufacturer out there these numbers are getting really high and then when you keep in mind all they produce is electric vehicles my goodness guys these numbers are crazy and then on top of that and keep in mind the model three friends since a

Lot of places in the world you still can’t even order the vehicle and then if you do order the vehicle it takes a long time to get it okay so needless to say these numbers are starting to get very big and very exciting tesla said orders generated during the quarter exceeded our deliveries that has more good news okay you always want to see more orders than what

You can basically deliver in a particular quarter so that’s great news thus we are entering q3 with an increase in our order backlog more phenomenal news there we believe we are well positioned to continue growing total production in deliveries in q3 another very small pair of craft there but some phenomenal news the fact that the company orders are exceeding what

Delivery numbers are that is phenomenal news and then obviously that last sentence there we believe we are well positioned to continue growing total production and deliveries in q3 so anybody that’s gonna say old demands was gonna drop through the floor on this upcoming quarter how can you say that when the company’s saying that’s not gonna happen okay very positive

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News there now here tesla says our net income in cash flow results will be announced along with the rest of the financial performance when we announced q2 earnings by the way i think those will probably be out in roughly like three or four weeks look for those earnings and as always we’ll cover those on the channel our delivery count should be viewed as slightly

Conservative as we only count a car as delivered if it is transferred to the customer in all paperwork is correct and i think honestly that’s the best way to be like count a delivery number like do it the official way like tesla does it’s phenomenal tesla says we count a produced but undelivered vehicle to be in transit if the related customer has placed an order

Or paid the full purchase price for such a vehicle final numbers could vary by up to 0.5% or more tesla vehicle deliveries represent only one measure of the company’s financial performance and should not be relied on as an indicator of quarterly financial results which depend on a variety of factors including the cost of sales foreign exchange movements and a mix

Of directly leased vehicles which could pretty much be said for every company out there okay and here we are with tesla coming out with these amazing results okay in production numbers delivery numbers blowing away what even a lot of us bulls thought they would do okay and this just shows you how much the media and how much these analysts can get the answer to

The question wrong okay i’ve made fun of these people so many times in the past even a few weeks ago and goldman sachs was like on tesla’s going $158 they have demand problems there’s no demand for tesla’s and blah blah blah and we heard that from person after person on wall street tesla has no demand they have demand issues tesla stock plunges as delivery drop

Deepens the main concerns and we just heard this time and time again and then you get these numbers tesla post and everybody says whoa even if you’re bearish on the stock you have to look at these numbers and like oh my goodness these numbers are starting to get crazy okay and let’s keep in mind two very important things that are coming over the next year okay

The tesla shanghai factory is only about three to six months away from starting production and there’s just going to be a huge thing for the company when that test the shanghai factory opens it’s gonna be a massive game-changer for tests in my opinion in terms of the amount of orders for tesla especially in relation to the model 3 and how profitably the company

Will be able to produce those cars out of china like that is just a game changer for tests ok it’s keep in mind a lot of folks that probably live in china aren’t even order in the cars right now because they know three to six months they can order it from the shanghai factory and it’s going to be five thousand dollars less ten thousand dollars less big difference

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In price so that’s phenomenal news for tesla and china and once again that’s only three to six months away and then you have tesla model y which should go into some production within the next nine to twelve months and you look at those two factors and you’re like what do these tesla numbers going to be in 2020 because you’re looking at 2019 numbers that are going

To be very strong like we’ll have to see where obviously it all shakes out tesla could produce somewhere around 400,000 maybe even more than 400,000 vehicles this year imagine what they can do in 2020 when the company is up to full production in the shanghai giga factory in china and the company is producing model y imagine the type of numbers that are gonna be

Put up in 2020 guys so needless to say the short sellers have a lot to be worried about right now and the tesla long’s that we have believed in the company and we believed that there is a lot of demand for tesla’s like every day i drive around and every day i’m seeing more and more tesla’s on the road they sometimes i think these wall street folks need to get out

Of their office once in a while and just go like look around the real world like you’ve seen more and more tesla cars out there each day each tesla car that gets out there they get told some friends and a family hey come check this out it’s such a great car and then those folks go and buy it and it’s like a repetitive cycle that produces more and more orders more

And more deliveries and things like that and so the numbers just get bigger and bigger now imagine when the chinese factory is gonna be up and running guys so needless to say from a test along perspective it’s even better than i thought here in the short term i didn’t know they were gonna hit these type of numbers i thought numbers were going to be good i thought

The man was gonna be good this is more like great demand is great production is great right now for tesla so very thrilled anybody is saying oh demands gonna drop off next quarter it doesn’t really look like it and the company saying things like order backlogs increasing and things like that guy so neither the same make sure you smash the thumbs up button if you

Enjoyed today’s video and let me know your opinion down there in that comment section as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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