Tesla stock price just went insane. I will explain the reasons why. Elon Musk net worth just went beast mode.

Oh holy smokers folks this ain’t no dang jokers tesla my is making a massive move you might have seen it here today in this video we’re getting into two reasons i i would call them minor reasons why this stock’s up so big and two reasons that are major reasons on why this stock is making such an insane move here today another eight percent move just out of nowhere

For tesla stock here today just a tremendous day and tesla’s been uh starting to kind of go on a little run here recently once again if i look at my watch or not my watch list but this is actually my my list of stocks i have money in at the moment and uh we go through that like tesla’s my second best stock here today only behind the planet only behind the planet

Here today so it’s having a tremendous day so yeah i thought let’s just get into why uh you know tesla’s making such an epic run now the two minor reasons all right i’m gonna go over the two minor reasons first and we’ll get into the two major reasons why the stock is up big now this you would think is the major reason that tussle’s up big but this is not actually

A major reason this is a minor reason tesla’s having a great day once again here today so tesla just opened their gigafactory near berlin it’s first in europe this is a massive deal but everybody knows about this like this isn’t like some type of like whoa this really just happened or something like let’s all go buy the stock like everybody knew uh you know berlin

Gigafactory has been in the works for quite a while now and we all knew what this was going to open essentially everybody on wall street knew this so elon musk being there and having the event and dancing around stuff that’s fun and that’s great right look at this electric car manufacturer tesla opened its first european factory tuesday on the outskirts of berlin

In an effort to challenge german automakers on their home turf wait a minute i don’t think that’s uh you know it’s just funny that kind of the way uh the press likes to write these things in an effort to challenge german automakers no not really okay it’s just tesla has a lot of customers that want to buy electric vehicles over there like uh that’s why they’re

Doing it not to challenge german automakers like oh let’s challenge you guys to do a game of who sells more cars that’s not how it works but whatever now this is big okay this is big the company says this new gigafactory will employ 12 000 people and produce 500 000 vehicles a year why is that so big well you know if we just go back a year or two ago tesla wasn’t

Even making uh 500 000 vehicles in an entire year so the fact that they’re going to have a european gigafactory now it’s going to be able to produce 500 000 vehicles a year once it’s fully ramped up and running is massive and also do keep in mind they’re going to be able to ramp at this factory you know much more quickly much more rapidly than any of their past

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Giga factories as well because they’ve been doing this now and so when you’re somebody like a tesla right and you you you’ve been doing this uh you know several times now and you’ve ramped several factories you just get better and better and better at it and so this is something good the german chancellor was there as well i guess they all did a little dance which

Is kind of funny he later posted a comment uh on twitter this was elon musk thanking uh obviously germany the german economy minister robert habakk said the opening of the factory was a nice symbol that gasoline-powered cars can be replaced with electric vehicles at a time when germany and other european nations are trying to reduce their greenhouse gases yeah

If you didn’t know that’s a whole dramatic situation so this is obviously big for europe but but this is even bigger for tesla in my personal opinion so yeah i think it’s just one of many one of many gigafactories that will be built in europe over time and who knows maybe even they expand this gigafactory over time that’s what they’re doing in shanghai right now

With the shanghai gigafactory they built that and next thing i don’t know also they’re they’re they’re expanding and expanding that maybe that happens here as well okay so that’s good news but that’s once again that’s kind of a minor reason why the stock is up big it’s cool and it got a bunch of press releases and things like that today but everybody knows that

Okay the other minor reason is tesla just got you know so much free publicity i can’t even explain it i would i think it was sunday morning i woke up right and i woke up to at least like four people and sent me texts of this uh viral video essentially where somebody i guess was i think it was saturday night uh somebody in in tesla like he went over this jump in

La and just the car went flying and it totally got busted up and it was just it was ridiculous okay and if you’ve seen the video you know what i’m talking about and so the amount of free publicity and advertising tesla’s just got is is insane and it was interesting because you know it’s some people send me that and you know some people try to say oh you know look

At people are ridiculous i drive teslas or whatever and it’s like dude if like you know hundreds of thousands or millions of people have teslas right like somebody’s gonna do something stupid but here’s the thing that car was rented it wasn’t even an actual tesla owner that flew it over this jump essentially and to crash the car and it was like a whole like a hit

And run type situation and it crashed into a bunch of other stuff but this wasn’t even like literally it wasn’t even a tesla owner it was somebody that rented a car but nonetheless this went viral over the internet you probably have seen it before and uh this is just crazy free publicity out of nowhere and the funny the funny thing about that is it’s like people

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Do stupid stuff in cars every day like like just most ridiculous stuff you’ve ever seen whether it be like crazy speeding or some situation like this but once again it has a tesla involved and also it’s like oh my gosh it’s like the world’s biggest news right and uh but at the end of the day it’s just crazy free publicity for tesla right now let’s get into the main

Reasons uh why tesla stocks up so much so you know this was posted on on tesla just the other day here essentially so if you didn’t hear elon’s supposed to announce you know this master plan three right and elon responded this recently he said maine tesla subjects will be scaling to extreme size which is needed to shift humanity away from fossil fuels and ai okay

That’s interesting uh switch away from ai says the guy who wants to plant a chip in our brain all right elon musk but also it will also include sections about spacex tesla and the boring company okay so i thought um this the reason this is so important okay is not because of any of the necessarily the fundamentals of in in there i mean we all know tesla’s going

To expand the extreme size and those sorts of things what is is important in this this whole master plan three is this is another uh sentiment changer for the stock okay and for the stock price and a a kind of another hype cycle for for tesla stock to kind of go on now this what’s going to happen in this master plan three is going to be announced by elon musk here

Okay uh luke’s been on fire with some great posts in the private stock group recently and he posted this and i love this post right and it’s like over days over you know weeks months years and decades and essentially you know in the very short term over days and weeks sentiments would drive stocks and even over months it’s kind of like a half half right sentiment

Is what drives a stock right and so if you talk about something like elon musk this master plan three right it’s hype it’s excitement that’s what we call sentiment change right where people are like oh this is exciting something’s happening here i got to play i got to get in tesla stock i got to play this stock right whereas you know the fundamentals matter much

Less you know earnings you could change that out with just fundamentals in general right over time tesla stock is judged on fundamentals right but in the short term when you it goes through these kind of you know insane cycles it’s really being driven by sentiment by exciting by excitement by uh trading volumes by trading activity by people saying you know i got to

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Get in the stock so with this master plan 3 it’s just it’s huge for the sentiment of tesla stock and that’s another reason why the stock is absolutely going beast mode right now okay and so that’s very important to understand there by the way this has nothing to do with the video i just wanted to show you guys this real quick because this is another post by luke

I saw and i really like this one investing is like planting an orchard at the start it’s all work but zero fruit after a few years fruit starts to appear after 10 years you are reliably producing fruit after 30 years you’re producing more fruit than your family could ever eat in a lifetime i love that man because it’s it’s so dang true it is so dang true in the

Stock market okay so that’s one main reason why the stock’s up big is this sentiment change around this master plan three uh the second reason why the stock is climbing is if you haven’t seen the nasdaq coming back strong right very simple if the nasdaq goes beast mode tesla stock goes beast mode it’s as it’s basically as simple as that okay no this is just over

The past five six days i think it’s over the past six days nasdaq’s up nine percent crazy move okay nine percent six days but you say it got sold off way too hard i mean nasdaq six days ago was also you know six trading days ago that is uh was also trading in a bear market it was down over 20 percent it was i think it was 20 21 22 or something like that right from

Its um in a matter of months and so if the nasdaq’s climbing like this it’s gonna pull tesla stock along with it it’s as simple as that it’s as simple as that and so when the nasdaq climbs like that tesla’s going to be primed for for a beast run and if you’ve got a sentiment change around something exciting is happening from elon musk around this master plan three

You have another reason for uh obviously tesla stock to just climb in and you know tesla’s going on another run now and as long as there’s the height the hype stays there around this uh you know master plan three and the nasdaq continues to perform well don’t be surprised if tesla continues that kind of upward run there hope you guys enjoyed this video i just want

To cover that why this stock’s going so beast mode i think it’s important to understand why these moves are made things like that you want to check out stock market investing mastery it’s a free course i put together for you guys i think since the market’s been a shaky one i thought i’d put a free course out there and i actually just added a new lesson to that

Last night which is a pretty damn pretty darn cool one so check that out it’ll be pinned comment down there and uh don’t forget to subscribe smash tesla myself much love and have a great day

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