Why the Bay Area Sucks so Bad

The Bay Area of California is deteriorating in quality of life and it’s shockingly apparent.

How’s it going everybody this is pj bush if you add up all the years that i’ve been living in the bay area of california it totals to be about 27 years today i’m going to describe why life in the bay area has deteriorated dramatically this video is brought to you by flexispot they provided me with this really awesome pro standing desk which i will be using as my

Main desk going forward it has an e5 three stage stand which can lift up to 220 pounds the advanced keypad which has three positions of memory and also this curved bamboo 16 inch table top set the height of your desk so that when you put your hands on it the elbows are essentially 90 degrees i’m going to set this to 28 inches which is the height of most desks you

Can see how this is a little high and my elbows are actually bent a little bit more than 90 degrees and i’m gonna have some weight on of the edge of the table cutting into my hands over here i have it set at number two for standing now it’s going to keep on going up like this i’m going to push the chair back it’s arrived at the standing mode with just one button

Press you can see my arms here it’s about 90 degrees i’m staring straight at my monitor if you guys are interested in this pro standing desk from flexispot check out my referral link down in the video description below i really don’t want this video to be about a complainer video where i just say everything is terrible there are some good things about the bay area

These are my opinion only and i do also realize that sometimes after you live somewhere for a really long time things start to get boring and maybe it’s time for a change i’ve made a video kind of like this before where people thought that i was about to move out of california you have to know that i do own this home and this makes moving out a lot harder because

I actually have to maybe sell the place or kind of move out and rent it out so there’s a lot more friction for me to make this kind of move compared to someone that just rents they can just stop the contract and then rent somewhere else first things first traffic is horrendous i know la traffic is a bit worse but over here traffic starts around 7 30 and lasts all

The way to 10 30 if you are on a commute and in the afternoon traffic lasts from 3 p.m to 7 30 p.m and now it’s gotten a little bit worse even during the pandemic and it will last until probably 8 00 p.m or so being self-employed i try not to go out after 3 p.m or so so i try to do all my errands or whatever from 10 a.m all the way till 2 30 pm if i ever go beyond

This i’m gonna find myself stuck in traffic and waste a lot of time if you think about life in general there’s a lot of great restaurant options all over the bay area more so in san francisco but as a east bay resident of me going to san francisco first of all it’s quite a ways away and the bridge toll is quite expensive it’s around i don’t even know how much

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It is i don’t keep track it’s like six or seven dollars right now just to cross the martin but all of these things is not the deal breaker for going to a nice fancy restaurant in san francisco i’m on a tesla facebook group and people post about their little quarter window breaking in all the time even if you do not have anything in the car at all lots of people

Saying even if they give the security footage to the police nothing is gonna be done about it so it’s a very very rampant problem for your car to be broken into and if something like that just happened just once right it’s gonna cost you a couple hundred dollars just to replace the window and whatever that you happen to leave in the car in california right now

These days if you steal less than 950 dollars of value or less it’s not considered a felony it’s only considered a misdemeanor this means that most of time people who does something like this is going to get off really really easy so that’s why so many people are shoplifting blatantly outright in the open and also they break into cars and even if they caught you

Know so what you know they’re not going to go to jail or anything not only in san francisco is pretty bad in valley fair it’s also really bad as long as you park in the parking structures the covered ones where it’s all dark and stuff right so i try to park somewhere where there is a lot of traffic a lot of foot traffic just so that i won’t have to encounter any

Kind of break-ins i would wait 10-15 minutes just for something like this because going to valley fair is such a dangerous proposition if you will i used to take bart more often to san francisco and it was semi-sketchy at the time but now it’s even more sketchy they have more and more news reports of muggings mass number of people where they just rob everyone on

The entire train so with this in mind i personally feel that it’s unsafe to ride bart so these days i personally opt to not ride bart and just drive to the city instead i would pay the parking fee whatever amount it is it’s a little bit pricier but it’s much better than fearing for my safety riding bart for people that still have to ride bart i would ride it

During the commute hours sometime where they have moderate to heavy traffic so that there’s a lot of people around if anything happens to you at least there’s a crowd around you that could potentially help you out i would try not to ride in the first two or three cars of the bart train itself because those tend to have less people ride in areas where there are

People and of course if you ride really late at night or really really early in the morning there is going to be a little bit more danger because no one else is going to be around to call for help if something happens to you these days of course if i am not going to an airport i might opt to bring some pepper spray bring some kind of protection with me just in

Case something happens the public transportation system in the bay area it’s horrible if you try to take the bus anywhere at all it’s essentially going to take you about three times as long as if you just drove yourself or took an uber for example from here to sfo if you take a car it’s probably half an hour to 40 minutes or so but if you take bart you have to go

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All the way around you have to wait for one train or another and by the time you add it all up the time it takes you to ride the bus to the bart station and then the bar station all the way to san francisco it’s going to take you about two hours so this is a 4x amount of time that it takes you doing the same thing i know in other cities that is a little bit more

Well planned it’s not going to be 4x right maybe it might be at worst 2x restaurant prices especially during this pandemic has skyrocketed a lot it’s increased probably about 25 and as a resident here i eat out sometimes a ramen used to cost yeah 12 to 15 dollars right for lunch but now it’s gonna cost you after tip and tax about 18 to 20 now who’s heard of this

Right who can afford something like this twenty dollars for a single lunch you can’t do this that much before you go broke for a comparison i recently went to san diego and i had a very very good ramen it tastes better than a lot of different bay area ramen restaurants and it costs about 12 14 so quite a lot cheaper than in the bay area sales tax is also getting

Kind of crazy in the bay area in the alameda county it’s currently at 10.75 percent you know 10 11 11 you know if you say 11 it’s kind of crazy right a hundred dollar thing that you’re going to buy you have to pay 10 or 11 on top of it just for sales tax compare this to oregon zero percent tax rate compare this to other counties like in san diego it was like 7.5

Over there so just for living around here you’re going to have to pay another three percent california wise of course there’s also high state income taxes of course i am looking at where i could migrate to move to either washington nevada texas or florida where there’s no state income taxes now you also might want to think about what kind of things that you can

Do around here in the bay area it’s doesn’t have as much culture as let’s say new york where you know you have broad ratios and things like that there’s always things happening but in the bay area it’s kind of like suburban things are not as tightly packed together and given that san francisco is not a great place to hang around because all the break-ins you know

All the muggings and stuff so it completely turns into a place where you don’t have as much to do anymore of course i do also note that whenever you live somewhere for a really long time you tend to do everything right you’ve done every single thing there is there’s nothing new anymore so maybe it is time to move somewhere so that everything is fresh again one of

The things that never really hit home until i go vacation somewhere like san diego like florida where i just lived there for a week or two and i interact with the locals over there i just go to a store to buy something and i notice that anywhere else like even let’s say in maui or hawaii or something right i go buy something people are a lot more cheerful when

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I interact with people like that in turn they’re cheerful to me i’m cheerful to them you just get in a really good mood but in the bay area this never happens you go to a store they’re like blah blah blah 10 24 cents you pay you’re on your way most of the time people are mean here in the bay area when you are in traffic people have road rages all the time when

You’re at a store when you’re waiting in line people are just angry i don’t know how to attribute why people are so angry maybe people are getting lower wages here compared to the living costs maybe people have to commute a lot so then they have to be in the car they’re always trying to rush everywhere so they feel like they don’t have time for chit chat so everything

Is like bam bam bam really quick you know just let me do my thing let me buy my stuff and get home i don’t have time for chit chat i don’t have time for leisurely thing or just being nice in general so i think just this toxic environment it’s kind of toxic it’s kind of like mean people everywhere it rubs off on you and then you go home you know you kind of feel

You know these toxic chemicals in you because you don’t feel so good it’s just that i’ve been living here for so long that it just seems like the norm when i go to some other city where people are really friendly i have to catch myself i’m like oh my gosh maybe i’m being a little bit too mean here because you know i’m just so used to you know just doing just basic

Transactions not having chit chat and stuff but when i was in other cities it starts to rub off on me and i just kind of start to realize maybe the meanness is the norm in the bay area and i don’t think this is a good environment to live around but i do always tell people why i’m not moving out of the bay area is because a lot of my immediate family lives around

Here my siblings my parents so if i do move out i probably need to come back once a month or something so i need to have like some subscription to an airline maybe the southwest or something i just always keep on flying back 100 200 every month but even with those costs considered it probably is still cheaper to move out of the bay area because cost of living

Is just so much lower somewhere else thanks for hearing me complain about the bay area um if you’re thinking about moving here think about all these things that i’ve said you come here to make money mainly as a tech worker probably and you probably just want to come in make money leave and then have a family somewhere else i guess thanks for watching this video

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