Why there will NEVER be a Trillionaire in our lifetime!

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There will never be a trillionaire in our lifetime meaning my lifetime and are you watching this right now there will never be a trillionaire today i’m going to explain you guys why there will not be and we’re going to run some numbers and i’m going to show you some things today that are kind of open you up your mind and realize how like nearly impossible is it

For someone to become a trillionaire at least in the next hundred years of day i cannot wait to share this with you guys tuesday thursday subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and tuesday we’re talking about something i saw today i was on cnbc app today and i saw this article it was like one of the

Most popular articles of the day and we’re talking about how bill gates could be the first trillionaire and how he might hit a become a trillionaire if he lives to be 86 years old and and i was like this is the most ignorant thing i’ve ever read my life they do not realize how ridiculously nearly impossible that is and i take it one step further not only will not

Bill gates have no chance to become a trillionaire i would say there will not be a trillionaire within the next hundred years so basically my lifetime your guy’s lifetime there’s not going to be a trillionaire there will be someday absolutely i believe that i must come early all political systems change and we become socialist and you can only make so much money or

Something like that but absolutely there will become trillionaires in this world in my opinion but but there’s not going to be one any time students we’re going to look at some numbers here guys that is we’re going to kind of make it seem how impossible this really is to become a trillionaire anytime soon so we’re going to view some people and some numbers and add

Up some numbers or what’s up so bill gates first off he’s 61 years old and they’re saying if microsoft kept gaining at the thing taste they’re gaining as far as the stock going up they would he would reach at age 86 okay well bill gates right now he’s a rich person the world according to forbes and basically on his net well he’s worth 75 billion dollars which is a

Ridiculous amount but to become a trillionaire he needs as well to increase by 13 13 times basically 13 times seventy five billion you’re going about trillion dollars so what is that basically means is the market cap of microsoft have to go up 13 times just to hit that trillionaire mark after a little over 13 times but right around 13 times it’s safe so that means

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Microsoft’s market cap right now it’s just under a half a billion so we could say 13 times a half a billion that means microsoft’s market cap needs to hit somewhere around six point five trillion dollar market cap within the next 25 years or and i would say it’s probably unrealistic even if microsoft does good as a corporation okay it’s unrealistic for them to hit

6.5 billion even in the next hundred years i highly doubt that that’s a ridiculous number because the law of large numbers is true and it is real and the bigger the numbers get the harder it is to keep increasing those we’ve seen those with the apple and the apples at something like a close to 700 billion dollar market cap and it’s getting really hard for them

Now to grow that business and grow the revenue and grow the profits and whatnot and that’s the company of the most profitable in the world when you look at microsoft they’re at a 30 p right now let your evaluations where where they’re supposed to be microsoft in my opinion should be trading out a p/e of around 18 maybe a 17 that’s almost half of what it’s tricky

And now guys so this is how unrealistic it is but let’s look at some other people let’s look at some other people and maybe who have actually a lot better chance to become a trillionaire in my opinion but still have no chance in my opinion so mr. zuckerberg mark zuckerberg the founder of facebook he’s worth around 52 billion dollars right now which is absolutely

Ridiculous because mr. zuckerberg is only 32 years old guys so i am a oh my gosh i got to get fifty two billion dollars in the next five years to be ranked with zuckerberg oh my gosh it’s going to be hard to do i need to start doing 50 videos like a minute or something but anyways thirty two-years-old worth fifty two billion that’s ridiculous he’s in my opinion

He is the most realistic shot more look at one other person he’s got a good shot at it but still doesn’t have a very good shot at it but he’s got the most realistic shot because of where as wealth is that currently and because it is aged so let’s look at facebook here facebook has a 369 billion dollar market cap that’s a huge market cap or already facebook has

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It’s trading at a 50 p/e so already a very high p/e much higher than the rest of the market and our market cap is already very high that’s going to be hard to keep expanding the way they are so mr. zuckerberg you need facebook’s value to go up 20 times in the next let’s say he lived another 6070 years he means more the market cap to grow up on 20 times to hit

Trillionaire status and that’s if he sells no shares or does anything like that if you just keep the share gains of market cap to go up 20 times 20 times three hundred and seventy billion dollars that’s like over seven billion dollar market cap facebook has to get over seven billion dollar market cap i cannot see facebook getting even if they keep expanding

Even if they become more profitable even if they acquire other big brands and whatnot i cannot see this company in the next 60 70 years even the next hundred years having a market cap over seven billion dollars i can’t see any company having a party cap over seven billion dollars or anywhere close to in the next hundred years guys that’s absolutely absurd so

Here you’re realizing how ridiculous this whole thinking that someone could actually be a trillionaire anytime soon and i you know everything’s possible right anything’s possible in this world but it was like in 99.9% chance i would say no one’s ever going to be a trillionaire in our lifetime look at another person that’s got a that has probably the second most

Realistic chance of my opinion zuckerberg has a most realistic chance this guy mr. jeff bezos he has the second biggest chance to reach a trillionaire status his market cap is around 66 billion so he’s in-between zuckerberg and in between gates he’s doing very well for himself he’s already 53 years old so he’s kind of getting up there in age as far as running out

Of time to try to hit that trillionaire status now amazon the they have it working cap of 386 billion dollars basil’s needs his wealth to increase by about 17 times 16 17 times to reach a trillionaire set because donnell 16 17 times six hundred or sixty six billion dollars you’ll reach a trillion dollars so amazon’s market cap needs to be around six point five

To seven billion dollars guys once again the theme i kind of around the same value facebook would need to be at four zuckerberg to be a trillionaire can i see amazon doing that absolutely not can i see amazon growing and becoming a bigger bar cap and maybe being a trillion-dollar market cap absolutely i can also see facebook being a trillion dollar market cap in


My time i can see apple definitely being a trillion dollar market cap tonight in my lifetime i can see that actually happening probably with the next five to ten years long as they can keep the business steady or just barely grow apple so i can definitely see that happening but a seven trillion dollar market cap a six trillion dollar market cap of six point five

Trillion marbella most cap unrealistic it’s absolutely unrealistic the amount of profitability you need to have the the p/e ratio you need to have all those kinds of things that is astronomical i cannot see it happening let me know in that comment section if you guys think anybody will be a trillionaire on our lifetime or if you have a basically i guess you’d say

An opposing view on what someone could become a trillion or trillionaire in our lifetime i would love to hear from you guys or if you think anybody’s got a better chance then well then my two guys i picked out i take zuckerberg to be the first the most realistic bezos to be the second most realistic i would love to hear from you guys if you have anybody else you

Think has the most realistic chance of being a trillionaire even though i don’t think anybody respects a a fair shot at that in our lifetime i hope you guys enjoyed this leave a thumbs up if you did leave me a comment i would love to start a debate on the subject i think it’s i think it’s kind of a almost like an idiotic subject because i think it’s so unrealistic

But at the same time sometimes idiotic subjects are fun to debate with each other and whatnot so i love to hear what you guys have to say if you just came across this channel you’re not subscribed yet you may want to eat our personal finance on this channel which i promise premiership i’m a business owner i give away a lot of my business tips we the soft work at

The most and investing how to be a successful investor and we do some fun videos like this every once in a while thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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