Why You Need a Bidet

Cheap bidet like mine:

How’s it going everybody this is vita bush does a bidet save money is squirting your behind with water a little bit too invasive do you feel unmanly or unwomanly maybe your behinds a little bit too sensitive today i’m gonna talk about my experience of switching to a bidet for one year and why you should do it too on september 2017 i bought a very very cheap today

For $21 on amazon today’s about one year and three months later and at the time i bought that item it’s mainly for research purposes yes in the name of research and i do this a lot i try brand new things in order to try and save money i try brand new things here and there maybe it doesn’t work maybe it does and this per day was one of my experiments and i fully

Thought that if i use it throughout the winter it might get a little bit too cold and i actually have to throw this bidet away and buy a brand new one that’s actually heated yes indeed i even go as far as offering my behind to the name of saving money so as it turns out right now it’s middle of january 2019 and it’s pretty cold around here when the water comes out

Of the faucet um it actually makes your hands cold if it’s not the heated water so you would think that if you use that in the bidet it’s going to be quite shocking and i would have to say the first time i use it was many many years ago and oh boy i really did not like that you know the first time i sat on it and i just pressed a button and like a squirt of water

Just come rushing up and i’m like oh my gosh that’s basically the the face i made you know like wide-eyed and i’m like it’s shocking because you’re not normally used to just stuff spring into your butt and i would say this is something that you personally need to get accustomed to and feel comfortable with because this is it feels really weird at first because

It’s like something touching you in a way that is kind of awkward but you know it’s just water and you’re controlling it yourself you’re just doing this to yourself so after trying that out maybe it must have been 10 years ago or some and then years later i’m like okay you know i’ve tried it once maybe let me try it again so i bought that bidet and i tried it

Again and yes again it was quite shocking but you know i use it once use it again you know maybe about a month or two after then i started getting used to it now i’m like okay you know it’s just pretty normal these days for me to use it now there is really no reason why you should not get one because if you’re watching this channel you really do want to save money

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Right i know you’re behind it’s a little bit too personal and you know you don’t want things to invade it you know i know exactly how that feels and you know what it really just came down to me deciding that okay i want to save money i don’t want to use as much resources use as much toilet paper and it’s gonna save me in the long run so i tried it out and i gave

It a real effort of really trying it out even though you know it might not be comfortable i just tried it over and over again now let’s talk about what it actually is like using a bidet think of it as a squirt gun because sometimes these bidets they might squirt out in different pressures and stuff and the one that i have you can turn the knob pretty high up and

You’ll skirt pretty darn well i only have to turn it on to like maybe a quarter the amount and it would be squirting very hard already so what it feels like it’s basically a constant stream squirt gun if you had one of those squirt guns where you pump air into it and then it just sprays a constant stream maybe not as hard but just basically as hard as you want it

To spray because you can control the little knob basically what you wanted to do is turn it on so that it does squirt somewhat firm you don’t want it so hard that you know it hurts or anything but pretty firm so that it would basically act like a water scraping tool type of thing so that it can get rid of all the dirt okay and all of that would just kind of drip

Down into the toilet it’s not like it’s squirting pool water at you because it’s brand-new fresh water that’s being squirted into you know that area and then all of that stuff just drips down what i found out and i really needed a whole year to just kind of figure this out on my own is when i turn it on you basically turn it on okay and you turn it up to the level

That you want it yes initially it’s going to be a little cold but for me i kind of got used to it and i don’t notice that it’s shockingly cold anymore i just turn it on that nozzle it’s basically spraying in one spot unless you got one of those really fancy the days where it just kind of you know points around that area basically what i have to do for mine because

It just sprays in one spot just kind of you know move it around stuff i know this is a really really strange topic to talk about but i think not many people is gonna go around describing of the day for you guys so after you moved around that nozzle just essentially sprayed everywhere it’s just a little bit wet but essentially it’s very very clean it’s as clean as if

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You stepped out of the shower so you turn that nozzle off and then you go okay you know it’s all kind of moist down there it’s basically soaking wet and then you just take some toilet paper and you know you just wipe yourself dry and you know it’s not dirty at all you’re just basically just drying yourself you could potentially use a towel some people do do that

But i just basically use toilet paper so i do still use toilet paper and what i’ve noticed is i’ve used about you know at least less than half the amount that of the toilet paper that i used to use so these days it’s lasting much much longer and let’s say every single year you use about twenty dollars of worth of toilet paper you go by that giant pack at costco

Let’s say it’s about twenty dollars i would say each person you know you might use one giant pack for one person per person every single year so let’s say if you have four people in the household maybe you need to buy those one giant packs every three months or so so instead of using that for one year i’d say it would actually last two years so you save about

Ten dollars every single year this thing i’ve used for one year already so using it for two years would actually make up for the cost of the bidet itself the time after that of course it’s going to be money save so there’s always going to be an initial investment cost and you have to use it for a certain duration before you would actually start saving money now

I know this is a sensitive topic especially with a lot of guys there’s a lot of people would just balk at oh my gosh you’re you know it’s it’s unmanly you’re squirting your bum with water this is like invasion of privacy or something but you should note that using a bidet is extremely extremely sanitary it’s kind of like after you go number two okay it’s as if

You went to the shower because sometimes okay let’s be real here if you went to number two and you only use toilet paper it’s like just kind of smearing yourself all over and it’s not really clean kind of like when you eat something and you’re just wiping your mouth with a napkin it’s not completely clean sometimes you need to use water to clean yourself and when

You do that it is actually clean that way and actually if you don’t clean yourself this way you might be able to get rashes and things and my itch or whatnot like that now let’s be real here sometimes this is a little bit too much for people you watch this video and you’re like oh my gosh beat the bush i can’t believe you’re doing this this is way beyond what i’m

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Willing to do in order to save money i have a lot of different methods this or that and some people don’t like certain methods and they click dislike or something but just know that every single method it’s just one way to save money and it’s about how hard you want to push it okay i’m not saying you should do this but generally the more ways that you’re willing

To accept and willing to do the faster that you can get towards retirement the faster you can save more money the less reliant you will be on your burn rate where it’s gonna be extremely high because if you use this thing your burn rate just goes knotch a little bit lower so suffice to say that every little trick that i talk about on these videos you don’t have to

Follow it’s just that the more of it that you do the better thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe you would gonna try this bidet thing when you do so especially if you don’t use the heated water or the heated seat one because those things would consume a lot of standby power and it might actually negate the effect of you using less

Toilet paper if you actually use this cold water version which might sound a little extreme then you have the potential to save a lot more money of course if you’re like in canada or something where you know it’s snowing the water coming out is icy cold and you cannot stand it then yeah you might need a heated water system in the heated seat over here in california

What i’ve noticed after trying it for one year is i actually don’t need that heated seat version or the heated water version thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like on this video push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon oh i forgot that audible thing if you want a free audiobook check out my audible link down in the video description

Below where you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before the subscription expires thing you can still keep this audiobook for free and help it if at this channel thanks for watching i’m sorry if you guys have to see this yep very clean

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