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Its possible to reduce your trash service, let me show you how. For any given trash service, you are able to choose the options. .

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re gonna talk about canceling your trash service why you should do it and if you decide to do it how you can do this this trash talk actually has a lot to do with finances and about cash flow because once you analyze all the outgoing cash flows everything that you spend you can start to try to minimize each

One and one of them is a trash service you’ll see that trash service is actually kind of in an elastic meaning that you require this all the time however if you look at the breakdown of what they charge you there’s usually recycling carts there’s the landfill cart and there’s the organics cart they charge the most for landfill carts and so if you’re actually not

Throwing much away then you don’t actually have to pay for that in another sense when you have a lot of wastage in other words when you put a lot of stuff in the landfill cart or throwing things away you’re actually throwing your money away because those things actually have some value to it and maybe you consider it not valuable anymore so you throw it away so

Whenever you actually reduce your landfill usage you’re actually reducing the amount of outflow in terms of your cash flow now turf service is going to be different depending on where you are sometimes you might not get an organics cart or a recycling cart and sometimes maybe you’re in an apartment and you always have to pay for garbage though in that case then it

Doesn’t really matter this is only for the case where you can actually select the options in your trash bill so trash here in the bay area looks like this we get a recycle cart and organics cart a landfill cart three carts that gets picked up every single week the recycling cart is sixty four gallons it’s huge okay the organics cart is also sixty four sixty five

Gallons is really big as well and then you get a landfill cart that you can choose from 20 gallons and then there’s other this middle tier and then there’s a really large tier which is also sixty four gallons i forget what the middle tier is but even for this really low tier you have to pay 51 74 for this twenty gallon one that gets picked up every single week and

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It’s billed every three months so every single three months you are paying about ninety some dollars and so every single year you’re actually paying three hundred seventy six dollars for trash service now the thing you can do is actually cancel the landfill service now it sounds kind of gross for that first because it sounds like oh no you take away the landfill

Service it means everything is gonna smell really bad or like you can’t throw away your trash so how do you throw it away well you throw it out all the organics which is the stuff that actually smells bad in the organics cart and you know a lot of stuff that you recycle you can actually recycle you’ll find that most of your trash you can put in organics or the

Recycling bin which leads you to really reduce on on the amount of landfill that you actually have to put so the service here in the bay area you can actually cancel your landfill car but then they still want you to pay something so then they want you to buy for minimum trash bag of four per year so this comes out to be twenty nine thirty five you’re buying four

Trash bags at around seven fifty each but then that still works out to be a lot less than this 376 if you add all this up this is per quarter port quarter and this is per year and if you add all this up every single year you’ll pay a hundred ninety-eight dollars and that’s a comes out to be a savings of one hundred seventy seven dollars you might go well this is a

Lot of effort in order to try to you know sort everything out and not put everything in the landfill but what i’ve seen most of time i mean even in this neighborhood is that most people they just put all their kitchen trash in a big kitchen trash bag and they dump the whole thing in the landfill cart the whole landfill cart is what’s gets filled mostly and i’ve seen

This everywhere you know i drive by the neighborhood i always see the landfill carts completely filled up and it’s usually filled up with these organics i don’t know i haven’t actually dug in there to look but that’s what i assume it’s it’s filled with you know kitchen trash organics and stuff because that’s what i’ve seen people normally do so moving to this stage

Here where i actually cancelled the landfill cart and just use trash bag actually took multiple years for me because i didn’t really know how to do it if you were to ask me hey don’t use the landfill anymore one day and just use our organics i’ll be what that’s crazy it smells bad or whatever i can’t i can’t do it it takes too much effort the thing is i actually

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Did not cancel the at first and i just sort of moved to this method of putting all the organics in the organics thing and once i started doing that and recycling a lot more everything that can be recycled is recycled then i see that there’s very little going into my landfill cart which leads me to think hey i’m not actually using this thing why don’t i just cancel

It and that’s what i did and now i am able to say you know this much every single year i just did it a while ago so it’s kind of like an experiment but i’m pretty sure it’s gonna work out well and i’m probably not going to move back to the landfill cart so what i recommend for beginners is don’t actually cancel your landfill card just try to put as much as you can

Into organics and see how you do one of the best ways i am able to put a lot in the organics is like you can’t really use plastic bags and put it in the organics because you actually have to use organic plastic bags if you want to put all your trash in there so what i do is i use like a container and i put the bottom with some paper towels and i put art all the

Organics in there so that way when i empty it out all of the stuff falls out along with the small pieces of paper that’s soiled and then all of those falls out into the organics bin and it’s pretty clean that way things like takeout containers like this i just wash it and then it could be reuse if you want to reuse it or you can just toss this in the recycling bin

All these takeout containers are likely recyclable if you look in the back is has this recycling symbol in here says 5 polypropylene so yes just toss those in there and they can be recycled or if you have a recycling facility that can recycle this type of material you can also bring these in and get cash back for them you actually have to have a playset recycles

These polypropylene most of time when i go to a local one they accept cans and stuff that has redemption value but whenever it’s stuff that’s the same material ok let’s say pe t material if they don’t have a redemption value then the redemption value is a lot less it’s like 5 cent a pound or something rather than you know 5 cent per can so really you wonder my

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Gosh you know it takes a lot of work to watch all these things well i kind of got this influence when i visited a japanese family and when i went to their kitchen and saw the sink tub i saw all these containers that are all washed nice and neat and just kind of filed away i’m like what what are you doing those are those are trash that was when a long time ago when

You know i did know better and just everything that you don’t want is just stuck in the landfill you just go i don’t want this put it put it in one big bag and that goes in the landfill but when i visit this family i was like oh my gosh they actually do this it was like a really culture shock that made me realized that hey yeah you can you can just not throw this

Stuff away and be more conservative so if you eat meat you’re gonna have a lot of these styrofoam trays unless you go to a butcher or whatnot so these type roam trays i just watch them but then they’re kind of not sanitary to reuse in other things because there’s it’s kind of porous here and you know like pork or whatever or chicken you know it might have things

In there so these things actually do have to go in the landfill but i mean if you watch them you can kind of stick them away and it can sit for a really long time without smelling bad or anything and then you can use those trash bags for out of a year and throw these away as needed so this may sound like a lot of effort to you but it’s really kind of like a habit

Change if you know what to do in order to not use the landfill cart they can be more environmentally friendly and you can also save a lot if you have a question about what to do with a certain object that you don’t want to put in the landfill you want to recycle put inorganic somehow make it kind of efficient so you can actually do it pretty easily leave a comment

Down below and i’ll see what i can come up with don’t forget to give me a like on this video and subscribe thanks for watching

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