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Well guys my wife just sold half of her wind shares half of all her wind shares she just sold him off and she bought a new stock with that money i want to share that with you guys today now you must understand her entire retirement portfolio her entire retirement portfolio was in wynn resorts stock and i know i love them to get killed in the comments for even

Telling you guys that your has called me an idiot you’re gonna say that was stupid and what do you think in jeremy are you a maniac first off i’m gonna explain why my situation is a drastically different than most people’s situation however i would never ever ever recommend anyone out there ever put your entire mint entire retirement portfolio into one stock that’s

Ludicrous guys that’s ludicrous this was a decision that was made well over two years ago okay guys so first off let’s talk about wynn resorts here and what stocks she ended up buying with that money so she ended up selling off wooden resorts which just hit another 52-week high today it was at over one hundred and fifty seven dollars a share when she sold it off

Okay one hundred and fifty seven dollars a share her entire retirement portfolio is in this one stock now when she bought these shares they were in the low $50 range guys so i think they were somewhere around i want to say fifty two dollars maybe fifty four dollars a share somewhere around there we’ll say fifty two when actually bottomed out that year around 49

This was a little over two years ago it was probably two years and two months ago or something like that right so she made an unbelievable profit on that like ridiculous okay and what kind of talk about why that decision was made now if she sold half her shares there and she what does she end up buying with it apple she ended up buying apple shares with it and i

Want to explain why exactly she ended up buying apple here so when i’m looking at like a retirement portfolio i think a little bit differently than when i invest in regular stocks through my brokerage account right so in a retirement portfolio i’m thinking more along dividends i really want stocks at paid dividends all you know retirement portfolio buy only invest

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In stocks with dividends now if you know me as far as like my regular investing style as far as investing you know through my brokerage accounts right i don’t care anything about dividends i do not here if that company pays a dividend that does not matter that means it literally zero to me as an investor in my brokerage account however in retirement accounts i

Will only put money in dividend-paying companies okay that’s a big thing i value i want to be able to have the income into that account and then be able to buy more shares of that same stock or other stocks now also when here you know has exploded and you know it’s doing phenomenal i think it still frawley has some more upside which is why i’m still holding my

Shares as of right now however the amount of profit she had already in this stock was was amazing you know is unbelievable you can never figure you know you could get that type of game in such a short amount of time generally speaking with most stocks right that’s way better than even i think i can get on most stocks right this is dramatically better from 52 to

157 that’s incredible also i want to diversify that account a little bit and i think apple is gonna have a phenomenal 2018-2019 i’ve been talking about this for a while and i thought it was gonna have a great 2017 if you remember back when they launched iphone 7 i posted a video on this channel about why you know apple stock was looking on the up-and-up after the

Iphone 7 was launched and that’s when the stock was at oh my gosh i think it was around 98 dollars a share or 103 a share or something like that when i posted that video man so apple i think is gonna have a phenomenal 2018-2019 i think profits are gonna explode with that company with iphone 10 being launched we’re talking about such a higher a espy’s there we’re

Talking about the services revenue is blowing up with that company we’re talking twenty plus percent growth in the services category which is a second biggest business now and put adds the potential would be the most profitable business someday and when i’m thinking about like you know stocks in a retirement account i want a little safer type companies right i

Want a little safer you know companies that man if that’s company was to go out of business like it would be like preposterous or if it was even to go down in a major way it would be crazy right as far as apple goes you know i once again i see that company getting much more profitable it’s at a super low p/e it pays a dividend right and and you know i don’t see

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Them going away anytime soon within the next five to ten years they’re gonna just dominate the market more and more become more and more profitable buying back more and more shares which then makes their eps look even better guys so there’s so much going for apple which is why i stuck her money into apple shares okay now so let’s talk about this whole you know

Decision to put all the money in wynn resorts and and and why i might do that again someday i doubt i whoever would do that again but let’s just let’s just say if i did do that again okay so you got to understand with my wife and either the situation’s much different than the average person okay so my wife has a retirement account all right i have a retirement

Account okay so there’s and there’s obviously money in both of those accounts then she has her own brokerage account for investing in stocks right which is actually i think bigger than her retirement account then i have two different brokerage accounts that i invest in stocks and i believe both of them are bigger than my retirement account okay so we got two or

Retirement accounts between the two of us we got three brokerage accounts all right then on top of that she’s got a savings account with you know a good amount of money in it then she’s got a checking account with good amount of money in it i’ve got a checking account i’ve got a business account i’ve got savings accounts all with substantial amounts of money in

It and then if you look at the income sources you know i guess someone himcome sources is insane i got youtube i got books sales i got course sales by the way i get in the comments there i got a new 12 part options course link to that are in the comments guys so make sure you check that out if you want to learn about options there i’ve got affiliate links there

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I got my real estate marketing company you know it’s like so many really will just spell it like that so many different income sources that it’s way different than an average person right an average person what do they have they have one income source okay they got their job that’s that’s all you got for income sources and most people what do they have they just

Have simply their retirement account all their all their major wealth is in a retirement account they’ve got hardly anything in a savings account if you look at the statistics it’s its mind bottling to me on how how little money people have in savings accounts they’ve got no substantial money in their checking account they’ve got no money they don’t have all these

Brokerage accounts and stuff like that and so they come up their job they get their retirement account and that’s really all they’ve got so we’re in a way different situation than the average person so although i would probably never would do a move like that again where i put all the money in a retirement account into one stock i’m just saying if i did that it’s

Not a big deal because we got another retirement account we got brokerage accounts that are much bigger we got savings accounts checking accounts all with money and you know business accounts we’ve got all tons i don’t think i got all me income streams here i got five i think i got six to seven different income streams so our situations different than the average

Person that’s why i would never ever say put all your marbles into one company if you’ve got a retirement account because this is most people’s situation they got one income source and they got their retirement account and that’s it guys but anyway so that’s the story for the day just kind of made a move there i want to let you guys know and once again i’m still

Holding the wind shares for now i’m hoping for a little more upside here but at the same time you know it could be a stock i get out of soon like within the next few months we’ll just have to see and i’ll obviously keep you updated on that guys thank you for watching and have a great day you

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