Will Apple or Google Buy Gopro?!

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Well hello there guys i hope the audio is not too bad so i wanted to talk about gopro and if they might sell and who they might sell to if they sold so i’m thinking if they did sell it’s a very low probability i would say like a 10% probability but if they did sell i see a few suitors ones apple ones google one is a private equity firm and the other being say

Someone like a garmin garmin you know they might be interested so low probability here but let’s talk about this so apple apple obviously has plenty of cash apples obviously a consumer electronics company so apple could absolutely be a suitor they have plenty of money they have plenty of marketing power there plenty of manpower that they could actually cut down on

A lot of the gopro employees basically take over the gopro brand and then basically distribute it throughout the world much better than probably gopro is doing at the at the time also one of the main things is apple could then integrate gopro into going straight into the photos on your iphone basically or your ipad or whatever device you have a connected to so the

Gopro instead of the photos or videos or whatever you’re taking from your gopro like i am right now instead of having that go on to just your memory card or to the gopro cloud it goes straight to your iphone or ipad photo so you can edit them do everything right from there send them to somebody and everything’s just much easier process and even what gopro has right

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Now so that’s why i see apple as being the most realistic i think google’s definitely a possibility as well for a lot of the same reasons that apple is and google is obviously another company is trying to get into the consumer electronics space they have the google home now obviously they have android so they have i mean over half the smartphones sold throughout

The world or android so obviously google would absolutely be interested google has plenty of money on their balance sheet we know that i think it’s like sixty billion dollars more in cash than debt and those kinds of things so google absolutely could be could be a possible suitor out there then you look at a company like a garmin i think garmin’s are probably the

Most unrealistic of any of them because government they don’t really have a brand identity they don’t have nearly as much cash as these other companies have to spend it would probably have to spend two plus billion dollars on a gopro i would see gopro if they did sell and we’re talking about selling within the next couple months i would say see them selling for

Between fifteen eighteen dollars probably per share that’s gonna put it over a two billion dollar market cap at that price and like i said i don’t see that being a huge possibility especially not to a company like garmin although that net name has floated around there with the rumors and whatnot last one is a private equity firm i absolutely think this could be

A realistic one because private equity firms they love coming into a situation where it’s a company that has a strong brand and then they go ahead and they basically try to streamline everything you know they basically try to focus management which go froze management has not been focused over the past year so i absolutely think that that could be a possibility of

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A private equity fund of some kind coming in trying to buy it for fifteen eighteen dollars a share that what i would say that one’s probably the second or the third most realistic but i think apple is actually the most realistic of any of them we’ve seen them buy beats a few years back and their technology is actually far less as you say they have much less of a

Competitive moat in the beat space than gopro has in the gopro space so that’s kind of the possibilities there i just want to talk about this because i know yesterday there was a ton of stuff out there about o gopro mike is sold or gopro might be selling to a private equity firm and it was a lot of rumors out there who knows if they’re true so i just want to update

You guys on this because i know so many you guys actually you know watch my channel for a lot of the gopro related videos because your gopro investors guys so thank you so much for watching if you’re on vacation like i am have a great vacation and happy holidays and talk to you guys later bye-bye

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Will Apple or Google Buy Gopro?! By Financial Education

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