Will Voyager go Bankrupt? Let’s Talk

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Hi there folks got a lot of people uh obviously asking me about voyager are they going bankrupt what’s going to happen in the situation um and voyager is a company that has millions of customers from last i checked like literally millions and so a lot of people are obviously wondering they saw what happened with celsius they saw what happened with block five voyager

And now and said basically they’re pausing all withdrawals all uh transfers all those sorts of things right and so um if you all you wanna hear is the answer and not my explanation the the answer is probably voyager’s probably going under um keyword is probably um so let me explain um kind of what’s going on here essentially so there’s a hedge fund essentially

Which owes voyager like over 600 million dollars now that particular hedge fund just announced uh bankruptcy essentially so voyager is likely going to be out over 600 million dollars and we’ll see what happens with those uh bankruptcy proceedings and whatnot but likely voyager could be out 600 million dollars in a situation now voyager does not have 600 million

Dollars of cash just sitting around their balance sheet last time i checked it was over 100 million but that’s not 600 million so we’re coming up short now ftx just recently put up a bunch of collateral to try to help out voyager in this situation but there’s still a shortfall there um based upon my math it’s still a couple hundred million dollars okay so now in

Order for voyager not to go under there’s a couple things that could transpire here that could save voyager from um bankruptcy these things are one is if the stock price started going up like crazy it’s like a 30 cent stock right now okay now why would the stock go up like crazy well this wouldn’t be the first time a situation like this happened actually this is

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What saved gamestop that’s what saved amc is what saved a lot of stocks honestly over the past year now the problem is we’re in a very different market right now but on the flip side it’s not another possibility to imagine a situation like that happens here’s why it’s a lot of crypto players with a lot of money if those crypto players decide to put a you know

Basically you know put a stake in the sand and say we’re not letting voyager go under they could either one help out voyager literally with collateral and things like that or they could simply buy up the stock uh buy it like crazy right stock goes up and up and up and up it the morse goes up the more it’s gonna attract more attention the more it attracts more

People and then also employers are just voyagers in a situation where they could actually raise capital if their stock price went high enough which is crazy to think but it’s not crazy i think because this is this this is the only reason like uh this is the only reason like ccl still around that’s the only reason that amc made it through there’s only a reason like

Gamestop and those companies have made it through is literally because they were able to raise a bunch of money because their stock prices just went up a bunch in the short term they kind of became like meme stocks and things like that so that’s a potential for voyager but i think in order to get that started i think big crypto money would have to come in i think

It would have to be some of the big crypto players that have a lot of money in that space that basically don’t want to see voyager go under because it’s going to be such a huge black eye for the crypto industry for potentially years to go in the future we already had celsius we’ve already got what’s going on with block fi but the thing is voyager is the biggest

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Of those companies voyager has millions of customers voyager is a company that you know was at six nine months ago was just doing you know a deal with mark cuban and the dallas mavericks so you know we’re talking about this is a this is a different level now at this point in time voyager is actually a public company right and unfortunately i’ve you know invested

In that stock and i’m i’m out like probably 300k and i’ve already written off that that amount in my head you know maybe maybe it works out and they don’t go under and you know that money comes back but i’ve already kind of like written that off in my head essentially i i’m holding all my shares and if it goes to zero goes to zero but um that’s the situation it’s

A probably unless uh unless crypto decides you know the there’s a lot of big players with a lot of money and for those players to come in and bid that stock up it wouldn’t take much because the market cap’s so small at this point in time it’s a it’s uh i i think it’s like a mini cap now i don’t even know if they have it updated here it’s less than 100 million

Dollar market cap now which is crazy to think like voyager just like six to nine months ago was one of the top apps in the entire finance category on ios and android the growth was ridiculous at this company and to see it at less than 100 million dollar mark cap is just crazy so you know if if big money in crypto space draws a line in the sand and then also it

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Gets momentum next thing you know it’s four dollars five dollars six dollars seven dollars um you know and the type of people that would be attracted to this are the crypto folks because i mean you’re looking at this and it’s like 30 cents and you’re like oh let’s go to three dollars and i 10x my money and it doesn’t take a lot of money and and we know there’s a

Lot of crypto money that’s on the sideline right now right based upon all the sell outs uh that have been going on i don’t mean sell out in like a negative tone or anything like that i’m just saying like it’s clear like there’s been a lot of selling pressure on bitcoin ethereum and things like that so the answer is if they’re probably going under but it’s not 100

Certain they have they haven’t filed bankruptcy that fund file bankruptcy um and we’ll see what happens and i’ll update you guys if there’s any material information that comes out we’ll see if steve has anything to say the ceo of the company um you know he always gave us his word that you know they were they weren’t you know risking the money to dangerous players

And things like that and then we get this situation um so you know it sucks and uh we’ll see we’ll see um time will tell so but just want to update you guys on that it is what is much love and have a great day let me know what you think are they going under or do you think they’re going to get a bailout i’d love to hear from you guys

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