Winners, Inc. (OTC PINK: (OTC: WNRS)) Advisory Board Member Phil Gordon

Winners, Inc. (OTC PINK: (OTC: WNRS)) subsidiary VegasWINNERS, Inc. Advisory Board Member Phil Gordon will appear on Rich TV Live, a financial focused digital network. The interview will air this afternoon at 1PM ET on and will be available on all Winners, Inc. and VegasWINNERS social media platforms shortly thereafter.

Hi how’s everybody doing today i am your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest it is phil gordon an advisor to vegas winners how you doing today phil i’m doing great thank you for having me thank you for joining us very excited to have you here today and vegas winners has really been evolving and there was just a press release

Last week and you guys announced a 10 to one forward split and the stock is sitting right now at a dollar so i’m assuming that we will be at around 10 cents once the forward split is complete and that’s also going to increase the shares by 10 times when you do a forward split so in addition to that news the company’s doing a name change from the current symbol

From g o o o to a temporary symbol for 20 days of g o o o d at which point in time after the 20 days which i believe will fall on december 27th there will be a new symbol and that new symbol is for winners w-n-r-s so this is the big news that’s just recently happened and i wanted to ask you a little bit about some of that and also you’re also a very well-known

Poker tour champion a serial entrepreneur and a technology angel investor can you please tell us a little bit about yourself phil sure um i’m probably best known as a poker player um i played professional poker uh for about 10 years from 2001 to 2011 or so i won a world poker tour championship made multiple final tables at the world series of poker i was the

Host of bravo’s hit television show celebrity poker showdown as well as the espn poker analyst uh had a great deal of fun uh traveling around the world promoting the game uh taking people’s money and uh and really you know experienced the the explosion of poker uh as a mainstream sport and for mainstream audience uh we’re seeing more or less the same thing

Happen today with sports betting 18 of the 50 states now offer regulated sports wagering another 16 have legislation pending there’s a huge increase in interest and activity in the sports uh gambling sector which is why i joined the vegas pointers advisory board and i’m helping them with their technology uh on the technology front i am a serial entrepreneur

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I’ve done five startups i’m currently ceo of a company called um and uh you know i’ve helped many businesses throughout the last 30 years uh with technology and technology related uh issues and and i’m proud to be able to participate with vegas winners helping them with their website with their technology stack and and really make the most of this

Opportunity that’s great and congratulations on all your success go green was the original name we are now doing a name change to vegas winners can you please explain for our audience what vegas winners does yeah so vegas winners is the premier destination for getting great insight and uh picks on the games of the day um you know sports sports betting uh as

Any uh as anyone will tell you it’s a difficult thing to do well um there’s a lot of knowledge that you have to have there’s a lot of modeling that you need uh in order to to pick enough winners to make it profitable uh vegas winners has some of the most uh intelligent capable handicappers on the planet uh including wayne allen root and in in this uh this site

You can easily uh go and get your picks uh and crush your friends or or bookies as a case may be sounds exciting and i believe that this is the future especially in a covid 19 world where people are at home watching sports looking for ways to generate extra income this is the future i totally believe in that and as a trader myself that invests in stocks i’ve

Seen the growth of trading because people are at home and they’re looking for alternative ways to generate income trading and gambling and sports betting has become really a phenomenon because it’s another method for people to generate income and there’s people right now that are losing businesses and jobs and income all over the world so it’s really becoming

Mainstream now and yeah what is why did you join vegas winners advisory board and how do you believe you can help vegas winners grow and prosper yeah so you know at the end of the day it’s terrible what’s happening uh here around the world with this pandemic it’s certainly affecting you know millions and tens of millions of people extremely negatively um and


I think you know for for most people that are doing the sports betting stuff you know they do it as a hobby but they actually want to win um you know it’s it’s one thing to to make a five dollar bet with your buddy it’s another to make a bet with positive expectation and the handicappers at vegas winners are the best in the business they know what they’re doing

They’re going to give you their picks it’s going to cost a little money but you’re going to make that money back over time um you know by picking more winners than you than you pick losers that’s what it’s all about as far as joining the advisory board you know i’m uniquely qualified i think to help this company uh given my background in technology as well as

In um you know in betting and um and then gambling um you know that professional poker seeing the rise of professional poker over 10 years and participating and helping it uh over the course of of that many years as well as you know the the technology stuff that i can bring to bear uh for the company with their website and and with their back end architecture

And things like that i think i’m uniquely situated to help the company prosper what is the value proposition vegas winners offers to its clients and how has the opportunity been enhanced due to the continued growth of the online gaming industry and covid yeah so uh look vegas winners at the end of the day biggest winner sells picks right i mean that’s that’s what

It’s in business to do uh they have uh partnered with some of the world’s leading handicappers those handicappers offer their picks on a daily or weekly basis we make it really easy to come to the site and see who the best handicappers in the world think will hit the over under or you know or or pick a winner for monday night football if you’re trying to do

This on your own and you know millions of people do you know you’re doing it casually but these guys really have deep fundamental insights they have very very high quality models and technology that they’re using to to build these picks um you know it’s a tough it’s a tough industry it’s a tough way to make an easy living just like it is in poker right um but

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At the end of the day if you can pick more than you pick more winners than losers thus the name vegas winners if you can pick more winners than losers you can come out ahead and make some uh make some cash absolutely and as the ceo of can you please tell our audience what and how it will service vegas winners clients yeah so is a

Technology platform that delivers uh text messaging for businesses for sales service and marketing and one of the things that we’re doing at vegas winners that’s unique utilizes the platform so most of the business is driven by text messaging uh when you sign up you you opt into texting we can send you your pixfy texting you can get customer service

Via texting you can even check the daily lines uh for the games and everything by texting so it’s just that always on interface that gives you an incredible ability just from you know just with a single text message to do everything that you need to do to get your daily sports picks that’s great well i’m super excited about you being a part of this team and

This new entity vegas winners congratulations on all your success i anticipate you’re gonna have a huge year in 2021 and our entire community will be watching thank you for joining us today phil gordon the ceo of and on the advisory board of vegas winners thank you for joining us today thank you very much for having me appreciate it have yourselves

A nice day thank you for watching everybody if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe click the like down below and comment on the video and if you have any questions please let me know and we’ll follow up with you as soon as we can have yourselves a nice day cheers

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