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Favorite Main Mouse Performance MX here:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush over the years i’ve used a lot of computer mice both wired and wireless so today i’m going to share with you some insights i have just from using it over at least 10 years on these mice so here are all my mice i actually own all of these and i’ve used them at one point or another this stuff right here are all my

Wired mice that i had this used to be my main wireless mouse and now i kind of use these guys the most i sorted the wireless mouse based on how well they work this one being my favorite the wired mice also has a sorting and let me talk about the wired mice first so over here is a really old mouse it’s an intelli mouse explorer usb and ps2 compatible it’s made

By microsoft and i think i got it sometime around 2002 or something like that and you can see the rubber part over here kind of disintegrated so i removed it you gotta watch out for the rubbery type of material that’s on your mouse because those things are the things that disintegrate and it’s gonna cause your mouse to be non-functional just like this one now i

Have a really tiny mouse here it’s a targus and you might find it cute and very portable right you might think oh let me get this because then i don’t have to carry a giant mouse well the thing is i use this for a while and it’s cute at first but then after you use it a while it really strains your hand because you can see you have to kind of squeeze your hand

Into a ball and holding in this position is not very organic and so i don’t really recommend any tiny mouse like this rather i would recommend get this logitech anywhere mx mouse instead as a portable one i’ll leave a link down below if you’re interested in where to get one next up is this microsoft optical mouse blue it’s just a very basic mouse there’s nothing

Fancy about it but the thing is it only has two buttons and the wheel i’ve grown very accustomed to pushing the back button here to go back on the browser i mainly use the left click right click scroll wheel and the back button the most instinctively i would use the back button so when i encounter a mouse without a back button i would get really frustrated and

My productivity would actually go down probably won’t ever try to get a mouse without a back button anymore here this one is a 3m ergonomic large so at some point i used the mouse a little too long and my wrist started hurting a little bit so i got this mouse thinking that i can make my hand upright you basically have these various buttons that you can assign for


Left right and middle click i notice that when i’m using this it really causes you to reduce your speed of selecting something because you actually have to lift your elbow over here in order to move the whole arm whereas for a mouse your elbow can be sitting down and you can you can move various ways because if your elbow is planted on the desk you can’t really

Go forward and back all that much you actually have to lift your elbow to go forward and back so i ended up not using this mouse this one is a great all-around mouse but then it’s wired so the wired part is going to get attached right and you’re going to move your mouse and then this is going to get tangled on something and it’s going to get annoying but the

Good thing about this is you never have to charge it so here’s my wireless mouse and it was great when it lasted so you have a usb port here it connects to here and the wireless goes from here into here and also the cradle here charges your mouse internally there is some sort of rechargeable battery i think it’s a lithium ion in there so whenever your battery is

Low you actually have to stick this on your cradle to charge it for several years this style was like the state of the art style because you can charge your mouse the problem with this is that let’s say you’ve been using your mouse for a long time you always forget to charge but one time it gets critically low which means you have to set your mouse on the cradle

Here to charge it for a while before you can actually use it so this is a really crappy part of the mouse because you actually have to stop working in order to charge there’s no way to charge this any other way so this is one of the major flaws of this early version wireless mouse i think this is called the mx1000 next up are my favorite mice now this is the

Mx anywhere mouse it works great because it also works on glass and then when you remove this it has your two batteries here which uh it takes alkaline or you can stick envelopes in there or whatnot and you have a little storage compartment for the receiver so you can stow this away uh in there when you’re not using it it comes with this little case is great so

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That your mouse won’t get scratched up when you’re taking it around and when you need to use it you open up the lid you take this stick it in your computer you close the lid back up and you open this little hatch here and then it knows oh you want to use it and you so you’re turning it on so if it’s off it’ll be in completely low power mode and it’s not consuming

Any electricity at all it’s on let me switch the switch it turns off so i’ve been enjoying this mouse a lot and i recommend it next up is this performance mx mouse it has this little scroll wheel here that it would either turn freely or you can turn it on in the software and it will have detent so it will be like click click click every time you you want to

Scroll up or down it does have the back button that i like i don’t actually use this zoom or forward too much nor do i use this funny button or the center button i use rarely and this task switch button is over here the thing is whenever you’re presented with all these buttons you have a learning curve to learn to use all these buttons instinctively however what

If suddenly you need to use some computer that is not your personal computer you have some random crappy mouse like this and you’re used to using the back button all these fancy buttons then you feel very handicapped so just remember that every time you learn to use a new button instinctively that you’re going to be that much restricted when you use a mouse that

Is not your regular mouse so let me just show you some accessories that comes with this it has a charger and has these various cables and this case so this thing has the receiver okay so when you plug this into your computer you can have this extender to to plug it into maybe your laptop or something or if you have a desktop you need to plug it in the back it

Has this extension cable you plug it in the back of the computer and you sneak this somewhere to the front of your computer you know on your desk or something then you have your receiver much closer i never had the requirement to need this because my usually my desktop computer is close enough so i just plug this into the nearest usb port and it works just fine

So i don’t really need these extension cables here this is the charge cable so you just plug this usb in and if you happen to run out of battery somehow while you’re using it you can just plug this in and you can just keep on using the mouse which is great because there’s zero downtime versus this older mouse if you run out of battery you have to stick it on the

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Cradle and you have no mouse to use you gotta find some other mouse which which you end up having to put another little mouse around just so that in case this one runs out of battery you can use this one so this is a really bad idea over here aside from this cable thing that you can charge with neat thing is that you can actually remove this rechargeable battery

It actually comes with this eneloop battery and so if you happen to run out of battery you can just pop this one out put a brand new one in and you’re ready to go although i don’t recommend this as a portable mouse because you can see it’s quite big and hefty it’s quite thick it’s almost two inches thick whereas this one is actually the smallest you should go

For a portable mouse and this is acceptable to me after using it in comparison to this tiny one this would cramp your hands one thing to note is that in the early days wireless mouse generally logitech had the lowest latency so that gamers really liked logitech ones and basically everyone used logitech mice but these days wireless mouse performance is getting

A lot narrower so you can actually buy various different brands and they would be pretty similar and you know they’re all pretty not bad so there you have it i hope you like the review of all these eight devices which i’ve actually used for a really really long time and i can tell you about the reliability of it how comfortable it is and actual usage scenarios

Like if it runs out of battery what you have to do and stuff like that so don’t forget i do have links to all of these devices at least the ones that you can still buy in the video description below if you’re interested don’t forget to give me a like on this video it helped me on this channel a lot if you have a question about these mice about the performance of

It feel free to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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