WonderFi Technologies Inc. strategic investment in Bitbuy (WNDR) (WONDF) (A3C166)

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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and richpixdaily.com where you can join the club and you can learn how to become a winning trader in the stocks and crypto world of investing we

Have some big breaking news from wonder fi seems like every week wonderful just continues to bring the news wndr in canada w-o-n-d-f in america i absolutely love wonderfuy i love the long-term potential of wonderfuy and the news looks like this wonderfuy announces strategic investment in bit by first approved crypto marketplace in canada this is big breaking

News from wonderfuy and let’s break it down right here right now we literally are exclusively breaking the news as it happens so wondrify is on the neo exchange in canada under the symbol wndr in america on the otc markets under the symbol w-o-n-d-f and in frankfurt germany under the symbol a a3c166 and on the ftx exchange now on the ftx crypto exchange under

The symbol wndr huge huge news today announced it has made a strategic investment into first ledger corp the parent company of bit by technologies inc canada’s first crypto marketplace huge big breaking news wonderful strategic investment in bit by is one of the first regulated crypto marketplaces globally is a significant step as we continue on our mission of

Democratizing finance through easy and secure access to decentralized defy defy decentralized finance and crypto said ben samaru ceo of wonder fi our alignment with bit by opens up significant opportunities to create an end-to-end unified customer experience we are actively exploring integration of our product suites which will expand the reach and scope that

Wonderful can offer to the market and will drive long-term growth and value for the company guys every single move that wonderful is doing is strategic they’re not playing checkers they’re playing 3d chess and this is why i believe everybody needs to put wondrify on their radar on their watch list right here right now before they absolutely explode because

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These guys are putting all their right relationships in place to be a home run whether canadians are buying bitcoin ethereum or altcoins bit by knows that price and best execution matter said dean skurka president of bit by we are proud to be a leader in providing transparency to the canadian market and pleased to have wonderfuy as an investor and strategic

Partner i think wonderful is doing all the right moves and i want to show you guys what our community is doing with wonderfuy so first and foremost this is the wonderfuy website put on your radar put on your watch list go and sign up to the app to see for yourself the website is wonder dot f i okay they are going to be launching the app literally any moment

Okay and this is the website for bit by canada you can see right here the crypto destination of investors you could see here 350 000 canadians served and over 4 billion cryptocurrency traded incredible and you can see featured on all these different platforms and you can buy a bit sell a bit bit by supports bitcoin and also the following digital currencies

Bitcoin bitcoin cash ethereum litecoin ripple stellar eos aave and link and you can see the funding and withdrawal methods available are interact and bank wire canada’s secure and trusted platform buy and sell bitcoin and a variety of best cryptocurrencies with peace of mind using bit by huge news i love these investments that wonderful is doing they really

Are getting their hands involved in everything and i want to show you guys what our community is doing so you could see we brought this pic pre-ipo it opened up around dollar 25 it went as high as three dollars which was the high high i’ll mark the high high here on the on the chart it went as high as three dollars which was the high high all right this is

The high high right here so that’s the high high 308 and you can see the low low is about a dollar 20 and it’s just coming back from its all-time highs and it’s doing this pullback to right around where we are today where our community’s been picking it up because they feel that this dip is a buying opportunity you can see the same thing looks uh very similar

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In america currently at a dollar seventy and in frankfurt germany listed here under the symbol five two d o at a dollar fifty one so a lot of our members have been buying the dip today they really like this news they like this dip they believe it’s a buying opportunity i’d love to know what you think about this dip do you think this is a buying opportunity do

You think it goes higher from here do you think it goes lower from here in my opinion if you can buy at these levels or lower it will be a good long-term investment short term who knows we’re going into christmas or going into the holidays some people may be taking profits because the stock is up which totally makes sense nothing wrong with that and i must

Remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live but in saying that i do believe that this is a company that has an incredible future and incredible upside and i think it’s one that everybody should be

Aware of you can see the trend was up and it’s just recently come down which i believe is creating a buying opportunity for investors and realistically the next big catalyst for wonderful i mean they might have any they might have big breaking news that could change everything short term but i really believe that the biggest long-term catalyst will be the

Launch of their app the launch of their exchange where you’re going to be able to buy and invest in d5 assets you’re going to be able to receive rewards you’re going to be able to stake your coins get interest dividends on your coins and i believe it’s going to be an absolute game changer and every one of these strategic investments and relationships with fdx

Exchange and bit by and selena that they continue to do is only going to prove very very very oh i think it’s going to prove that it is a huge winner and i believe that there’s going to be an amazing opportunity for investors so love to know what you guys think about wonderfuy and the big breaking news today yet another strategic investment in a huge huge

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Company bit by the first approved crypto marketplace in canada wonderful making a strategic investment in bit by if you like these videos smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live our community all over the world is buying the dip on bit by some of our investors got in day one and they’re just holding

What are you doing with wonderfuy our community’s buying the dip to buying the dip and they might sell the rip or they may just hold what are you going to do with this news on wonderfuy making a strategic investment in bit by the first approved crypto market in canada huge breaking news for wonderful going in the weekend what do you think are you buying the

Dip you’re bored rich you’re risked to be live if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners just like wonderful and we bring them to you first thank you for watching everybody i want to wish everybody a merry christmas happy holidays and a wonderful 2022 let’s finish 2021 strong this december let’s hit all our goals have a very

Special holidays and get ready for the biggest year of our lives i 2022. we’re gonna have a special year for kryptos in 2022 so much exciting things to look forward to in the d5 space decentralized finance thank you guys for watching your boy rich from risk to be live put wonderfuy on your radar on your watch list maybe put some wonderfuy in your shopping

List for christmas maybe put some wonderful under the tree for christmas just saying it’s your boy rich mr be live and i’m out peace love this news on wonder fi wndr in canada wndf in america your boys out we’ll see you soon

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WonderFi Technologies Inc. strategic investment in Bitbuy (WNDR) (WONDF) (A3C166) By RICH TV LIVE

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