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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hi how’s everybody doing today i am your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the cto of wonderfi technologies kong lee how you doing today kong i’m doing great great to have

You on the show and can you give us a little bit of a background on yourself and how you got involved with wonderfuy yeah i’d love to um so my background’s obviously in tech i actually started my career as a game developer and i fell in love with bitcoin in 2009 very early og and 2016 i started dabbling in ethereum and that’s where i met ben in 2017 at first

Going capital and over the year ben myself and dean we work on a couple projects and a little a year ago we got together and started e5 venture with the idea of building a non-custodial d5 platform and obviously this came as the wonderful app that we recently launched a couple weeks ago congratulations on launching the app like i said i’ve also got the app i’ve

Put assets in the app and i’m looking to put even more assets in the app that rolls right into the next question you guys had some huge news this week uh just a couple days ago you guys announced the launch of wonder fight interactive bringing play to earn gaming and nfts to the wonderfuy app and to all of the members of the wonderfuy community can you tell us

What this means for wonderfuy and how you’ll be taking advantage of the super hot nft sector yeah we’re we’re super excited with this acquisition as well um so i mean what i’ve seen over the years in the space is a lot of the blockchain games they start out with you know using blockchain as a mean to raise the fund so a lot of games start out with a token and

Then they use that to fund development and what end up happening is the game design that was never you know designed around the token or the economic around it it’s always about the fundraising and often most of the project you know the backlash from the gamers that your your token doesn’t tie in with the game economy and stuff are broken i mean i won’t name

Any name project but that’s essentially what we’re seeing uh so with this acquisition we’re in a very unique position to do things differently um for starter we’re actually not going to sell any empty not not like a traditional nfc job player actually going to earn the nft through playing the game and they can be that’s reward or random item that you might

Find in the map or you know just having top score in in the game and the two main characters in the game king king kong and godzilla they’re actually backed by legendary films so they’re actual ip back so they’re not like you know your typical nft that drops out of thin air uh and as you can imagine it’s the sky’s the limit right like once you have fictional

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Character why not do actual individuals so as you know kevin o’leary is one of our big backer and he’s going to be on in the game as a collectible characters wow and obviously uh with the bit by acquisition came kyle lowry and so he’s going to be as a collectible character as well so kyle lowry that’s huge absolutely i love watching that commercial during

The super bowl i was just like oh my goodness this is so exciting how are you going to see more of him yeah i can’t wait i’m a huge fan of kyle lowry championship with the toronto raptors he’s like a canadian superstar icon for bringing the toronto raptors a championship and he was the point guard for toronto raptors for many many years so that is an amazing

Amazing member to bring to the wonderful and the bit by family now kong a lot of our members are asking when will two-factor authentication be added to the wonderful app for security reasons now for some of you guys that don’t know what two-factor authentication is one of the biggest issues with cryptocurrencies over the last few years has been hacking has

Been fraud has been people stealing people’s coins so one of the ways to combat that is a lot of apps a lot of platforms a lot of exchanges have two-factor authentication now i know you guys just launched your app are you guys planning on offering two-factor authentication on the wonderfuy app so uh 2fa has always been there we chose not to activate it for

Yeast upon boarding so okay so right now it is actually available and active on the app perfect the option to update your qfa setting will be rolling out uh in the next release so it’s it’s there’ll be some more work on around it perfect that answers my question it was actually one of the questions i had because being someone that’s been in the crypto game

For so long when you move lots of assets over you want to make sure that they’re really really protected and that two-factor authentication is something that i always like to look for it just makes me feel a little bit more comfortable lets me sleep at night so i’m really looking forward to you guys adding that option so i’ll be looking for that very closely

Now another question that everyone in our community is asking is when will bitcoin be available to deposit on the wonderful app any chance you can tell us on the status on bitcoin deposits on the wonderful app it’s a it’s an amazing question i we actually get this on a daily basis so you’re not uh you’re not alone it’s the biggest coin right so absolutely

Yeah so one thing is what a lot of our users are not aware of as our team does spend a lot of time analyzing every product that we integrate into the platform to make sure that they’re safe and as of right now a lot of the options for bitcoin and defy they don’t meet those criteria but not to say we’re not going to be so we are in continuously working with

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Our partners and product that we potentially could be integrating to and just getting up to standards essentially um so i am very excited that things are moving and we’ll hopefully be seeing that soon very good that’s huge and can you give the viewers an idea of how wonderful interactive and play to earn gaming will help them earn more income and how soon

Can people start buying nfts on the wonderful platform i know you touched on that a little bit yeah absolutely so one of the things just clarify again is that we’re not selling empty they’re they’re earnable and unlockable assets within the game and that’s the the beauty in all this and this is you know aligned with our vision of being decentralized and b5

Is once you’re in the character in the assets they’re yours to keep and whether you you know you trade them or you move them to another platform that’s your freedom to do and that’s where we are you know doing things in the non-conventional is that the assets and you’re in the game right now truly in your wallet and you do whatever you want and obviously

You know if uh if an assets appreciate it’s out of control and that’s the free market that we operate in and um and obviously the other important piece is the uh the nft are backed by ip so they’re they’re valuable assets on its own on their own uh and as we roll out the individual nfp obviously you know that i’ll leave it to the imagination of the viewer to

Figure out how much value there is in those assets as well yeah super exciting so guys if you want nfts on the wonderfuy app you just got to play the game you play the game and you earn nfts i mean it’s super cool i know i’m going to be telling my son to go play the game and if he doesn’t want the nfts i’m going to tell him to pass them to me so yeah i think

That’s really cool play to earn gaming earning nfts to play games and earning rewards is the future and gaming is such a huge growing industry so i’m super excited to see you guys be a part of it now any chance you can tell us and give us an update on the bit by deal obviously it’s a huge deal that you guys are working on that can really change wonderful in a

Lot of ways can you give us an update on how that’s coming absolutely and you’re right it’s it’s a foundational piece for us um it gave us a license exchange and uh access to uh onboarding for uh crypto essentially within canada but i mean that’s that’s uh that’s open right and but most importantly bitbuy is a profitable profit center for wonderful give us

Steady revenues and the 90 90-plus employee that they have now uh accelerate our growth uh we’re we’re a small company but now we’re at it and so we’re going to be 110 uh when the transaction closed and we’re anticipating that the deal will be closing this quarter so it’s going to be coming fast and furious this quarter there’s only a few days left absolutely

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So we’ll uh work with fingers crossed but there’s a lot of people pushing and we’re hoping to get it across the line oh that’s great that’s so exciting if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about wonderfuy today what would that be uh you know what i would say we just got started uh we’re a one year company and with the latest acquisition

There are three billion game player out there that are just starting to experience crypto and gaming and between bit buy and go big uh and the one if i have we’re excited that we’re gonna have this um you know a product that will touch on for all of these users that are gonna be coming into the space super exciting and my last question what is the best way

For shareholders and potentially new shareholders to get in touch with the company if they have any questions for the company in regards to the wonderful interactive and play to earn gaming and nfts absolutely our website is wonder.fi uh and our social channels are listed on there as well um it’s the best way to keep in touch with us and we do update them on a

Regular basis fantastic thank you so much for your time today the cto and co-founder of wonderfi technologies conglee now i must remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we brought

You wonder five first it’s been a huge winner for our community it’s come back down to a nice spot again where a lot of investors are picking it up again it had huge news come out about the bit by deal which i think is going to be game changing for the app and for the company for a startup they’ve also just recently come up with huge news about nfts play to

Earn games so lots of exciting things to talk about here i believe this is a company that is grossly undervalued under appreciated under exposed they have a star-studded team kevin o’leary is involved sam bankman freed is involved josh richards is ball is involved congley’s involved rich tv live is involved and you should get involved too thank you guys for

Watching and thank you for joining us today the cto and co-founder love to invite you back anytime congley thank you for joining us today thanks for having me on it’s always a pleasure if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share

The video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live this is rich from mrv live with conley the cto and co-founder of wonderfi technology saying have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon you

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