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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and richpixdaily.com where you can go and join our trading community and learn how to win trading stocks and cryptocurrencies 24 hours a

Day seven days a week now we need to really focus on wonderful technologies because it’s gone all the way back to where it started pre-ipo it’s back to ipo prices despite the fact that they’ve had some huge acquisitions first the acquisition of bit by which is just about to be consummated and completed literally any day now and now the acquisition of a play

To earn nft platform which gives you now the ability to access defy buying and selling of crypto would bit by d5 with wonderfuy and now play to earn games and nfts all on the wonder five platform it is growing and leveling up its game and essentially setting itself up to be a one-stop shop everything cryptocurrencies with nfts play to earn games buying and

Selling of crypto decentralized finance all in one place and now an ecosystem of around 600 thousand customers in their ecosystem and growing at a very rapid pace we’re gonna break it down we’re gonna look into all the news thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching because we bring you the winners just like wonderfuy and we

Bring them to you first make sure you put wonderful on your radar put it on your watch list wndr in canada wondf in america and full disclosure i am a shareholder you can see my shares and my holdings in the disclaimer of this video at the bottom of the disclaimer thank you guys for watching now let’s take a look a little bit deeper into the news with wonderfi

Technologies okay so i’m going to show you guys uh some of the websites and some of the news that’s come out recently on wonderfuy now on february 24th wonderful launches wonderfuy interactive bringing play to earn gaming and nfts to wonder fi now we told you guys that wonder fi is your gateway to d5 full disclosure i’m a shareholder in wondrify and now they

Are launching a wonderful interactive now you’re probably gonna ask what’s wonderful interactive wonderfuy to acquire go big game franchise on ios and android super cool with over 200 000 users that’s right 200 000 users including launch title go big feet godzilla versus kong a licensed ip property from legendary entertainment to acquisition of sun machine

Entertainment now we’re going to take a look at sun machine games this is the website for sun machine games right here and this news once again was on february 24th wonderfi technologies wndr on the new exchange wondf on the otc a 3 c 166 in frankfurt germany and wndr on ftx exchange today announced the launch of a new division wondervi interactive which is

This wonderful interactive right here bringing play to earn gaming and nfts to wonderfuy which expands wonderfuy’s product offering into play to earn gaming and nfts and will now provide a new on-ramp for users into the wonderfuy ecosystem once again this is the submachine games right here super cool in connection with the launch wonderfuy has entered into a

Binding letter of intent to acquire all of the issue outstanding shares of sun machine entertainment an industry-leading game development studio and owner of the go big franchise which is currently available on ios and android wanna learn more about wonderfuy interactive launch gaming provides a universally accessible entry point for crypto and nfts and there

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Are over three billion gamers worldwide that’s right three billion gamers worldwide commented kong lee chief technology officer of wonder fight which we had on our show wonderfuy is in a position to create unique nfp opportunities through the go big franchise and offer players the ability to earn ip-backed nfts that are usable across the go big franchise and

The wonderful ecosystem wonderful interactive roadmap will include the integration of nfts into the go big franchise including celebrity nfts and the development of new games in 2022 to bring more gamers into the wonderful ecosystem sam bankman freed strategic investor into wonderful has commented on gaming nfts being the driving force behind bringing crypto

To the mainstream i’m pretty bullish on the top-tier gaming publisher looking to introduce crypto into their system and gaming nfts could bring a non-crypto na native audience to crypto for something other than financial investing added bankman freed huge huge huge huge huge news and to learn a little bit more about sun machine sun machine godzilla vs kong

And legendary entertainment once again this is the website for sun machine games so sun machine was founded by will moselle who previously sold his game development studio big park to microsoft will has been building studios and game franchises for over 28 years and while at microsoft oversaw flagship products gears of war and kinect sports as well as leading

Interactive sports experiences with nfl espn and ufc on xbox sun machine in partnership with global content leader legendary entertainment released the action-packed mobile video game go big feet godzilla vs kong in q4 2021 during this period and in advance of commercial launch in q2 2022 the product has already seen over 200 000 installs while in soft launch

Across the apple app store and google play store in north america and select international markets with our soft launch user acquisition metrics our world-class ip partnership with legendary entertainment and our 2022 roadmap we are very excited about the future of the go big franchise commented mr moeselle and you can see they also have videos on youtube feel

Free to review those videos and learn more about this amazing opportunity go big feet godzilla versus kong is the first major installation of the go big franchise created to be the most fun two minutes of your day the casual action smash dash and grow gameplay of go big it will soon extend other game genres with the team at sun machine will be creating next with

Its broadly appealing gameplay captivating characters and dynamic world gobig was designed for seamless collaboration with compelling ips such as godzilla vs kong this is one of the deepest collaborations we’ve ever done in a casual mobile game for film godzilla vs kong and we couldn’t be happier with sun machines portrayal commented legendary entertainment’s

Sam rappaport director of interactive media and at this and at the time of soft launch go big feet godzilla vs kong is non-stop action and pure fun bringing a playful element to the iconic kong and godzilla titans not yet seen before we believe fans of the monsterverse franchise and even those who haven’t yet seen the films will love this game so this is big

News that has been trending and i wanted to bring it to you guys first that is sun machine games and we’re going to look at the stock soon but we also want to talk about the news that wonderful now has also reported this was march 2nd wonderfi technologies inc reports over 600 000 users across the entire ecosystem obviously that includes the wonderfuy interactive

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And the deal with bit by right here we’re going to break this down so wonderful technologies is pleased to report an update on the rapid growth of collective users within the wonderful ecosystem with a total of over 600 000 users upon the closing of the bit by and sun machine acquisitions so this is bit by here they are just waiting to close this acquisition

And i believe that this acquisition will be a transformative acquisition as you can see here by a bit celibate you can see all the different options for buying and selling on bit buy and i believe this acquisition is going to be a game changer closing of the bit by acquisition expected in q1 2022 brings an additional 389 000 registered users so the ecosystem bit

By recorded a 58 increase in new user registrations in q4 2021 compared to q3 2021 so they are growing quickly and now with the partnership with wonderfuy this could be growing even faster the wonderful app successfully launched on january 25th 2022 and has since recorded over 25 600 unique visits and the average number of daily sign ups has continued to grow

Since the initial launch with a 255 week over week increase in the final week of february the launch of wonderfuy interactive which we just showed you guys and it looks like this right here the launch of wonderful interactive alongside the go big game franchise brings over 200 000 users on ios and android nft support features will be added to the wonderful

App in 2022 to create a bridge between gaming and crypto users upon the closing of the acquisitions of sun machine with an estimated average lifetime value of 800 for each user of centralized crypto trading platforms like bit by it is expected and this once again this is bit by it is expected that through the inclusion of other wonderful products such as d5

And play to earn gaming that a typical wonderful ecosystem user will be worth more in the future with the integration of these additional products and solutions ben samaru chief executive officer of wonderfuy commented within a very short time frame we have achieved over half a million users and have continued to focus on offering a diverse set of high quality

Products to those users the strong synergies between c5 d5 gaming and nfts provide us with a tremendous opportunity to continue to grow our base increase the value of each user which increases the value of the wonderful ecosystem so huge huge huge acquisitions and let’s just take a look at the stock so we’re always looking at the price of wondrify and i want

To kind of show you guys some areas of focus for me as an investor now full disclosure i’m a shareholder we can see that wonderfuy has been in this zone here they’ve been in the zone here so as an investor what i’d be doing is i’d be looking to understand the high high of the zone the low low the zone always want to understand where we are trading in the zone

Are we near the high of the zone are we near the low the zone always trying to understand exactly where it’s been and exactly where it’s going so you can see it’s been as high as three dollars and it’s recently been as low as let’s just say uh well no it hasn’t been that low the lowest it’s been let’s just say is around a dollar twelve lows it’s ever been is

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A dollar twelve you can see in canada it’s right now at a dollar twenty three so i think it’s very close to what i would consider a bottom um the lowest it’s ever been essentially you can see it did this huge trend up where it was a great exit and a great time for investors to take profits and now it’s come all the way back down to where it is today it’s been

A little bit lower than where it is but in my opinion this is where you want to be buying you want to be buying the dips and selling the rips i think there’s a huge huge huge gap to fill here and there’s a lot of money to be made in wonderfuy obviously we need to see these deals get consummated we need to see these deals go on the balance sheet we need to

See these deals get completed but once these deals get completed we’re talking about 600 000 users across their ecosystem i believe this is a buying opportunity for wonder fi at these levels or lower love to know what you guys think i must remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your

Research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live but in saying that you can see that we had this trend up now we’re trending down and i believe it’s setting up for the next move up so as an investor you want to buy the dips you want to sell on rips and you can clearly see that it has had some rips and now it’s dipped again so

I believe this is a great buying opportunity love to know what you guys think if you like these videos smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live you can see in america a lot of the same where it’s uh been at these lower levels trended up gave everyone that was first getting started an opportunity to get

In and get out take profits at those higher levels and now it’s come all the way back down and even lower when it started so anyone that missed the first run can now get in at these lower levels and i believe that they will be setting themselves up for a huge win when wonderful makes its next break up so love to know what you guys think on these videos comment

On the video let me know do you guys buy at these levels are you buying at these levels are you holding did you sell when it went to three dollars in canada are you a long-term investor in this are you buying the dips are you selling the rips have you got in before and then sold and are you looking for another entry love to know what you guys think this is rich

From rich to be live full disclosure i’m a shareholder and a long-term investor in wonder fi technologies i want to see this company grow i want to see them really develop and this is a long-term investment for me love to know what you guys think this is rich rich to be live breaking down the big news from wonderful technologies over 600 000 users across its

Ecosystem and now they’re also bringing play to earn gaming and nfts to wonderful love to know what you guys think about this news this is rich from rich to be live and i’m out you

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