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Many applications and services masquerade as useful tools but when you spend too much time on them, you are essentially working to produce content for the company for free. This is in the form of photos, videos, posts, and reviews. All of which is content that your friends or the public may view and is content that will have ads running next to them. When your return is very little or nothing at all, you might wonder if its worth it to produce the content and post it for free online.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the push today i’m going to talk about how you’re actually working for free sometimes and you don’t even know it this is in particular using some of the applications something including free games facebook and some other review sites now why does this even matter because whenever you spend an exorbitant amount of time on something

You’re actually wasting your time which means you’re wasting your money in essence instead of wasting all that time you could have been using that time to make more money or further improve yourself instead now i’m not saying these applications are bad because there are some utility to it and that’s why people go and use it but whenever you binge on these applications

And use it excessively that’s when it hits your bottom line and kind of reduces your earning power now let me just go over some examples just so that you know what i’m talking about for example yelp is a review site so you can go and look up restaurants and see if it’s good or not from other reviewers however whenever you start reviewing restaurants and also posting

Pictures those things have monetary value and you’re actually not getting paid for this for example if you’re a professional photographer maybe you can sell your photos from anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars each photo however whenever you review a restaurant and you post pictures you don’t get paid for any of those pictures actually it’s true if you’re

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An amateur you can post any kind of pictures and it can be pretty terrible quality but then most people try to strive for good quality pictures and if you do upload these well you’re not getting paid for any of them whenever you’re writing quality reviews you’re not getting paid for and yet you get a lot of traffic pulled into that website and so this effort that

You put in becomes their capital and they get to earn money off of that i mean yelp is a great place there’s a utility to it you can use it to look up restaurants you can bookmark things and write reviews to make sure you know which restaurants you’ve been to and what you thought about it so they created this useful platform where people would actually want to go

And put reviews and pictures on it so that’s why they actually earn money but as a user you got to think of what you’re contributing to the website and the value that you are actually giving them let me talk about facebook on the other hand because whenever you make a post this gets fed to all your friends now your friends want to view what you post so you become

The source of the content typically let’s say if you were to write for a magazine you would actually get paid per word or per article however on facebook you keep on creating all this quality content maybe you take videos or pictures and yet you get zero payment where does the payment get paid you create the content the other people view it and advertisers place

Ads next to what you created so facebook is actually pop getting all this money from the content that you’re actually producing now facebook is a great place to connect with friends and stuff so and i still personally use it myself it’s just good to realize that the content you’re putting in you’re not getting paid for and they are actually benefiting from it if

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You look up online you’ll see that any single user may benefit facebook anywhere from $20 to $100 per person per year so this is how much you are value to them now of course this depends on how quality the content you are and how many people actually views your posts now let me talk about free game for a while you download these games for free and yet sometimes

They have these ads right at the very bottom at the end of the day what did you get from it you get the entertainment value but then you didn’t learn anything really you’re just playing the game you’re just spending your time the time that you spent is money that’s in their pocket so the ads that’s placed on the free game all this is being funneled into whoever

Created the game so whenever you’re playing this game you’re actually spending your time kind of like your life force you have limited amount of this and you’re actually giving this away freely and the time that you’re actually wasting away is actually being converted into money into whoever benefits from the creator of that game the list goes on on especially

For places where you can place reviews of things that you try for example airbnb it gives a great utility where you can go and rent that place we’re pretty cheap however whenever you do a review you’ve got to figure out how much time actually takes maybe you want to benefit the community and that’s a good thing however you got to know that whenever you write the

Review maybe it took you an hour to write this actually gets integrated into their system it actually helps benefit the whole company and there’s an actual monetary value to this review that you’re actually not getting another say i want to mention is amazon where you might be able to get paid for the reviews that you do now people can spend a lot of time making

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The reviews they can do very in-depth thing it can cost them a lot of time and effort however if you get good enough at least on that platform manufacturers might actually send you products so you get something in turn for the effort that you put in kind of thing for yelp if you’re in the elite status you might get invited to these parties where you can actually go

And have free food however whenever you think of the time and effort involved and the returns that you get is very little so the return on investment on your time from these platforms actually really low so just be cautious of spending way too much time on these platform because time is money don’t forget to give me a like on this video and if you have an example

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