And it is official the world health organization has officially declared the coronavirus a pandemic oh i wish i didn’t say i told you so but i predicted this six weeks ago before anyone else in the world i predicted that this corona virus would spread to a hundred countries we’re now in 119 countries worldwide let’s see maybe even more to the up-to-date numbers

Because the up-to-date numbers i’m sure just get more and more shocking by the day yeah like one hundred and twenty four thousand nine hundred sixteen cases four thousand five hundred eighty five deaths like the amount of dying is growing by an extremely scary number like we’re starting to get deaths by the seems like like 121 countries now 2313 new cases in italy

A hundred and ninety six new deaths in italy overnight this outbreak is becoming very scary in italy the death toll in italy is growing so fast that at this pace they’re going to catch up to china eight hundred and twenty seven people have died out of twelve thousand in italy that’s a very high percentage a very concerning percentage the usa now has one thousand

And sixteen infected 31 deaths france has 1784 infected germany has 1908 infected spain 2188 infected including 493 overnight forty nine deaths in spain iran – wow 19,000 infected 958 new cases overnight 354 deaths in iran and 63 overnight the world health organization declares the corona virus is a pandemic it took them six weeks to declare it i had declared it

Six weeks ago i knew this was happening i predicted there would be deaths in canada in the united states i 100% correct about that i predicted we’d be in a hundred countries we are now in a hundred and twenty-one countries the world health organization said wednesday the corona virus that causes kovat nineteen that has infected over one hundred and twenty four

Thousand people around the world has become a pandemic until now the who has characterized the illness which broke out in wuhan china late last year as a series of epidemics an outbreak is deemed to have become a pandemic when it has spread from human to human on several continents the agency said the number of cases outside china has increased tenfold and the

Number of countries affected has tripled we expect to see the number of cases the number of deaths and the number of affected countries climb even higher who has been assessing the outbreak around the clock who had tedros at henan told reporters and were deeply concerned most by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by alarming levels of inaction there

It is people acting like this ain’t no big thing and i’ve been talking about it for six weeks at six weeks ago when i started doing this people called me a fear mongerer people said i didn’t know i was talking about people said that this wasn’t serious to this day people still say it’s just the flu rich it’s just the flu rich well the world health organization

Just called it a pandemic six weeks after i said that this was growing to be a pandemic because when china closed and locked down 60 million people i knew how serious this was because you don’t walk down 60 million people unless there’s a serious problem there was a window of opportunity we all had this window to do what we could with it but did you do anything

With that window of opportunity did you take your window of opportunity what did you do with your window of opportunity do you have toilet paper do you have canned goods do you have food do you have fresh water just in case this gets worse ross fleming’s saying warriors game tomorrow not allowing fans in the arena it’s terrible i do in ross the amazing life of

Dixie the border collie says scary yeah i’m but not surprised game walkthrough says wu hen is still in complete lockdown who lied roy reyes says i know dazzling looks like merger in talks a love i know and they’ve been getting shorted by citron research and andrew left but now that the world health organization has declared this a pandemic that’s very bullish for

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Coronavirus and vaccine stocks take a look at my agn pick another one of my picks that’s up now a hundred percent this week i brought you guys a gn on monday was at 15 cents it broke 31 cents today it broke 35 cents on monday another one of my picks that’s up a hundred percent and i brought it to you because of my boy dylan fraser brought me that pick on friday

Said rich take a look at a gn i took a look at a gn i did my due diligence did my research bought them on monday did a video told you guys about it sold it today i don’t feel great about it stephen says two cases and medicine hat now ross fleming says you called it months ago i did man six weeks ago actually i think this might be seven weeks now burger king says

As expected it is now a pandemic and we’ve been talking about this right and here it is so where’s all the people on the stream that don’t think this is real they’ve all disappeared have you noticed it’ll show up anymore they used to all be here and laugh at us i used to say this isn’t serious now they’re not here where are they are they in isolation are they in

Lockdown are they in quarantine roy says good morning sir my island penny borac a philippines panic buying of pure fills frank says bull market will officially be over fact governments have lied how bad this is just looked at what’s going on in italy guys it’s absolutely frightening what’s happening in italy 12,000 infected the amount that are dying is growing by

A staggering staggering percentage 196 deaths overnight in italy 2313 new cases in italy overnight 827 deaths out of 12 thousand four hundred and sixty-two cases that’s a staggering percentage that’s got to be around 7 percent of the cases are dying in italy staggering percentage and they’re not the only country that’s having it spread iran 958 cases overnight

South korea 242 cases overnight spain 493 cases overnight germany 343 cases overnight switzerland 155 cases overnight norway 169 cases overnight netherlands 121 cases overnight sweden 135 cases overnight uk 73 cases overnight denmark 170 kansa overnight belgium 47 cases overnight qatar 238 cases overnight australia 64 cases overnight bahrain 79 cases overnight

Singapore 12 cases overnight malaysia 20 cases overnight like do you guys not see what’s going on here i don’t think people understand i just don’t think people get maybe they’re calling me a fear monger and i said i’m not trying to create fear i’m trying to educate people trying to help save the world before this is too late and it’s already too late it’s already

Everywhere in my neighborhood it’s in your neighborhood it’s all over the world it’s in everybody’s neighborhood stephen says two cases in manhattan’s medicine hat now i believe that there’s cases everywhere we just don’t know it yet you’re gonna hear about cases everywhere as sam says yes thank you game walkthrough says yeah i got supplies get supplies guys get

Supplies if we go on lockdown you’re gonna wish you had supplies you’re not gonna want to leave your house shelby says morning rich my wife was correct and i was too naive to see it from my own eyes it’s real bro this is real protect your families protect your friends this is very real it has just been declared a pandemic by the world health organization i’ve been

Streaming for you guys for weeks about this please guys smash the like button we are live we’re breaking this global outbreak has officially been declared a pandemic and we are live and interactive to talk about it please smash the like button we’ve been talking about this for five six now seven weeks and i called this a pandemic seven weeks ago when people were

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Laughing at me on the stream people said i was a fear mongerer people said i was crazy people still call me a feeling fear mongerer people still say i’m crazy and i say really why are basketball games canceling all fans from coming to watch that’s the only reason why they play is to make money why are soccer games canceling all of the fans ability to watch that’s

The only reason why they play soccer is to make money now they’re playing for free how long can these companies these are businesses continue to play soccer for free continue to play basketball for free this is going to have a massive impact on the global economy in apps massive impact on the global economy i said this weeks ago we should have a global travel ban

At that point in time our government was flying people in from ruin quarantine them for 14 days i said how do you know 14 days is gonna work how do you know it doesn’t take longer how do you know it won’t come back now all of a sudden people that got it got better and all of a sudden they got it again and now they’re spreading it again this is idiotic how the world

Handled this and now we are all at risk everybody in every single community of the world is at risk of the coronavirus you may not take it serious but i’ve been taking this serious since day one and now all my worst fears have been realized we’re in 121 countries there’s people dying every single day all over the world and it’s spreading and getting worse and

Worse every single day stephen says smash that like for rich you the man keep people informed i’m trying man but i get attacked every single day for trying to keep you informed i bring you guys great pics like ino and then they get shorted by heartless citron research who doesn’t care about the public doesn’t care about the people that are dying every day all they

Care about doing is making money shorting stocks that are trying to save the world shame on you citron research shame on you i hope you get you a squeezed on ino because last time i looked i know is going up right now so they created a buying opportunity for us so i shouldn’t be that angry i just hate the fact that they couldn’t give a about people’s health and

Safety they couldn’t give a damn about anybody’s health and safety all they care about is money in a time of a global pandemic give me a break give me a break hb says those are the peanut minded people who don’t take it serious there’s a lot of them it’s just mind-boggling frank crosetti says i went to get food water drinks and pet supplies and no one was really

In a walmart that usually is bumper-to-bumper yeah people don’t want to be around other people that’s when you know that we have a problem people are going to start stop going out people are gonna be staying in their homes and guys join my training academy man trade off your phone make money off your phone now is the time to learn how to make money off your phone

And we can make money down so if stocks are going down if the markets going down if anything is going down we can make money down if anything’s going up we can make money up from our phones we don’t have to leave our houses we don’t have to go anywhere and we can get the money deposited right into our accounts join the academy guys email me rich tv live at

We’re growing fast front line diy says always look to what the government is doing not what they are saying they are full of well we know yeah they got the they know exactly what this is m/v says south korea is dealing with the virus really well well someone has to help italy because italy is in serious trouble burger king says my stupid blonde big tits ex-wife

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Refuses to accept the severity and impact realities of this virus i think a lot of people refuse to get out of their bubble hb says no vaccines for andrew left i think i you know should refuse to have anyone from citron research use their vaccine i know they can’t do that but michelle clark says cody what’s up with the toilet paper how much reserve is needed for

Household how long is a shortage predicted i would say get as as you can get the more the merrier game walkthrough says yup 14 cases in edmonton alberta it’s gonna keep spreading michelle clark says add be andrew left is going to short you if you grab his attention and screw andrew left man screw citron research that’s what i have to say to them to screw them how

About that heartless bastards game walkthrough says china has 123 million people over 60 years old i bet they have over 1 million dead by now that’s scary man i don’t even want to think about that burger king says i have to say it but humans have lost basic survival skills and do not know what it is to live in a world where it is survival of the fittest that is

100% true especially north america maryjo de vega says people say influenza we will say influenza affects and kills more to downplay kovin 19 of course flu numbers are going to be staggering since has been around for ages cova 19 is expansional exponentially making its own numbers now look at the numbers in italy 12,000 infected over 800 deaths even says get your

Bitcoin now yeah may be a good time to start loading up on bitcoin mullen marto vos says invest in water gonna need lots of it ticker wter thank you for sharing alexander carpenter says thank you for your coverage hey my pleasure yes and smash the like button guys it really helps for this to go viral so we can get people from all over the world and we can hear your

Opinions are you worried about this do you think this is serious please guys smash the like button we got 63 people here the world health and organization has just declared this a pandemic the corona virus is officially a pandemic i unofficially declared this a pandemic six weeks ago people said i was crazy am i crazy or was i 100% correct did i see the future

Did i predict the future looks like i did without sports to watch and games to go too many men are going to be in a bad mood and i am suddenly glad that i do not have a boyfriend wow maryjo de vega says by the way glad i found your channel this morning was feeling like crap about i know dropping but it’s going back up today what’s your thoughts on vx party i think

All the coronavirus talks on days like today are going to be very strong but then there’s gonna be days where quantitative easing is gonna kick in where president trump is gonna come in is gonna do some type of bailout and then the markets are gonna go back up so the market is gonna be very choppy as you’ve seen this week we were down 2,000 points on monday then

We went up 1,100 points yesterday and currently today we are let’s see here up-to-date numbers we are down thirteen hundred and seventy-three points wow mind-boggling just mind-boggling so on days like today coronavirus stocks are going to do extremely well what there’s huge negative news like the world health organization declaring this a go

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