World’s Cheapest Millionaire: Nobody Will Know… How Will They Know?

I have accumulated countless cheap habits while saving money.

Hi my name is frances and nobody knows i’m the world’s cheapest millionaire some of these things that i talk about are a bit questionable save money at your own risk before i begin hit that like button it will help me pray to the youtube gods this video is brought to you by mint mobile if you want to save money you use mint mobile because it costs as little as 15

A month and it works great check out my referral link down in the video description below you can use less water just by sticking something inside your toilet for example a brick or a little trash can with some weights in it like this now every single time you flush you’re gonna use less water if it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush it down it just means

Don’t flush it if you’re doing number one just let it accumulate over there yes there’s gonna be a little bit of smell but you save about a penny each time you don’t flush this adds up this is my dishwashing sponge it is still kind of usable i use it until maybe half of this is gone until there’s like a little smidgen left i’m like all right it’s finally used up

All the little foam pieces has fallen off and okay i can finally throw it away i do have a new one over here i’m about to use i have what appears to be a fancy foam hand wash but what no one knows is i put liquid hand soap in here instead fill it about a quarter of the way and the rest you just fill it up with water you shake it around and it becomes foam hand

Wash it doesn’t have as good a smell as the original hand wash but it works see it’s all foam coming out like that it’s fun whenever i go on vacation i don’t only put my water heater on vacation mode i turn it off completely this is important to completely cut off all the gas so that the water heater is not using any at all i just came back from a hotel and i take

All consumables i don’t take towels or anything because that’s considered stealing toilet paper you can take home tissue paper you can take home shampoo conditioner body wash you can take home as you can see i have a few over here left over from a different hotel that i went to and basically i bring all these back i use these up before i go and use my own shampoo

And conditioner and this way it makes my shampoo and conditioner last almost forever i never have to buy any almost to avoid suspicion of being a freaking cheap millionaire you have to take all the consumables at the very end and hopefully no one else is around you just you know store all this and put it in your luggage and no one would know one time my friends

Came over just to wash up a little bit it wasn’t their hotel room or anything it was my own and i was about to leave and they insisted on coming up and when they came over they’re like where’s all the soap i’m like oh my gosh i’m so embarrassed so remember to take your consumables when no one is looking and if people are going to visit you you got to make sure to

Put everything back to where it was including the bar soap because that’s what people would need to use after they use the restroom these are the remnants of a whole chicken i buy whole chickens at two dollars a pound or so and i cut them up myself when you buy chicken breasts by itself it costs as much as eight dollars a pound why buy eight dollars a pound when

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You can buy the whole chicken at two dollars a pound nobody’s gonna know how will they know how will they know when i do laundry the less soiled it is the less detergent i put in i don’t go by the markers on these little caps for example i might use half as much for a load of laundry after it comes out it’s perfectly clean it smells the same and in order to save

More you zip up all your zippers from your hoodies the zippers in your jeans and you flip your jeans over just to make all your clothes last that much longer when it’s washing the middle teeth sometimes just grinds against your other fabrics and makes it a lot older very quickly you also want to unbutton everything so that the fabric doesn’t pull on the buttons and

Eventually they come loose these dryer sheets it turns out they’re kind of toxic so i’m trying to not use them anymore it turns out i don’t even really mind that there’s a bunch of static after i dry my clothes so i don’t even use any dryer sheets at all now i’m able to clean everything up with just the broom sometimes you might want to wet the floor that’s why

You might want to use this but those are extremely expensive why use one of those when you can use a plain old regular mop it works very very well just one sheet of those things might cost you like 50 cents or so but a mop it’s gonna last you basically forever i ran out of the dishwasher detergent so sometimes i would just use regular dish soap you just give it

A little squirt not even fill up all of it and close and there you go this batch over here is indeed washed with just a little square of dish soap you can see it’s perfectly clean no residue at all you don’t actually have to buy one of those plaques that says clean or dirty you have to pay money for that five or ten dollars right why i need that when you can

Use a piece of cardboard and just write clean and dirty right okay it works no one has to know if someone comes over just take it off and you know put it away see i’ll clean in the winter time i would just put on a sweater and set my thermostat down to about 66 degrees no one has to know if no one’s coming over but if someone comes over i would magically turn it

Back up to well 73 74 no one has to know this is my toothbrush and i use just one bead of toothpaste like that this is all you need the ads tell you you have to put toothpaste along the entire head of the toothbrush you don’t actually have to do this for contacts i actually don’t replace the solution because it’s in there already it’s still effective and if i put

My contacts in and it’s a little low i add more solution back in but this means that the contact solution might have a little bit of debris in it so when i take it out i wash it with a saline solution saline solution is a lot cheaper than multi-purpose solution it’s about half the price and this washes away all the dirt and i try to let all the debris and stuff

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Settle at the bottom so you definitely don’t want to dig your hand in there to get your contact i just kind of reach on the top and just skim it off the top i also use my two week contacts for as long as possible until they feel uncomfortable the way to make them last longer is every time your eyes feel like it’s dry take them out immediately because that is when

It tears a little bit there could be microscopic tears on the outer edge and this is why your contacts gets ruined and as soon as i feel this i replace them with a new set also if you ever fall asleep this is one way to ruin your two week contacts so don’t fall asleep in them wet them if your eyes are ever dry by taking it out put it in the solution and then you

Know just put them back on we’re back in the shower again and i got shampoo and conditioner and i have to admit even these samples one have been sitting here for about a month or so how come they last so long is because i only wash my head about once a week or so the rest of the time i just rinse it with water washing your head less is a lot healthier for your

Scalp your scalp will adjust to it as soon as you wash it less for about two weeks or so the less you wash your head the more money you save if you wash it once a week compared to daily all of a sudden your shampoo and conditioner is gonna last seven times as long this is gonna save you enough to probably retire how about using your credit cards at group events

Let’s say you get five percent cash back at restaurants there’s 20 people each person needs to pay 50 but if you pay the entire bill of 1 000 your cash back is going to be 50 so you get a free meal right there now this is a bit controversial because if you’re amongst a group of friends that are all very cash back savvy they are also gonna want to use their credit

Cards instead of yours or if it’s an expensive meal they want to use their credit card maybe split in two if you are the host you have priority to pay for everyone and request money back via venmo or cash app but there’s a danger to this because if you have a bad apple in there somewhere someone that is not going to pay you back well this ruins your entire plan now

I do not actually think this is a great way to try to get free meals from all your friends if it happens to be that way then great you can get a free meal but i think it is not a good thing to try to do this you know keep on inviting people out every single month it works out best if you take turns using your credit cards so that way the cash back bonus gets evenly

Distributed as a dogecoin millionaire and regular millionaire i don’t buy trash bags these plastic bag things it’s just all over the place when you go to the grocery store you get plastic bags from buying vegetables my trash right here look this bag right now is actually from cheesesteak takeout it happens to be big enough so that i can kind of wrap it around this

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Trash can and free bags just keeps on coming my way and i usually accumulate more than i can actually use we’re back here again and some of my friends would not shower at home they wait until they are at work because their work has free showers for me i like to shower in the morning because on the way to work i don’t want to feel uncomfortable sometimes they have

Free electric car chargers at work or at the mall and i use these as much as i can sometimes i might leave my car there overnight to charge and you might save somewhere between 18 and 20 dollars if you charge between 10 and 90 percent let’s talk about napkins here they’re not too expensive this whole roll might cost you what a dollar but it’s still my habit to

Not toss all the napkins away that were given to me if i have fast food at a restaurant and instead of throwing them away i would often just fold them up put it in my pocket and bring it home and after i bring it home i toss it right in the middle of the dining table and those are the napkins i would use first i use those first before i go and dig into my paper

Towel and this one has lasted me for months if you do this you’re probably never ever gonna have to buy paper towels again they give away plenty of napkins warning here though is i don’t recommend stealing napkins right just take whatever that is given to you they’re going to give you a big stack of it okay just bring those home i’m not talking about going to their

Napkin dispenser and sticking your finger all the way in there and go ah i’m gonna take out a big bunch of it yeah no don’t do that it’s all about not wasting really and to prevent people from knowing that you’re so frugal if people are coming over you put these napkins from outside away so they’re not using it guests use these premium fresh napkins okay of course

If you make a video about it i think everybody’s going to know you guys want to see my condiments drawer here it is i got all kinds of condiments left over from eating out and i just saved them again i have to emphasize don’t take extras not like at taco bell they just let you take as many as you want then you take your whole hand and take them all no you don’t

Do that all of these is from what they put in my bag and i didn’t even request extras in college i actually had a roommate that likes to concentrate all the ketchup packets into a bottle i think this is a waste of time just keep them in a drawer somewhere and if you need to use some ketchup pick one up and use it kind of gross if you have to squeeze it out because

It might get contaminated and it can get moldy that way but if it’s in a sterile package like this then it can last a lot longer i hope you guys enjoyed these ways to be cheap as a millionaire don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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