WTF Floyd Mayweather the Richest Athlete?! How?

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about how did this boxer floyd mayweather become one of the richest athletes in the entire world in 2015 he made far in a way the most money out of anybody and he fought two fights and he made 300 million dollars guys two fights

300 million dollars by far made more than a a fleet not even close guys how did he do it he said he’s a boxer if you don’t know in an america boxing is not even close to being the most popular sport in europe boxing is not even close to being the most popular sport in china same thing how did this guy a boxer become so freakin rich it’s like ridiculous amount of

Money cees so today we’re gonna go through five different ways on how he did it how did he become the richest athlete out there he’s the only one that’s in the top five of net worth for athletes who’s under the age of 40 it is absolutely amazing his net worth is reported between 400 million in six hundred and fifty million guys and like i said he made 300 million in

2015 alone how did he do it how did he do it let’s go ahead and get into this guy’s if you enjoy this video stay hit that thumbs up button and leave me a comment i would love to hear what you guys have to say on this topic so number one and this is this is pretty much just important as his boxing and all those kinds of things guys its number one thing here floyd

Mayweather is an individual that created an emotional reaction on people meaning people there who know who he is generally either hate him or they love him and this is a very very powerful money-making opportunity for him because he’s in the boxing sphere and people that hate you they want to see your butt kicked and getting knocked out especially in boxing guys

So what he created was this persona this money persona of him throwing around money everywhere and just living this ridiculous lifestyle and flaunting in everybody’s face and a lot of people just hated him for this was a phenomenal forum because it just created this opportunity of people basically disliking him knowing who he was and then disliking him and then

Buying his pay-per-view fights to try to see him get knocked out or basically lose to somebody that’s what people tuned in for and the people that loved him and loved his persona they also tuned in just because they want to see him win so that is such a powerful thing guys and there’s been a ton of other undefeated boxers throughout time who you have no clue who

These guys are unless you specifically watch boxing if you’re really into boxing you know soon some of these guys are but there’s been so many boxers out there who have been undefeated who have been great and no one ever knows who the crap they are because they don’t create an emotional reaction in people they don’t get people to hate them they don’t get people to

Love them and if you can’t get people to hate you or love you then you’re really just a nobody just another guy fighting out there so what he did was like genius genius and i would actually say a lot more people actually hate him or at least hated him back then then then really liked him they wanted to see him again cocked out those people pay 80 90 100 bucks to

Try to see him lose a fight and he just never lost but that’s what people would do so creating an emotional reaction was so powerful and was the smartest thing he could ever do because then people actually remembered him then people actually cared about him enough to actually buy the pay-per-views and try to see him lose and all those kinds of things guys which is

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How he ran up those numbers ridiculous you know just just i mean the further back he’ll fight alone there’s reported said he made over 200 million dollars for that guy at fight guys one fight over 200 million dollars and like i said two fights in 2015 he made 300 million dollars both fights each lasted about 60 minutes so technically he makes 150 million dollars

Per hour which is ridiculous i know you guys could say well he trains and all that stuff and you know he doesn’t make money off that yeah it’s absolutely true but still just ridiculous to think this guy makes a hundred and fifty million dollars an hour that should it’s just absurd guys okay so number two how how else did he do this here guys he always made sure

Especially toward the latter part of his career in the last five to ten years he made sure he fought fighters that had big huge followings from other countries this was another genius decision because if he was fighting just nobodies than or saying good fighters but they don’t really have a big following behind them then the numbers aren’t gonna really add up at

The end of the day so he’s he bought a lot of fighters that had huge latino backgrounds you know huge latino followings huge mexican followings huge followings in latin america and whatnot so that way he could come out with this persona this cocky persona put that out there he the people that support that other fighters see this they begin to hate him and they want

To see that other guy knock his ass out and then they go ahead and buy the fight and this was ingenious guys it was absolutely ingenious so instead of fighting you know some american boxers who don’t really have big followings or some european boxers that didn’t have very big followings you would fight people that had huge following guys people like oscar de la

Hoya just a ridiculous following guys you know people like ricky hatton who at the when he fought him he was undefeated he was from the united kingdom so he had you know a huge following or i don’t know where he’s from he’s from somewhere in europe but he had an insanely huge european following ricky hatton when he fought him so that that fight did amazing numbers

Pacquiao had an international following that was just amazing if not the most popular fighter in the united states even maybe even popular the employ mayweather as far as people liking him so pacquiao had a ridiculous following which made that fight have such ridiculously huge numbers guys so by fighting these fighters who you know we’re just basically big names

And had a huge following he was able to make so much more more money then maybe if he fought a fighter that was maybe quote-unquote a little better but was didn’t have the quite the following because if they don’t have the following behind him then your numbers aren’t gonna be nearly as big at the end of the day so that was another ingenious decision that he made

Throughout the latter part of his career their flight fighters that have huge followings and your numbers are gonna add up huge at the end of the day number three this is a boxing part staying undefeated by staying undefeated he could stay king he could stay super cocky he could stay you know doing the whole persona and whatnot so by staying undefeated it gave him

This this type of even bigger type of hatred coming from a lot of people because he was undefeated and people say only just ones around the ring this and that and that’s how he wins fights and whatnot it just created the whole persona even bigger so if he had ever lost i think that would’ve been very much dampened his whole reputation because then he wouldn’t have

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Been able to be quite as cocky anyway to lost some some effect because he’s already lost at that point and people would have been like oh he already lost he got you know his butt kicked by so-and-so but by staying undefeated by never losing a fight he was able to just get here in cocky or if he wanted to as time went on and more confident and throw that you know

Money thing in everybody’s face and whatnot and i’m the best and i’m the greatest ever and people got you know felt some kind of way if he would say oh i’m the greatest fighter ever there’s been no one as great as me because people think muhammad ali was better this guy that guy which made a punch more hatred come his way which was once again genius because you

Are creating an emotional reaction in people so staying on the feed it was absolutely paramount in his career and it was a huge thing and it brought him in so much money as time went on here guys number four this is crazy fully made where they didn’t have any endorsements he had no endorsements he would say how does he make that much money and no endorsements well

That was another very smart decision the reason being is he never had to put on a front of a certain way of acting when you’re endorsed by companies you really have to act a certain way you have to present yourself a certain way you have to you have obligations you have to do for whatever company sponsoring you and those kinds of things so although yeah absolutely

You can make millions of dollars from those endorsements as a huge name athlete you got to also put on a different type of persona then maybe you want to put on he might not have been able to do the kinds of things say the kinds of things get the emotional reaction out of people that he wanted to if he was under an umbrella of endorsements if you use endorsed by

Nike or this company or that because they would have been saying hey you know what you can’t say that you can’t act that way you can’t do that or we’re gonna we’re gonna drop you as a as a company that’s endorsing you so that was a phenomenal thing by him but i was just saying you know what forget that money because the money i’m gonna make from these fights and

Off building my own brand when she did a tmt brand and whatnot and i you know no one knows the numbers on that if he could be doing ten million dollars in revenues you’d be doing a hundred million dollars in revenue no it turns the numbers on that what that brand brings in the tmt brand which he sells clothing and hats and all types of things you know that a brand

At that brand but who knows how much that brings in but the bottom line within a day that those products are a lot more profitable than if he was say an athlete for another brand because he’s gonna get a very very small percentage if he was an athlete for one of the other big big brands out there you know the 19 of the world’s under armours of the world’s you know

Those type of companies when he’s his own brand when he’s he’s making his own products and whatnot he’s getting us so much more profit yeah he’s got to pay you whoever’s you know just distributed it he’s got to pay whoever’s running that company cuz i guarantee you he’s not down there every day running the numbers and all we need to shift this much product to this


Store or whatever someone else was probably doing so he’s got people to pay but it’s still so much prompt more profitable for him than if he was just getting a very very small slice from from one of the big brands so not going into endorsements was just amazing for him it was it just played out very well it played out very well in by staying undefeated he was

Able to even build himself up bigger and bigger and act a certain way do things the way he wanted to do him not the way a brand was telling them to do it number five here guys in 2007 he started his own promotion company he left the bob arum type promotion company and basically created his own this may all his fights much more profitable for him because then he

Could be his own promotion he could promote his own fights instead of paying someone else to do it a big fat fee and then they’d take a you know 10% or 20% of his check or whatever no he was able to do it himself and have his own promotion team do it do it the way he wants to do it promote the fight the way he wants to do it and then get more profit at the end of

The day so that was a another ingenious decision there and i complimented him on that and i complement the people he surrounded himself with for making all these decisions because through all five of these decision guys is how he made the most money in 2015 no doubt about it if he would have skipped any of those steps he would not have made that much money if

He was hip to his steps he wouldn’t even be close to making nearly what kind of money he made throughout his career but by doing all those five steps he created just a monster and now there’s talk that he might even make a hundred to two hundred million if he can put together a fight with conor mcgregor a boxing match and i absolutely believe it will bring in 100

200 million i wouldn’t be surprised if it does bigger numbers and pacquiao if they can get it together within the next year which would bump him up that list even more guys so it’s just insane so that is how fully mayweather did it that’s how he went from you know being a boxer who was just on up and coming to end up being you know a worldwide i don’t even know if

He’s a worldwide superstar you know maybe he is maybe he’s not i can guarantee you he’s probably not even close to being one of the most popular athletes and he was still able to accomplish what he accomplished i can guarantee you kobe bryant more well-known worldwide didn’t hit on him i can guarantee you lebron james all these guys but yet he he clowned them all

As far as the money went because he did this these five steps dear guys i hope you enjoyed this video i really enjoyed kind of diving deep on it as a person i’ve always followed throughout of his career i’ve always watched his fights and i will always watch them progress and that’s how i had kind of had this insight on how he actually did it how he you know got

To those huge numbers guys i hope you enjoyed this today if you just come across this channel please subscribe i talk personal finance on a channel we talk business and entrepreneurship this is actually a business and entrepreneurship type the video here guys you can learn a lot from me i like floyd mayweather actually and then i also talked to stock market the

Most and how to be a successful investor thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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