Wynn Stock Goes to the MOON!

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Wynn resort stock has absolutely exploded wynn resort stock today has absolutely exploded up over $15 a share today alone up to 195 dollars guys they have reported some phenomenal phenomenal earnings that we got to look at here and it’s amazing how fast the tide can turn on a stock like this right and we’ll kind of talk about that in just a second so first let’s

Look at these earnings here so net revenues came in at one point six nine billion for the fourth quarter an increase of around 30 percent guys year-on-year that is absolutely huge about a 30 percent increase their net revenues were a result of 274 million from wind palace and 120 million from the other wynn macau properties here in vegas was partially down mainly

Because of the las vegas massacre that hurt business a little bit in the month of october in november there if we look here so basically the earnings as far as the net income on a gaap basis came in at four dollars and 77 cents that was versus a year prior they did route $1 in 12 cents now that was partially because of wind palace and the success of wind palace

And wynn macau and the whole macau market but also the big part of that was because they had a one-time tax benefit there guys so that is something to take into account so it although it looks like ridiculously dramatically like their net income has absolutely went off them off to the moon right part of it is because of a tax basically impact that that bumped

Up their earnings there okay and their net income so if we look here net revenues for the full year of 2017 came in at six point three one billion dollars that’s an increase of 41 point two percent or one point eight four billion dollars from the four point four seven billion dollars they had in the year prior guys so you know revenues exploded for this company

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Profits have exploded for this company as you know i recently have just started selling out of this position it’s something i plan on getting out of over the next month or two you know is i’ve sold another portion here today and i’ll probably be selling on another portion here over the next couple weeks until i have nothing left eventually now it’s nice that you

Know everything’s going great with this company right now i’ve made a ridiculous % on my money on this this a you know stock basically and kind of kind of the way i always view stocks is i like to get in them when no one believes in them and i like to try to sell out when everyone believes in them right and our stock like wynn resorts like the tiniest changed in

This talk so fast right two years ago i could preach told people were blue in the face about wynn resorts and tell them all these things that when resorts has going for them and how wind palace is gonna be so big and people don’t even understand big wind palace is gonna be and how it’s gonna be one of the most if not the most profitable resort it said that time

And time again if you put it like i’m not sure macau’s down right now i don’t really know and like trust me macau is gonna come back guys like macau is not down for the count macau is coming back when palace is gonna be absolutely ridiculously successful resort it’s gonna be the creme de la creme in the best market you could possibly want a casino resort macau so

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You’re in the biggest the biggest market right you’re gonna have the premier property in that market like people just don’t wrap their heads around how big something like this is right and so now it’s starting to turn into a stock that everybody can finally see the vision i was talking about for the past two years now everybody’s starting to see that vision and how

Big this is for the whole entire company right so a great company the stocks absolutely exploded earnings are up massively revenues up massively everything is just going perfect for this company right now and you know i’ve done so well with this position and i see myself probably getting out of this fully over the course of the next month maybe up to two months

You know i’ll probably sell out here once it reaches a little over $200 and then i’m fine you know if it keeps going up after that great i’m happy for all shareholders involved if it goes to 250 if it goes to $300 a share like i’m happy for everybody involved it’s just you know for me at this time it’s time for me to start getting out i’ve made a massive percent

And a massive amount of money on the stock and you know i’ve done well with it and it’s always great it’s always a great feeling when you know you get it a hundred percent rate on such a big position like this wynn resorts position is when you kind of on you know understand the business model that they have and understand that they have a phenomenal ceo and steve

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Wynn and you know he’s just killed it and you know the proof is in the pudding guy so in that comment section i would love to know what your guy’s opinion is on wynn resorts do yours is a stock you’re the starting into now is this a stock you’ve already owned as a stock you still believe in you know over the next let’s say five years or something like that i would

Love to hear your guy’s opinion on wynn resorts i love kind of here and your guy’s opinion on this make sure if you’re not already getting my stock market membership group that’s what group where i talk about everything as far as stocks i’m getting into stocks i’m selling i posted that very same day i make trades and things like that stocks i’m looking into i also

Have a full 12 part stock options course in that that membership group which you get which is $197 value you get for basically just being in the group and we got a ton of very experienced investors in that group that contribute a ton in the comments section we also have a fair amount of newer investors that kind of helped along kind of understand things and whatnot

So get in there second link in the description if you have not already thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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