Zacatecas Silver CEO Bryan Slusarchuk (TSXV: ZAC)

Zacatecas Silver CEO Bryan Slusarchuk (TSXV: ZAC) – RICH TV LIVE – March 8, 2021 – March 2, 2021 Zacatecas Silver Corp. (“Zacatecas Silver” or the “Company”, ZAC:TSX Venture) is pleased to announce its common shares commence trading today, on the TSX Venture Exchange, under the symbol “ZAC”. Highlights:

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of zacatecas silver corp brian truck how you doing today brian doing really well rich thank you thank you for joining us excited to have you on the show congratulations on the new ipo yeah great yeah we’re very excited about the launch and of

Course while we just started to trade as a public company the land acquisition process and land assembly has been a process that’s taken some time and we’re just ecstatic to launch this premier silver land package on the tsx venture yeah let’s talk about that a little bit so tell us about attack and silver corp and how long you have been involved in the mining

Sector sure my involvement in the mining sector goes back many years i was a broker focused on mining finance prior to in 2006 leaving that side of the business to get directly involved with the public companies i’ve been involved in a number of different gold and silver companies over a period of time notably to some people in the sector of course was my

Involvement in k92 mining where i was a co-founder former president and k92 has created some great wealth for early shareholders and also importantly has just provided some huge upside to stakeholders zakatakis silver was purpose formed for a large land position in zakatakis mexico we have a historic silver resource that we will be looking to confirm and

Expand and for those of you that don’t know zakatakis is really the best postal code for high grade silver exploration and that’s where our tagline originated from the world’s best address for high grade silver i love that tagline what are your main focuses for zac attack s silver corp now that you have just ipo’d sure number one we have a great historic

Silver resource on the project and our goal will be to confirm that resource while also targeting significant expansion of that historic silver resource outside of expanding confirming the historic silver resource there are multiple exploration targets of high priority on this property now when we were looking around the world for silver assets we knocked

On a lot of doors we looked at a lot of silver projects and our in-house geologists became known within our group as dr no he turned down project after project after due diligence when he did the due diligence work on zac attack as silver he came back not only with a recommendation to move forward but he came back extremely excited number one because of the

Historic silver resource and the ability to target significant expansion of that silver resource but at the same time these exploration targets that have never been looked at in a large scale systematic way included within that exploration potential we’ve now traced what we believe to be an extension of the world famous betta grande vein onto our property

For approximately three kilometers so that vein system coming onto our property is very important it’s been tested in a very small way in the past and in addition to targeting expansion at the pinocco deposit historic resource we’ll also be drilling targets like that extension of the veta grande vein system that has seen such limited past work the commodity

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Sector has had a decent run especially over the last couple years but as of late has really slowed down ever since gold hit its all-time highs last year and i hear silver is a very heavily shorted commodity can you tell us how zekiteka silvercorp plans to set itself apart from the rest of the competition in the silver sector well absolutely number one we’ll

Set ourself apart with this land package very large land package in what is arguably the world’s most important region for high grade silver exploration number two we have this large land package within a very well-structured public vehicle being zakataka silver we’re well funded and at a very early stage as a private company we attracted great institutional

Support from some of canada’s best precious metals mining funds and also from mr eric sprott who’s perhaps the most famous silver investor in the world and i think that speaks volumes as to the quality of this silver project we have a management team that has a track record of creating wealth in precious metals situations around the world and i think what

Sets us apart is we’re entering this opportunity at a time where we’re very bullish on silver but we’re right at the cusp of a move and one thing that sets us apart as a team is we do pick up assets when the general mood in the sector is negative and we showed that early days with k92 mining where we picked up just a magnificent gold asset when gold was

Out of favor we did the same thing here with zac attack of silver we acquired and assembled this premier land package when silver was out of favor we think now we’re on the cusp of what’s potentially a once in a generation silver ball and that’s of course because of not only the investment demand but the huge growing demand for silver in electrification yeah

Electric vehicles right now they need silver and silver like you said is on the verge of a massive bull market zac attack of silver corp announced that its property is located in the highly prospective fresnillo silver belt which has produced over 6.2 billion ounces of silver can you tell us what this means for zeke attack a silver corp absolutely rich an

Investor mentioned to me the other day a great line that i thought was very appropriate in terms of zac attackus and he said that zacatakis has the 90210 zip code for silver miners in other words it is the place that you want to be if you’re on the lookout for high grade silver zakatakis as a region was very famous worldwide for silver production you can

See through the historic silver production numbers that zachatakis was a huge driver of economic activity in mexico for centuries and this continues to this day in fact in the 1600s the roads to and from zachatakis became known as the silver paths throughout mexico and that’s really indicative of how important silver mining is to this region so the address

And the location is very important it’s also very important we’re starting out with a great historic silver resource that we will look to confirm and expand that we have a huge property in this region with multiple exploration targets we’re well funded to tackle the work on the ground as i mentioned we’re very fortunate to have support from investors such

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As eric sprott and being in zakatakis is really where you want to be if you’re interested in high grade silver can you break down for the audience today how much money zakatakis silver has raised in its initial public offering and what it plans to use the funds for sure we’ve raised a total since inception of approximately 10 million dollars we will use

The funds for resource confirmation drilling and work including metallurgy etc we will use it for resource expansion at our panoco deposit we’ll use it to test the dozens of exploration targets we have on this huge land package including as i mentioned what we interpret to be an extension of the that a grande vein system onto our property so the work will

Be very intense on site and from a capital markets perspective that will ensure that we have a very steady stream of news flow over the next several weeks and indeed over the next several months share structure is vital to our community we love responsible companies responsible management who really understand the importance of a tight share structure so

Can you give us a breakdown of zeke attack a silver corp share structure and how much is held by insiders absolutely we have approximately 52 million shares issued we have zero warrants in addition to management and employees holding approximately 35 percent we do have other large institutional shareholders and of course eric sprott as i’ve mentioned so

This share structure is a nice tight share structure and what that ensures in my opinion is that as we have good results stemming from our work on site the shares can really react well and like i say rich there are no warrants issued what you see is what you get it’s a simple tight share structure with some great institutional support management with real

Skin in the game and therefore i think that we have a very exciting period ahead as we get to work on site drilling and creating news flow as a result of those fundamental efforts k92 mining was actually a huge winner i actually owned the stock years ago before the huge explosion and i sold it because gold wasn’t moving like you said and then i looked back

Like last year and i was like oh my goodness this dog went up like a thousand percent it literally exploded so you did incredible there so if you guys are able to do a similar thing here uh the upside is tremendous for investors so i’m very excited to see what you guys are going to be able to accomplish and then to have eric sprott like you said mr silver

Involved that is like the guy like if you’re looking for one guy to put his check mark and say i like this this pick that’s the guy when it comes to silver if you’ve got eric sprott in your deal you got a solid project so i think you guys are doing all the right things and as a brand new ipo very excited to see where you guys are going to go if there was one

Thing that you would want shareholders that are watching from all over the world that are going to learn about zac attack and silver corp today what would it be i think that the key thing for investors and potential investors in zak attack is silver to understand is that while we have a great starting point in the historic resource at pinocco we also have

Enormous potential at pinocco for expansion and in other areas of the property through exploration and that while this is a great historic resource as a starting point to get in and confirm and target expansion on the exploration upside is really providing a lot of the blue sky and despite this being in one of the world’s most prolific silver districts it

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Has had quite limited modern and systematic exploration and that to us provides a lot of blue sky out of the gate one of our key members of our team dr chris wilson who is ex ivanhoe is a fabulous geologist and getting chris and his team looking at this district with a different set of eyes with different interpretations with the newest and best technology

Gives us a big leg up on unlocking the value at zakatakis so i think that while people will concentrate on pinocco i want everybody to understand that upside here goes above and beyond pinocco in a big way and like you say with eric sprott’s involvement i think that there’s no better investor in the world in the silver space and to have his endorsement by

Being an investor early is just a real pleasure and it’s something that we appreciate and over time we want to show that that endorsement via his investment was a very intelligent move and i think that we have the opportunity to do that that’s super exciting now rich tv live has investors in over about 100 countries that will be watching this video a lot of

Them are going to be interested in contacting you potentially other resource companies may want to contact you to do a joint venture to do some business so many different companies are now watching rich td live what is the best way for someone who’s interested in getting in contact with you brian to reach you well we trade on the tsx venture just listed with

The symbol z-a-c or z-a-c for those of you in the united states and other parts of the world zakatakis is our website and people can find contact information there including telephone number email sign up etc and we look forward to hearing from our shareholders as they join us on this ride to discovery in one of the world’s most important regions for silver

Exploration silver development and silver mining super excited to see how everything unfolds we are speaking with blind brian slesarchuk the ceo of zekkatakis silver corp remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich

Tv live please consult a financial advisor chances are your financial advisor is going to say oh wow eric sprott’s invested probably a good pick if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first thank

You brian for joining us and we wish you all the best of luck thanks a lot rich thank you for joining us and thank you guys for watching this is rich from rich to be live bringing you zakitakas silver corp a company that’s a brand new ipo put it on your watches put on your radar silver stock you don’t want to miss it thank you guys for watching have a nice day

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