Zenabis Re-Up Unboxing – Lift & CO. Gear – Stocks Tomorrow

Zenabis Re-Up Unboxing – Lift & CO. Gear – Stocks Tomorrow – Wanna see the new Zenabis product Re-Up? Watch this unboxing and enjoy

Holy smokes no this is deaf boy kill man guys so i was at this cannabis conference yo check this out do that look at that that’s a quarter this is $40.99 at the spirit leaf store this is the new cheap product from zeinab is called re-up and it’s death bubba it’s death bubba remember this is legal here in canada guys death book drop drop the nuggie death

Bubba death bubba so this is a zen abyss product and i did speak to some management’s of zen abyss yesterday and i got a chance to speak to quite a few companies you guys know who this is who’s this see if you guys know who top leaf is do you guys know who broken coast is guys i got loaded up man sundial it’s a sundial death bubba death bubba is a

Kind of cush that is considered like some of the best weed you can get i got a loaded up with this conference guys i’m gonna show you guys leave this and don’t worry i’ll give away some of the stuff for you guys to the people this is from edison another took another took from edison there i got this hat bc weed co the conference as well put that over

There i got another tooth from edison edison cannabis and put that over there i got their shirt from in deva actually is not sure this is a bag i got this bag from in deva i actually interviewed these guys as well really impressed with in diva company out of toronto i think they’re from london actually it’s mine i remember correctly yeah dead but was

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Pretty good man oh broken coast is supreme yeah so i got that this is the manual from the lift conference look like this i interviewed over 10 ceos at the conference pretty awesome got a lot of different products is an india cap or toque you know this is the first time i’ve actually looked at what ava got to be honest you i don’t even know what i got

I got a bang button or something i don’t know this is a type of chocolate and edible business card that’s an editing pin it’s a nice little leaf i take that pin i take this pin right now we’re gonna put it on cuz we rep the cannabis sector hard we rep the cannabis sector hard we’re gonna put this on right here right now there we go bam know what else

Lifts edibles one of the edible companies they’re just got all this information here on my desk all over the place dehydration more business cards okay that bags done as bank number one urban grow greenhouse canadore end wave corporation i interviewed these guys as well and wave corporation so stay tuned i got about ten interviews they’ll all be coming

Out over the next week or so that’s bag number one bag number two top leaf top leaf top leaf this is a sun dial product okay guys sundown growers was really representing hard this is a sundial brand this is all sundial of brands man be seaweed co another sundial brand another toque i even got sundown socks i haven’t got sundown socks look at this these

Are sundial rolling burrs some special sundial rolling papers excited about those but also got another hat oh another top leave hat so now i got two and i really don’t need to so maybe i’ll just you know will maybe give this away it says some some lucky member so i got all this stuff i don’t know what to do with it put this over here put that over there

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Running out of space here i got tweed gloves this these are tweed gloves that’s a canapé growth brand tweed i got these tweed gloves i got another set tweed buffs i have two sets of tweed gloves what else i got in here just a bag of goodies i don’t even know what this is but i think this is 510 power supply usb charger this is a usb charger a topof

Usb charger which is pretty cool i don’t know what this is but some other top leaf products i have no idea what this is what is this oh another usb charger cool cool another nice box that usb charger so got pretty loaded nicely up at this conference top leaf little reading material for top leaf and once again this is a top leaf is a brand with sundial

Growers all right that’s bags done and then i got a third bag oh some vallens bro works socks i love me some vallens guys some bounds go work socks another business card broken coast all right i’ll put that over there business cards another shirt twizz’s oh an andia so nandi labs is actually a subsidiary of aurora cannabis this is ananda labs a aurora

Cannabis subsidiary ananda labs got a nanny labs t-shirt there that over there already had a room on my desk look at this guys papers for days papers for days one pack two bags three packs for packs five packs six-packs papers for days look at this kanna giving out nice jugs nice bottles water bottles i guess it’s nice to have cannon water bottle show up


The bath cannon man they really represented at the conference they did a good job is this ou can add coo this is a brand new ipo is that brand new ipo these guys are going public can ab code these guys are going public they’re doing business in colombia and canada it’s another company that i’ll be talking to maybe stay – maybe we’ll see their interview

That’s kind of dark we can use it to see what i’m showing you guys hold on so to prove our lighting experience here here we go that’s better price what else that i got here bottle of water these guys actually put labels on bottles label making company these guys create shops for people got myself a nice little remo calendar or business cards another

Shirts what is this illumine our i didn’t even i haven’t even looked at this shirt the first time i seen it i was just grabbing things pretty cool right pretty cool shirt help you guys want to see what says in bank get myself another edison pen got myself some can eyeglasses sunglasses green glasses some cannot rolling papers oh no are these really

Papers yeah these are rolling papers can i rolling papers it’s kind of rolling papers because another usb charger usb charger oh i got a bunch of products here topical cream topical gel topical cream talk polka gel put this over there how are these oh these are gummies apple organic gummy pectin it’s got some gummies oh come in handy later this is a

Business card holder it’s pretty cool this is like a little thing you put on your phone more papers

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