Zenabis the Most Undervalued Stock (ZENA) (ZBISF)

Zenabis the Most Undervalued Stock (ZENA) (ZBISF) – RICH TV LIVE – MAY 15, 2019 – Zenabis owns 660,000 square feet of high quality indoor facility space, as well as 2.1 million square feet of greenhouse space that will be dedicated to cannabis production once fully built-out. Our operations are strategically located on Canada’s East and West coasts, facilitating domestic distribution as well as international export (pending regulatory approval). These facilities, if fully converted for cannabis production, would have the design capacity to yield 479,300kg of dried cannabis annually. An additional 700,000 square feet of greenhouse space that was acquired after a reverse-takeover of Bevo Agro will be used to continue an existing plant propagation business, and this will be converted to cannabis production at such a time that is beneficial to the strategic position of the company. The Zenabis brand name is used among the medical market, while Namaste and Blazery service the recreational market.

Hey how’re you guys doing this is rich from rich tv live thank you guys for joining thank you guys for watching from all over the world i really appreciate you guys before we get started to remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about

Here in rich tv live now the reason i’m doing this call today and the reason why i’m doing this video today is in my group chat in telegram where we have about 800 members there is a lot of discussions about zen abyss xena xena xena the warrior princess everybody wants to know what’s going on with xena everybody’s concerned about xena everybody has an opinion about

Xena anybody that doesn’t know xena is the symbol in canada zeb is f is the symbol in america what i’m here to do today is explain to you why i believe that xena biz is the most undervalued stock in the entire cannabis sector i can’t think of one cannabis stock that is more undervalued than xena vez and there’s a lot of reasons why hey tony how you doing what’s up

Cody first of all show me one other stock that has more growth capacity than zen abyss that is trading lower than zen of us i challenge you i challenge each and every one of you find me one other cannabis stock that has more growing capacity and is trading at a lower price that’s the first challenge i challenge everyone in the world show me one other cannabis stock

Anywhere in the world that has more growing capacity than zen abyss and is trading at a lower price show me one let’s start with that i just want to start with that because if you could show me one i’ll be very interested in buying it tomorrow that’s a fact that is a fact what’s up scott what’s up asks i want to know show me one cannabis stock that has more growth

Potential than zen abyss that’s trading at a lower price now let me let you know what the growth potential of zen abyss is 479396 traction they are in the cbd space they’re in the cannabis space they are in the extraction space so they’re in the three hottest sectors in the world for cannabis they’re trading at a very low price and they’ve got the scalability that

Is only comparable to two companies aurora cannabis and can it be growth they’re the only two that have more growth capacity than xen abyss and you want to mean explain to one of the advantages of xen abyss they don’t have ten other businesses there one company one brand one management and they have all of this extraction capacity all of this dried flower all of

The cbd growth within one company whereas aurora has a little bit more growth potential but they’re in 24 countries xen abyss is operating mostly in canada they are expanding internationally they are looking to expand into other markets in europe in asia in south america and i believe they will continue to but as an investor i want to know can anybody show me one

Company and we’ve been live now for four minutes i’ve yet to see one pic that has more growth capacity than xen abyss and is trading at a lower price so what does that mean presentable does that mean that this is the best buying opportunity in the entire sector if you can’t show me one company that has more potential trading at a lower price does that not mean that

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Zen abyss is the best opportunity to invest in right now in the entire cannabis sector i just want to know because if you guys feel like there’s anyone bigger out there anyone that has the potential to be better than them and he’s trading at a lower price i want to know right now i want to know i’m waiting i’m still waiting we got 25 people and not one person can

Think of one company that has higher growth potential than zen abyss and trading at a lower price crickets crickets what does that tell you what does that tell you if you can’t find one company in the entire sector that has higher growth potential than zen abyss and is trading at a lower price then what does that tell you about zen abyss now i’m not telling you

Guys to buy it it’s been going down aggressively and they still need to raise another 50 million dollars so that they can convert their greenhouses into grow houses i’m not doing this video to tell you to buy it now i am strictly saying that it is a great company with incredible future potential and it’s trading what i believe is at an undervalued underappreciated

Underexposed price now could it go lower absolutely a could go lower it could go much lower how low i have no idea okay i don’t own the company i don’t run the company i’m strictly a shareholder with 10,000 shares do i think long term there going to be a winner absolutely but i wanted to hear from the people directly what is it that you do not like about zen abyss

I want to know what is it that you do not like about zen abyss other than the fact that they need to raise seventy five million so that they can convert their their greenhouses into grow space and they’ve raised 25 million which is literally drawn this stock all the way down other than that is there anything that you have found about this company that makes you

Believe that they’re going to be a failure i want to know because i remember two years ago sitting down just like this talking about oh gana gram when they had pesticides in their crops and watching that stock go from $2 to $1 and everybody said it was trash and i remember saying that one day we’re gonna look back at these prices and wish we bought organic ram and

Organa graham is now at 10 bucks up a thousand percent since those predictions i’ve also made similar predictions with aurora cannabis can it be growth áfreeá khronos group just to name a few and i remember when people were calling them trash – now xen abyss is having their ups and downs and when i brought it to you guys first it was at $2 it went to 6 dollars

And 85 cents and everybody said xen abyss was the best thing since sliced bread then xen abyss goes from 685 all the way down to a dollar 50 and now everybody’s calling them a piece of trash i just want to be honest here ok if there is a reason why people do not like this company please speak now i want to know because i own ten thousand shares i’m going to buy

More i just want to know why i shouldn’t buy more can you guys help me because people love to go on to group chats and bash stocks and then when i say to them okay well you don’t like xen abyss show me a pic you like crickets crickets so if you do not like xen abyss give me a pic you do like more than xen abyss and maybe i can analyze that pic for you because i’ll

Be honest with you the markets are very filled with hype and some companies are trading on hype and some companies are trading on fundamentals i believe that xen abyss is trading where they should be because their revenue isn’t that strong you know it tilt is another one shan khan that i really like if you see my top ten videos for may 2019 tilt zen abyss men

Men ilithyia chiron life sciences those are five of the pics that i really really like i think that they’re really cheap right now and i think long-term they’re gonna go a lot higher now chiron’s been on a big run so i’m not surprised that they’ve consolidated a little bit but we’ve seen zen abyss hit a 52-week low today and my question to the community is do you

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Think this is going to be lower do you like this pick do you own this pick if you like this pick why do you like this pick if you don’t like this pick why don’t you like this pick i just want to know what you guys think i want to know your opinion because i want to be able to make a good decision myself and i’ll be quite honest with you i really like this company

Because of all the due diligence i’ve done i’ve been the – i’ve been to their facilities i’ve actually been inside their facilities i’ve seen what they’re doing and i believe that they are going to be an absolute giant now will it take some time yeah it’s gonna take some time but my question is do you want to buy a stock once it’s running or do you want to get

Into a stock before it runs i’m just wondering i just want to know what people are thinking some people think it’ll go to a dollar i think it’s possible well i think what’s gonna happen is this is enemies needs to raise some money okay so because zenna biz needs to raise some money the stock is gonna go down until they actually start showing some revenue now

The interesting thing about the revenue is that by the end of september they’re projected to hit a hundred and thirty one thousand a g’s a year in production if they can be at that number by the end of september they will essentially have the same revenue as aurora cannabis because aurora cannabis is doing about twenty five thousand kgs of production a quarter so

For zeinab is to hit a hundred and thirty one thousand kgs by the end of september that will put them at the same revenue position as aurora for the quarter if they can get to the same level of revenue as aurora for the quarter and they can be at twenty five thousand kgs a quarter that should put them at at least twenty to thirty million a quarter in revenue now

In previous quarters when they showed a massive revenue boost of sixteen million the stock exploded to six dollars and eighty five cents then the previous quarter they showed four million this is why you see the stock going down then they raised another twenty five million dollars and we’ve seen the stock go down even further now they need to raise another fifty

Million dollars i believe the stock goes down even further however after we see them go down i believe they do come up and they go up dramatically i believe and i’m gonna predict that we see xen abyss and it finished down nine point two four percent today no sorry they finished down six point one percent today at a dollar fifty four and it did hit a 52-week low of

A dollar forty-eight today i predict if we see xen abyss achieving those milestones hitting at least 20 to 30 million a quarter i predict that we’re gonna see zen abyss at at least five to ten dollars i would say probably q1 2020 so june july august september october november december january i predict in eight months we see zen abyss trading at five to ten dollars

That’s my prediction that’s strictly based on kgs per year which they’ve announced publicly they will be at a hundred and thirty one thousand kgs per year by the end of september so that’s my prediction i’m putting it out there first i’m putting it out there before anybody else i want to make sure everybody knows what my prediction is i believe zen abyss is going to

Be a giant i believe it’s one of the most undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies in the entire sector i’ve done a lot of due diligence on this company i’ve been to their facilities in delta i’ve been to the facilities and langley i have physically seen the facilities i have been in the facilities i have seen their vault i believe this company skyrockets

However however i do believe they go down before they go up so we’ve got a a four month period here of new low lows that are very likely for zen abyss we’ve got may june july august september until they’re going to start really ramping up their production capacity so that’s about six months of what i believe is going to be buying opportunities and if we position

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Ourselves and take advantage of these buying opportunities it could become hugely rewarding for anyone who’s willing to think long term now anybody that positioned themselves in the five stocks that i talked about two years ago canopy growth when i started talking about them i was at five bucks cronos group was at two bucks áfreeá was at two bucks aurora cannabis

A dollar fifty oh anna graham was at $1 anybody that bought those picks five two years ago and just held them today you would be up thousands of percent on your investments thousands of percents on your investments so i’m looking at this as a long-term investor i’m not looking at this as a day trader i’m not looking at this as a momentum trade this is one of those

Investments i’m gonna buy it and i’m gonna store it for a rainy day two three years down the road now if it goes up before then and if it goes up to five or ten bucks i can guarantee you i’m not gonna sell i can’t guarantee it but i’m gonna do everything i can to try to hold this as long as possible because this is one of those stocks that i see having blue sky

Potential and 10x potential that’s right 10x potential i call khronos group first it went from $1 to $30 that’s a 3,000 percent return i called canopy growth first it went from $5 to 70 dollars that’s a twelve hundred percent return i called aurora cannabis first it went from a dollar fifty to a high of over fifteen dollars that is over a thousand percent return i

Called áfreeá first it was at two bucks it went over twenty dollars that’s a thousand percent return i called a gana gram first it was at a dollar it is now around ten bucks today that is a thousand percent return those are the facts guys go type in rich tv live 2017 who do you think created this game who do you think started wearing suits talking about cannabis

Stocks two years ago invest in the best the best is blessed they might not go up as soon as you want them to they might not go up today that might not go up tomorrow but if you invest in the best companies with the best management teams the best products in the hottest industries the most growth potential are you gonna win stay in your lane invest in the best the

Best is blessed i predict zen abyss will be one of the best one of the biggest not just in canada but in the whole world and oh yeah they’ve got to deal with shoppers drug mart they are the largest in canada that’s right they are the largest in canada they are bigger in canada than can they be growth and aurora cannabis just so you guys know they are the largest

In canada they are coast-to-coast with facilities in the east coast in new brunswick and facilities in the west coast in vancouver british columbia canada they are the biggest and the brightest in canada they are priced the lowest which means they got the biggest growth potential i’m still waiting for somebody to tell me if there’s another company anywhere in the

World that has bigger growth potential than zen abyss at a lower price and i’ll keep waiting thank you for your time today i appreciate you guys i love you guys if you haven’t smashed the like button smash the like button subscribe for more updates hit the bell for notification so every time we go alive you’ll know first this is your boy rich from rich tv live if

You’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners just like zen abyss and we bring them to you first at the bottom so that when they go up you win it’s true this is your boy and i’m out peace still waiting still waiting come on guys in the comment section find me one stock with higher growth potential at a lower price i just did my job you do yours

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