Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Rises (ZYNE) Beyond Meat Falls (BYND)

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Rises (ZYNE) Beyond Meat Falls (BYND) – RICH TV LIVE – JUNE 11, 2019 – Beyond Meat Inc. is now the most expensive stock to borrow among active short targets, as lending fees continue to skyrocket.

Rich from rich tv live i want to talk about two stocks today beyond meet be ynd so i told you guys that byn d was one of the top picks for june 2019 it has exploded it had a monster day yesterday just exploded okay now take a look at what’s going on beyond meat has hit the short squeeze trifecta as baro fees keep soaring it crashed today down 20% because of the

Fact that it is now being shorted heavily listen to this yeah what’s up aaron how you doing man take a look at b ynd beyond meat it’s been crazy but it’s one of the most heavily shorted stocks let me explain to you why beyond meat inc is now the most expensive stock to borrow among active short targets as lending fees continue to skyrocket shares of beyond meat done

Percent which makes plant-based meat alternatives have jumped 69 percent in the past two trading sessions but short sellers are still hungry for the opportunity to bet against the red-hot stock stock borel fees on existing shorts reached one hundred and thirty four percent in monday’s session according to financial technology and analytics firm s three partners and

Could top a hundred and fifty percent by the end of the week short interest stands at eight hundred and fourteen million dollars or five point eight seven million shares shorted representing more than 50 percent of beyond meets float beyond meets float is like less than ten million it’s such a tight float that’s why i told you guys the stock would explode and it

Has listened to this beyond meat is the sixth largest short bet in the domestic packaged foods and meat sector but bears are down five hundred and seventy four million in marcum market losses as the shares keep climbing so shorter shorted beyond meat and got short squeezed meaning the stock was going up even though they were shorting it down the stock kept going

Up today the stock finally came down the stock is up five hundred and seventy percent from its may to initial public offering price of $25 so we’re at what june eleventh state eleventh today tenth i don’t know exactly what day it is but i know that may second byn d was at $25 it hit like a hundred and seventy yesterday so yeah it’s gonna come down at some point

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It has to but remember 50% of its float is being shorted byn d so that’s the first bit of news on byn d it has huge upside but it’s being heavily shorted so be very careful with b y an d yo what’s up mark when did you send me an email yeah what’s up joe you have an itch to buy xena at 156 you feel it’s a solid buy yeah i think so haha i think it’s uh absolutely a

Solid buy you sent me an email yesterday i got your email not sure now i want to show you guys so that’s b y nd d y nd so that’s the news on v y nd i still think it has huge upside it’s being heavily shorted so be careful if you get shorted back under a hundred that might be the time to maybe pick it up if you believe in this company because i mean the upside is so

Astronomical with this company we’re they’re selling beyond meat burgers at a and w they’re selling it at the local grocery store like we’re seeing beyond me burgers everywhere like this thing’s gonna get huge yeah i’m into kryptos seems like sam says seems like every day one pot stock goes up around 15% acb can’t hold on its gains like i told you guys man these

Markets right now these markets are bare there’s gonna be rallies there’s gonna be sneak attacks but i fully anticipated that the markets would be bare for the rest of june now some certain companies are gonna have big news i’m gonna talk to you guys about another company that i’ve been talking to you about that’s up around a hundred percent since i brought it

To you guys first zen why any do you guys see the news on zed why any you guys need to put zed ye any on full alert like right now like seriously it’s very serious this company’s serious it’s going back to 20 bucks okay you heard it here first i’m telling you guys right now zen why any will go back to 20 dollars it’s currently at thirteen dollars and 20 cents up

Thirteen point nine nine percent on the big news here it is today is was correct it is june 11 design are before masuda cozy yne has risen 18.6% that was this morning as of june 11th the stock has been among the top performing stocks this year the stock has year-to-date gains of more than 300% based on the closing price of yesterday the company announced that has

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Received a patent in the us for treatment of autism spectrum disorder with cannabinoid ile there it is there’s the big news man they just received a patent for treatment of autism spectrum disorder with cannabinoid ium are you serious this is so big this new patent which expires in 2038 they got this patent for like 20 years as part of an expanding intellectual

Property portfolio covering the company’s cannabinoid ile cbd product how many times have i told you guys about cbd how many times have i told you guys i love cbd how many times have i told you guys that i’m in the cbd game zy any is an absolute giant i brought it to you guys at five dollars five dollars today it’s at 13 zed yniguez zion urbe pharmaceuticals they

Have a patent they have breaking news and this is so big so huge absolutely love this company then said the us patent and trademark office issued us patent number ten million three hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred ninety-two titled treatment of autism spectrum disorder with cannabinoid oil the patent includes claims related to methods of treating autism

Through the administration of a synthetic cannabinoid eel wow unbelievable really the announcement also follows a patent twin titled treatment of fragile x syndrome with cannabinoid eel which includes claims related to treatment fragile x syndrome through a purified cannabinoid eel wow it’s unbelievable zhen y any guys telling you man zhen why any is an absolute

Giant i am not interested in penny stocks i don’t want to look at the penny stocks right now look at the best the best is blessed okay investing great companies invest in companies with huge growth potential investing companies that are generating revenue strong management team little to no debt reducing their debt and companies that have huge long-term growth

Potential in hot sectors the cannabis sectors hot cbd is hot zen yne is a cbd company okay on the nasdaq currently at $13 when i brought it to you guys earlier this year it was at five my goodness i had no idea was gonna do this well had i known it was gonna do this well i would have gone all-in on them and i would be laughing right now so i’m kind of frustrated

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That i didn’t i made money on them and i made and i made a little bit of money on them and i sold way too soon i had no clue that they were going to put out news like this this news is huge and i’m telling you said why annie’s gonna go higher it’s going higher it’s going to 20 bucks and then beyond that okay so mark my words zen yne is going up be ynd right now is

Going down i just wanted to explain to you why zen ynys going up and yby nd is going down a lot of people want to talk about stocks a lot of people want to claim they know what’s going on i want to explain to you why something’s going down and why something’s going up i hope that makes sense to you guys hope you guys like this video thank you guys for the likes if

You like this video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all win i want to bring you guys the best i don’t really want to look at penny stocks i’m so done with them right now we’re in a bear market if you want to win in these markets invest in the best the in a bear market the small companies will always take

It on the chin big companies have a chance in a bear market they have a chance and really what your opportunity is in the bear market is when everything’s going down that’s your chance to buy that’s just the way it goes when everything’s down that’s your chance to buy and then when everything goes up that’s your chance to sell okay this is rich from hearst if you

Live bring you the news breaking it down hope you guys have a great trading day zy any up now 15% at $13.32 on news that they have a patent that is treating autism through cannabinoid oil i love it be ynd going down on news that it is being heavily shorted however they have a very tight flow they only got 10 million shares so i mean i don’t know if i would short

It but it’s obviously being heavily shorted at some point it will come down today it has come down will it continue stay tuned is your boy rich we wish to be live and i’m out peace

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